It Captured the Look On My Face Perfectly

(Thanks to Pierre for the link!)

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  • splodie

    I actually have one. I used it all during my grandson’s first year. If you make baby food from scratch it’s pretty handy.

  • The name needs work, let’s be honest. Hehe.

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    The name needs work,  

    Does it ever! Considering the number of shootings that go down in the US, calling anything a bullet is a bit of a no-no.

  • Aaron Scoggin

    Oooooh! So I can’t really tell from the picture, but how big is it? Are we talking like newborn baby, 3 months, 6 months? Do you put it in headfirst, or does that matter? 


  • Skjaere

     Old joke: feet first, so you can see the look on its face when you switch it on.

    (disclaimer: I love babies, but dead baby jokes are almost always funny.)

  • Gunstargreen

    Glad to see more companies catering to the needs of us atheists.

  • OregoniAn

     Just remember: Bullets don’t kill babies, blenders kill babies!

  • Tom_Nightingale

    Someone a while ago made this creeeepy and hilarious video spoofing the Baby Bullet infomercial, check it out for major lols:

  • raerants

    I can’t tell if that’s a lantern or a food processor.