Candy for Atheists

When your atheist group is tabling on campus, grab a bunch of Heath bars and fix them like Michaelyn did:

(via WWJTD)

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  • A3Kr0n

    My mom always told me to never take candy from atheists…
    Actually, I’m not sure she knows what an atheist is.

  • HughInAz

    I would have thought Baby Ruth bars would be atheists’ favorite candy.

  • Mogg

    Wow.  Your Smarties are completely different from our Smarties.

  • JohnnieCanuck

    I’ve never noticed this kind of Smarties before and I even lived in Ontario for a while. After going to LMNOP’s link, I realised he wasn’t referring to the M&M-like candies known as Smarties that we get in Canada.

    In the rest of the world.

  • Andrew Brookfield

    I was about to post this verbatim haha

  • 3lemenope

    I love Wiki:

    Smarties produced by Smarties Candy Company Union Township, Union County, New Jersey, plant have a slightly different taste from the ones that are produced by their Newmarket, Ontario, plant. Some people believe that the Canadian candies (branded as Rockets) generally taste stronger, with more noticeable differences between the various color flavors, and say “Made in Canada” on the label after the list of ingredients. Canadian made Smarties are also imported into the US – typically, these Canadian Smarties are most commonly seen around Halloween, imported only when the US production is not sufficient for demand. These actually say “Made in Canada” under one of the main Smarties logos on the wrapper. These Canadian made Smarties have a slightly smoother look to them than US production – the US produced ones tend to have more colored “specks” present in them.

    I always wondered about that!

  • Nazani14

    Sheesh, at least emulate the font and get rid of the hyphen.  Lazy students.

  • Joseph George

    They might have more important things to do. Like their studies?