Edward Tarte Reaches Out to a Mormon Ex-Student of His

Note: Edward has two earlier YouTube videos about his outreach to Mormons — and their outreach to him :)

You can watch those two videos here and here.

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  • http://religiouscomics.net/ Jeff P

    Excellent points.

    It always amazes me that people can believe that the writings people call scripture somehow comes from God and is anything other than the opinions of the authors themselves. Fortunately, society has managed to progress on some fronts and most people realize that at least some verses in holy scripture are just the misguided opinions of people living in former times. Hopefully that will open the door for more and more people to accept that all of scripture had human authors and none of it was authored (or inspired) by holy angels or other such non-sense.  People can argue whether morality is absolute or relative, but everybody can surely agree that the stuff written in holy scripture comes nowhere near the best articulation of human morality.

  • debbiedoesreality

    “but everybody can surely agree that the stuff written in holy scripture
    comes nowhere near the best articulation of human morality”

    Not everybody… but I hope that becomes the case soon enough.

  • Ken

    See, the problem is the word “agree.”  Until that word is admitted to the Christian lexicon, we are kinda stuck.  Agree connotes a meeting of minds concerning two or more opposing thoughts or concepts, and cannot coexist with the doctrine of absolute “submission.”  One cannot agree that some of the Bible is is worth observing and some is not.  It is total submission to one of the interpretations or ride the greased chute to hell.  Now choosing from among the thousands of variations available is the trick.  If only it were possible to stand to one side and let the Christians fight among themselves for the privilege of  dying over whether or not the transubstantiated host can be swallowed whole or chewed.