Bringing a Speaker to Your Event? Check This List

Ted Cox put together a checklist for Secular Student Alliance groups that invite speakers to their school (but the list applies to any group, really). As someone who’s been to places where some of these items were, um, not followed, I agree wholeheartedly:

6) Pick the right room. Sure, we speakers would love to address an auditorium packed with hundreds of bodies. But, realistically, it’s hard to fill those big lecture halls where you used to doze off during biology classes. A smaller, packed room will have a way better vibe than a larger room with empty seats.

13) Promote your event.

14) Promote your event.

15) Please, for the love of Spongebob, promote your f****** event. For a speaker, nothing sucks worse than putting in hundreds of hours creating a speech, editing a slideshow, taking time off work and then flying across the country to talk a room with just nine people. Promote your events. Table on campus. Slap up posters everywhere. Post it on Facebook. Tweet it. Announce it in the school newspaper. Get another campus group to co-sponsor. Reach out to the local community. Tell your mom. The SSA has a ton of resources available for promotion ideas.

Also, please promote your event.

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