Coach Mark Mariakis: Fire Him or Support Him?

Mark Mariakis is the public high school football coach who uses his position to proselytize to his players and bring them to Jesus.

There’s now a Support Coach Mariakis Facebook event page, encouraging his supporters to attend Ridgeland High School’s first home football game on September 14th.

I guess the people of Rossville, Georgia are going to hold up signs telling atheists and Hindus and Jews and Muslims that they’re not welcome at the school and if they don’t accept the coach’s preaching, they can go to a public school. (Oh wait…)

Meanwhile, there’s also a Fire Coach Mariakis page that has a disappointingly low number of supporters.

This shouldn’t be an issue. If I preached atheism the way he’s preaching Christianity, I’d be out of a job and rightfully so.

So why is Mariakis getting a free pass to proselytize?

(Thanks to Alex for the links)

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