I Would Read Books By This Guy

(via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

"No Tikis, no Topshiders, no tacky khacki trou? Where are the Tumpligutorchers?"

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  • Charon

    Why does evil Carl Sagan not have a goatee?

  • Briananthonyscott

    Yeah, this sort of thing is why I decided not to become a naturalist pantheist.

  • BoGreen


    BTW, Hemant, you’ve become a regular inspiration over at


    where a handful of humanists are up against a crowd of theists, but making progress, methinks. Good times.

  • Aaron Harmon

     And a golden belt sash.

  • HA!  I try to keep them to a minimum, but…LOL.

  • vexorian

    He has red hair though. I think it is relevant in that Zach might actually wish he was evil Carl Sagan.