The Creation Museum Responds to Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye recently made a wonderful video for Big Think in which he talked about why it was so important to accept evolution:

That video has received over 2,400,000 views as of this writing.

Now, the Creation Museum has made a response video.

Ken Ham prefaces it like this:

We are [responding to Nye] today with a video rebuttal featuring our “science guys” — Dr. David Menton and Dr. Georgia Purdom of our AiG and Creation Museum staff. These two PhD scientists were asked to reply to Mr. Nye, whose academic credentials do not come close to Drs. Menton and Purdom.

Never has a PhD mattered less.

Bill Nye has obviously done more for science education than the Creation Museum staff ever will, but they’re going to do whatever they can to indoctrinate people with nonsense because questioning a literal interpretation of the Bible isn’t an option for them:

Their entire argument goes as follows:

Menton: Creationists have brainwashed people in other countries, so there must be something to it!

Purdom: I teach my daughter evolution so she can weigh the evidence for herself! And you know I present it accurately.

Menton: Bill Nye said the world gets complicated if you don’t accept science… But learning more science hurts my head! So it must be false.

Purdom: We can’t see evolution happening right in front of our eyes, so why trust scientists who think they know how we were created? Trust the Bible!

Menton: Bill Nye says evolution is fundamental to all branches of science, but not all scientists have to know evolution to work in their fields… so why should we bother with it?!

Of course, like Ken Ham’s post, they’ve disabled comments on the video so that no one can embarrass the Creationists by presenting so-called “facts” and “evidence”…

But that doesn’t mean you can’t rip up their arguments on this website and everywhere else.

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  • Michael

    We can’t see evolution happening in front of our eyes either. In fact both take faith, as events that made the Earth and organisms that inhabit occurred billions of years ago so neither side can be completely sure. I would say it is a good point that we can see evidence of a created universe. The preciseness of the great accident that is evolution: The perfect placement of earth and millions of other factors that if changed would eliminate the chance of life ever existing, the complexity of the living body and the many systems that coincide to keep it running that if one were to have occurred differently the body would fail, and the many other reasons that bring to the plate that their is a hunch to believing their is a greater reason to our world than an accident.

  • Michael

    or you are completely biased and unqualified to deem her fit to have a degree. I could claim Bill Nye should have his degree revoked but that would be inconsiderate and biased