Before the Elections, a Primer on Mormonism

Wesley Holland grew up in a Mormon family (he left the faith when he was 17) and he’s bothered by how much misinformation about Mormonism is floating around now that Mitt Romney is running for president:

Since Mitt Romney became the Republican presidential hopeful, I’ve seen a lot of confusion in the media, online, and at the water cooler about what Mormons really believe. People of most faiths and non-faiths have been wondering if they should be concerned about the possibility of having a Mormon in the White House. I have written this post to address the confusion. It ended up a lot longer than I wanted, but I tried to paint a factual and unbiased picture, even as I recounted my personal experience with the Church.

It’s a really easy-to-read primer. If other ex-Mormons can verify the information and add on to it, that would help a lot, too!

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