The Bible Stories: 1 Week Left To Donate

A couple weeks ago, I told you about an awesome project from called Bible Stories.

For those of you who don’t follow my articles as compulsively as my mom does (although let’s all be honest, she doesn’t read my articles either.  Mom, if you’re reading this right now, I owe you a dirty martini), let me refresh your memory!

Blogger and podcaster Jacob Fortin is translating the Bible into something more, let’s say, reader friendly.  Here’s hoping there are fewer begats than the original. He is retelling the stories of the Old Testament in his own voice, a project that started with a few themed podcasts that gained popularity among listeners.  Here’s an excerpt of what you can expect:

A few weeks ago, he launched his Kickstarter campaign to raise $10K to get the book going. Thanks to everyone’s support, easily cracked the goal and now he’s setting his sights higher.

The new goal is $30K and the new plan is a book tour and live podcasts — it will be more than sitting around in a circle and listening to the author read excerpts from the book. Think live interviews and special audience participation-type segments. It’s sure to be a lot of fun!

He’s increased a few of the incentive gifts, so there is still an opportunity to get your face drawn into the book!

Do you think if Jake keeps seeing this picture he’ll feel sorry for me and include it in the book out of pity?

Go check out his stuff!  If you like what you see(and hear), support his awesome project.

The Kickstarter runs through July 27th, so get your donation in today!

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