How Do Exorcists Operate?

For some reason, Pastor Michael Mohr and University of Kentucky adjunct professor Kenneth D. Royal surveyed 170 self-professed exorcists (PDF) to get an idea of what they believe.

(Had they asked me, I could’ve just said “in bullshit” and saved them all this trouble…)

Anyway, here’s what they found:

… today’s self-professed exorcists don’t see [“casting out demons”] as special or complicated. That is, most believe any mature Christian can cast out demons, and that no special items — water, oil, or crucifixes — are needed beyond the authority of Jesus’ name.

In other words, they’re just making it all up as they go along.

Here’s the infographic with the results, because you know you want to see people argue over the colors of unicorns’ horns:

Who knows how representative these exorcists are of the general exorcist population, but the fact that anyone thinks they have some special power is horrifying.

(via Christianity Today)

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