How Liberals and Conservatives Write About Religion

Crispian Jago just gave away all the trade secrets on how religion writers — depending on whether they’re liberal or conservative — edit their articles.

They just go to Microsoft Word’s AutoCorrect feature. This is what shows up for conservatives:

I think he forgot the Automatic CAPS LOCK box.

You can see the liberal version here 🙂

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  • B Rabbit

    That looks more like a theist auto-correct and atheist auto-correct to me, not conservative and liberal.

  • Alchemist

    He also missed secularist – godless heathen, and feminist – filthy whore, sexual health advocate – pimp, and sex ed teacher – pedophile groomer.

  • This reminds me that both Word and Firefox, using their standard, unmodified spell check dictionaries, try to change “mormon” to “moron”.

  • I especially like the Blackadder reference.

  • ZD

    What part of the liberal version makes excuses for Islamic fundamentalism?  It happens…and quite often at that.

  • Ultra Conservative + Very Religious = Talibangellical

  • I think maybe they’re right to do that.

  • 3lemenope

    Explanations are not the same thing as excuses. Understanding why a person does a thing does not necessitate forgiving the wrongs that proceed from that thing.

    But people tend to be afraid of explanations, afraid of understanding, and disdainful of those that would offer them. It seems to me that this fear is a fear of being mistaken as making excuses or forgiving wrongs.

  • Coyotenose

     What part of the conservative version makes excuses for lying about all the arguments and science?

    Also: Citation needed.

  • Am I the only one who thinks the “traditionalist” –> “bigot” under the liberal version could also apply the other way around to the conservative version, with people relabeling their discrimination “tradition” or “traditional values”?

  • I was thinking that, too. When I clicked to go read the article, I was expecting the liberal religion version.

  • What part of the conservative version changes the topic to Islam whenever Christianity is criticized?