Openly Bisexual Nontheist Kyrsten Sinema Is Winning Her Democratic Primary Race for Congress

***Update 1***: Sinema has won the primary! More updates below. If you want to support her, donate to her campaign!

Arizona State Senator Kyrsten Sinema — an openly bisexual nontheist — appears to be winning her Democratic primary in the state’s 9th Congressional district:

Sinema has received an award from the Center for Inquiry for the Advancement of Science and Reason in Public Policy and she was present at the opening of the Secular Coalition for Arizona.

***Update 2***: Sen. Sinema has officially won the primary:

She will be facing Republican and Paradise Valley Town Councilman Vernon Parker in the election this November:

This is a tossup race and Sinema has a financial edge over her opponent (around $750,000 to his $210,000). But it’s Arizona. So no one should take a victory for granted.

If you want to see her win, donate to her campaign!

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