Announcing the Secular Coalition for Colorado!

A few months ago, Secular Coalition for America Executive Director Edwina Rogers embarked on an ambitious plan to launch affiliates in every state before the end of the year.

We already have the Secular Coalition for Arizona and the Secular Coalition for Alabama.

And today, they’re announcing the formation of the Secular Coalition for Colorado!

The co-chairs of the group, Ben Donahue and Murray Wallace will sign the “Memo of Understanding” between them and the national group this Saturday at the Colorado Secular Conference:

Ben Donahue (left) and Murray Wallace

“Secularism is one of the most important and fundamental necessities of any government, and for years I have watched that being continuously and persistently eroded both at the federal and state level,” said co-chair Donahue. “Colorado is a keystone state when it comes to secular politics. It has long been a kind of Mecca for certain groups of Evangelical Christians such as Focus on the Family, with a history of attempting to insert their particular brand of theology into our politics.

“Colorado, like many places, has a small but very vocal theocratic movement,” said chapter co-chair Wallace. “To ensure freedom for everyone, it’s imperative we do not allow religion to be imposed on our secular laws.”

There’s a Facebook group here and their website will be up and running soon enough.

Three down. Only 47 more to go…

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  • dangeroustalk

    I think we have a Pennsylvania group now too. Justin Vacula and Brian Fields are the co-chairs. 

  • Cool 🙂 I’ll see if I can get in touch and get on board here in CO.

  • It is still in the process of forming. A press release from the SCA will be released in time.