God is a Demanding Coach

(via god and son)

"Christians like this scare me. Hopefully he's just spouting off talking points and doesn't really ..."

Trump Nominee for Science Post Thinks ..."
"Like some kind of Anti-Vetinari."

Trump Nominee for Science Post Thinks ..."
"Pretty sure he saw a pile of actual evidence on homosexuality not being a choice ..."

Trump Nominee for Science Post Thinks ..."
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  • http://www.travismamone.net/ Travis Mamone

    Pretty much.

  • http://www.pasttensepresentprogressive.blogspot.com/ Latebloomer

    That about sums up my childhood.

  • Agnostic

    About the games, how do you know that most of them are not grateful to their parents when they grow up? There are lots of material and non- material awards associated with it, you know.

  • Think About It ..

     Grateful to their parents? Kinda hard when they can”t even recognize them..

  • http://twitter.com/nopaniers Chucky

    I thought it was going to say “I was talking about school”.

  • Cheepak Dopra

    You mean they pretend to take sports seriously, but just use them as an excuse to celebrate? Because that’s how most people treat religion where I’m from.

  • Racingstu

    So, um, this is a little bit racist

  • Ravenblack1973

    Follow the link. It’s factual, not racist…..