nakedpastor: Practice Baptisms

"It's weird that toasters don't have warning labels about not using them in the shower."

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  • Aljaž Kozina

    Fred’s a nice guy, he’s just not very smart…

  • The cartoon just reminded of an old joke about the “stuttering baptist”… pity I can’t remember how it went, but the gist was all the people he was bringing to the Lord– of course, he was drowning them…

  • But it’s okay… those volunteers are in a better place, right?

  • mikespeir

     I hope the baptisms “took” before the drownings.  Oooh!

  • Ronlawhouston

    Jeez, no wonder you’re a failure as a pastor, don’t you know you’re only supposed to “sprinkle.”

  • Dogpile

    Hemant, why are you promoting naked pastor

  • Because he’s awesome and an important perspective for any Christians and people on the fence. Plus, a lot of atheists have gone through the situations his cartoons depict.

  • Funny!

  • Jessica

    I actually just started giggling out loud at my desk.