Bad Catholic: It’s Ok to Wear a Condom… Just Not During Sex

I love listening to Catholics explain why condoms are evil because their rationale is so out-of-your-mind ridiculous that they’re just begging people not to take them seriously. Like Marc Barnes at Bad Catholic (and 1Flesh):

We know that contraception works against the nature of love, which is total and life-giving, and thus violates the natural law. We can quite easily point out the damage the widespread embrace of contraception has done to our culture, to our perception of new life, to man’s view of woman, to our health, our relationships, our families, and our environment. But in our understanding of the evil of the act (an evil which I believe most couples are not entirely culpable for in this age of falsehood) we often mischaracterize the tool as evil. We think, “condoms are bad, always bad!

They’re not. Let’s establish our first premise as this, that contraception is the moral evil, and the contraceptive is merely a tool to that end. In fact, and forgive me for some necessary crudeness, the only time the condom allows us to perform this immoral function is at the moment of male orgasm. So we should feel free to wear condoms. We should feel free to wear four or five of them. Just not during sex.

At least Barnes says it might be permissible to use a condom if you or your partner has AIDS. Even then, he has to spend paragraphs rationalizing this incredibly simple decision.

It’s amazing to me that this is an issue at all.

If you don’t want children, then use contraception.

If you want to minimize your chance of getting a disease, then use contraception a condom.

If you’re not monogamous, then use contraception.

If you’re having sex and you want to protect yourself, then use contraception.

Look at how easy that is.

Life is so much better when the Pope isn’t your sex ed teacher.

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