God is a Demanding Coach

(via god and son)

"I can see it singing "This is halloween, everybody make a scene!""

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  • http://www.travismamone.net/ Travis Mamone

    Pretty much.

  • http://www.pasttensepresentprogressive.blogspot.com/ Latebloomer

    That about sums up my childhood.

  • Agnostic

    About the games, how do you know that most of them are not grateful to their parents when they grow up? There are lots of material and non- material awards associated with it, you know.

  • Think About It ..

     Grateful to their parents? Kinda hard when they can”t even recognize them..

  • http://twitter.com/nopaniers Chucky

    I thought it was going to say “I was talking about school”.

  • Cheepak Dopra

    You mean they pretend to take sports seriously, but just use them as an excuse to celebrate? Because that’s how most people treat religion where I’m from.

  • Racingstu

    So, um, this is a little bit racist

  • Ravenblack1973

    Follow the link. It’s factual, not racist…..