A Psychic Class for Children

There’s a summer camp for children ages 5-10 in Colorado where the kids play games and sing and draw…

Sounds good so far.

Then you hear about what else they do and you discover this is basically a camp for con-artists-in-the-making:

When they’re ready, kids can also learn how to read auras, set energetic boundaries, set intentions and meet spirit guides.

“I don’t except a 5-year-old to grasp all of this right away, but it’s like we’re planting a seed,” [teacher Stacia] Synnestvedt says.

Stacia Synnestvedt shows students where the ‘chakras’ on their bodies are. (Cliff Grassmick – Daily Camera)

The camp is called “Psychic Courses for Children” and it costs $20 per 50-minute session… which some parents are apparently paying because [insert speculative suggestions here].

Sharon Hill points out the obvious problem with the class:

We seem to have a situation here where the start is good, to learn to understand our own thoughts and pay attention to the things around us, but it goes off the edge with ridiculous concepts such as psychic energy and channeling.

By the way, if you’re 11 or older, the Psychic Horizons Center has a class for you, too:

… kids will learn about their energetic boundaries and how to read energy for the benefit of learning more about themselves and how to navigate the world around them utilizing their own personal knowingness. We will also explore concepts such as auras, past lives, and spirit guides.

You know, if these parents just wanted to brainwash their children, there’s no lack of Vacation Bible Schools in Colorado…

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