In Louisiana, the Governor’s Voucher Program Could Send $11,000,000 to Creationism-Endorsing Schools

Zach Kopplin reports that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal‘s school voucher program has a significant problem:

Now Governor Jindal has passed a voucher plan which provides millions of taxpayer dollars to private schools that teach creationism and whose curriculum doesn’t meet the state’s approved science standards.

My review of the Governor’s voucher program identifies at least 20 schools who use a creationist curriculum or blatantly promote creationism on their websites. These 20 schools have been awarded 1,365 voucher slots and can receive as much as $11,602,500 in taxpayer money annually.

Those are only the ones Zach could find documentation for. There are probably many more that don’t brag about it explicitly.

This is why voucher programs should not be providing money for religious education. Taxpayer money is being used to make Louisiana’s students dumber.

Zach reaches the same conclusion:

Governor Jindal claims that he created the voucher program because private schools would offer a better education for Louisiana students. The truth is that schools that teach creationism will give our students a worse education. Schools that teach creationism and do not meet Louisiana’s state science standards will not give our students a better education and have no business receiving public funds.

You can sign this petition if you agree. Meanwhile, spread the word that Governor Jindal is hurting the students of Louisiana by letting government funds be used to teach Creationism to students.

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