Brother Jed BINGO

Notorious campus preacher Brother Jed Smock visited the University of Illinois yesterday and the Illini Secular Student Alliance was ready for him.

They handed out BINGO cards to passers-by who had to endure Jed’s blather and offered prizes to the winners :)

I like JT Eberhard‘s take on it:

There will be those who say that mocking him makes us look bad. They’ll insist that we should disagree respectfully. I say hogwash. If you treat outlandishly silly things as anything but outlandishly silly, you’re giving them the modicum of respect they crave, but that they are unwilling to earn by being rational. Religion has every other advantage, it doesn’t need charity it doesn’t deserve.

A few more pictures from the event are below:

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  • Docmeltdown

    I met him in 1992 at Florida State University. I got up on the platform next to him and got the crowd chanting “he’s full of shit”. It was hysterical.

  • Shanti

    Fabulous. Makes me wish I went to ASU, so I could wait for him!

  • ruth

    I’ve said this before, but my brother is mentally ill and is a street preacher.  I cringe when people make fun of him.  I don’t find it fabulous at all.  

  • Gregory Lynn

    Do I want to know what the ultimate sex act is?

  • CHas

    Jed must be getting up there in age. I remember listening to him at the Univ of MN from 1979-’83

  • Richard Wade

    I’ve experienced the ultimate sex act.

    Yes, you’ve raped yourself. “Legitimately.”

    Dinosaurs and humans coexisted.

    And you, being a dinosaur, are living proof.

    I wrote my thesis on the personal effects of smoking 7 straight joints.

    Good idea. Now write your doctoral dissertation on the personal effects of inhaling 7 gallons of toluene.

    You don’t know anything about the meaning of life.

    This from a guy who gets his meaning from shouting insults that are so unoriginal that there’s a bingo game built around them.

  • Jenny H.

    I’m so disppointed. If only BINGO had been there when he came to my campus. I had to sit through him all day because of my journalism classes. I could have had a blackout!! I missed so many prizes! :(

  • Matthew Baker

    He seems more like entertainment than soul saver. Has anyone done research on the effectiveness of street preaching?  How many people out there are willing to stand up and say that a street preacher helped turn their lives around?

  • Mike Hunt

    I’m showing my age too… I attended The Ohio State University from 1987 to 1991 and walked by him once while minding my own business smoking a cigarette, something I’ve thankfully quit for many years.  I’ll never forget his wonderful alliteration when he shouted “There goes a SMOKE SUCKING SINNER!”  I’m shocked Brother Jed is still around, he’s no spring chicken.

  • Spotted_toad

    For teh record, this is awesome! 

  • kenneth

    I used to see this joker at NIU back in the late 80s! He’s a damn good show, if nothing else. It’s so over the top, I’ve often thought maybe the whole thing is a Borat-type spoof. Maybe he really does believe all this stuff, but it almost seemed to me like he was getting off just on provoking a reaction. I remember one time the campus cops had to intervene when a crowd seized him and began heading to one of the ponds to throw him in! 

  • alt+3

    Brother Jed has a really weird effect on me. I see his videos (or videos of him) and it’s hysterical and I laugh until I cry. And then I remember that he’s a real person, not a cartoon character and I feel sad that people like him with views like his actually exist in the real world.

  • Octoberfurst

     Sorry to hear about your brother. I know hearing people mock him must be hard. But most street preachers are not mentally ill. They’re just fanatics.  If I came across your street preacher brother and knew he was mentally ill I would feel sorry for him and just leave him alone.

  • Ernest Valdemar

     I actually just looked him on Wikipedia, because I thought it couldn’t possibly be the same guy. I first heard of him during Freshman orientation at IU in 1981. According to Wikipedia, he started his ministry at IU in 1977. He was already a campus legend four short years later.

  • Richard Wade

    I’m sorry for your brother, and I hope he gets the help that he needs.

    I do not however, feel sorry for Brother Jed. I don’t think what he does rises to the level of a diagnosis of a mental illness. Brother Jed is not mentally ill, he’s just plain vile. If he’s anything pitiable, he’s a hate addict. He’s addicted to the endorphins, or dopamine, or whatever the hell his brain secretes when he practices his self-important, self-righteous, self-self-self-self-SELLLLLLF-aggrandizing hate-a-thons.  As time has passed, he has come to need larger and more frequent doses, and he has withdrawal symptoms when he doesn’t get the dosage he needs. That still doesn’t make me feel sorry for him.

  • Jim G

    Showing my age here, but I saw him numerous times at Auburn University in ’81-85. He’d come to campus, making increasingly inflammatory accusations, until someone would challenge him to a fight. Then he’d say “I’m not afraid of you!” and hope to be rescued by campus security before he got pounded.

     He used to travel with a “Sister Cindy.” Anyone know what happened to her?

  • Earl G.

    Bingo cards would have made my years at church much easier to endure.

  • NoDoubtAboutIt

    Is he still married to sister SINdy?

  • Blasphemous_Kansan

    I saw him with ‘Sister Cindy’ on KU campus from 01-06.  She helped him carry his ‘Spring Breakers burn in hell’ sign.
    He had a blast in the fall of ’01, I can tell you.  Tried out a whole bunch of new signs, and got to practice all his ‘Jihadist’ lines.

  • Vision_From_Afar

    Love the guy who twice just missed a BINGO. Anyone know if there’s a Westboro Edition?

  • Gus Snarp

    Anybody who thinks there’s an appropriate response to this ilk of campus preachers other than mocking them and ignoring them has obviously never seen them in action.

    I just really hope people were shouting out “Bingo!” when they won in the middle of his “sermon”. This is a brilliant response to his idiocy.

  • Gus Snarp

    Any chance of the SSA getting these things printed up in bulk and distributed to campuses around the country? I don’t even know if the one at my campus is is brother Jed or just a copycat, but the bingo cards should work pretty well for all of them.

  • Mikey Porksword

    I’d love to see 3 or 4 people with paintball guns gang-rush him and emplty their magazines into him.

  • ruth

    How do you tell?  It isn’t so easy.  My brother is very articulate despite his mental illness.  In fact, the only time he is articulate is when he is preaching.  He is both a fanatic and mentally ill.  

  • Octoberfurst

     Well what I meant was if someone told me he was mentally ill.

  • Afgfsdg

    I he ever comes to my campus, I’m throwing condoms at him until he leaves.

  • A3Kr0n

     Unfortunately you’d probably be arrested.

  • Garrett Trotter

    We just had him up here at the University of Northern Iowa. It was fun! We played bingo, mocked him, and had a grand ole’ time. My favorite line was when he said admittedly “I am a sexist!”

  • Heiko T.

    Ah damn it. Brother Jed left FSU in a state of mourning. Nobody made it to Bingo… =(

  • Incognito

    I wish they put different copies on line so I could play. Jed is on my campus now.