Southern Baptists: Let’s Reach out to Sikh Community… by Converting Them

The North American Mission Board — a Southern Baptist group hell-bent on converting everyone — says the best way to reach out to the Sikh community following Sunday’s temple shooting is by getting them to drop their faith and adopt Christianity:

We have an opportunity now to turn this very sad situation into a life-changing encounter with the Gospel for Sikhs throughout North America,” [national coordinator for Muslim people groups and South Asians, Aslam] Masih said.

(Wait… Southern Baptists have someone whose entire job is to convert brown people? Ugh. On second thought, I guess I’m not surprised at all…)

Masih said he has already seen ministry opportunities emerge this week. He mentioned one Sikh temple next door to an SBC church in Baltimore. On Monday, Masih talked with the pastor, who told him about his struggles to build a relationship with the neighboring temple.

Masih then, with the pastor still on the phone, called the temple’s priest and, in his own Punjabi language, expressed his sorrow over Sunday’s tragedy. He asked for the opportunity to bring local Southern Baptists — including members of the neighboring church — to visit the temple and to give the Sikh community a tour of an SBC church. He said the temple leadership enthusiastically agreed — and even volunteered to bring the food. Both sides will have an opportunity to share what they believe and Masih plans to share his own testimony. He also plans to leave them with a film on Jesus in their Punjabi language.

That’s Christian love for you.

“You know how your faith was targeted by a murderer? Well, we think it’s full of shit, too, so we’d like to introduce you to Jesus.”

These people have absolutely no ability to understand how their actions might look the other way around. Can you imagine if, after someone like Billy Graham dies, a bunch of Sikhs show up to churches nationwide and tell them about reincarnation?

It would never happen. Because Sikhs — and almost every other faith group, for that matter — aren’t arrogant enough to believe their mythology will make everything better for Christians in the aftermath of personal loss.

(Thanks to @enterprise1705 for the link)

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