Atheist Groups Speak Out Against Family Research Council Shooting

I’ll update this page as more statements come out.

The Secular Coalition for America:

“While we disagree with the Family Research Council on nearly every issue, the debate surrounding the role of religion in the public sphere should be fought with reason and logic, not guns,” said Edwina Rogers, Executive Director. “We absolutely condemn this sort of senseless violence.”

Rogers said that the thoughts of the Secular Coalition are with the security guard who was shot. The organization wishes him a speedy recovery and is glad that security guards were able to prevent further harm.

American Atheists:

American Atheists is saddened to learn about the shooting at the Family Research Council today. Our thoughts are with the security officer who was injured and the other employees who were traumatized.

American Atheists never advocate violence as an answer to disagreements, even with those who believe differently than our members.

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