Atheist Sergeant Speaks About Compassion for Gays in the Military

Sergeant Nicholas Amann was recently re-enlisted as a chaplain’s assistant. During the ceremony, he gave a speech in which he refers to his atheism and standing up for gay members of the military:

Beautiful speech. Love this line: “People are more important than beliefs. You can lose your beliefs in the time it takes you to snap your fingers, but the people you hurt with your ideologies will always be there, and your punishment will be to watch them suffer because you were not there to help them when they needed you the most.”

(via Rock Beyond Belief)

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  • Nontheist Central

    That. Was. Awesome.   :’)

  • kev_s

    Wow. Decent people stirring things up in the US Army.  Respect!

  • Dale Cope


  • Jayel

    Just, wow! The fortitude and compassion of that young man had me tearing up. I wish that everyone were so principled in deed and thought. Kudos to him from Australia.

  • EcksLibris

    My favorite part: “We are all we have and this is all there is. We can trace our family line all the way back to the stars.”

    What brave, kind and inspiring individual!

  • Benjamin Hamilton

    “You are the product of 3.7 billion years of evolution. Act like it!”  I shed some tears over this video.  If only…

  • Nicholasamann

    Wow thanks guys for your kind word about y speech truly thank you 

  • reasoningbeing

    You’re my hero Nicholas Amann.

  • Nicholasamann

    No silly billy you are mine.