Marco Rubio: ‘Faith in Our Creator is the Most Important American Value of All’

Florida Senator Marco Rubio just introduced Mitt Romney to the RNC crowd. In his speech, he used these words:

We are special because we’ve been united not by a common race or ethnicity. We’re bound together by common values. That family is the most important institution in society. That almighty God is the source of all we have.

Our national motto is “In God we Trust,” reminding us that faith in our Creator is the most important American value of all.

So… atheists aren’t real Americans? What about non-Christians?

The Republican Party’s platform in 2012 in a nutshell: Reinforce all the stereotypes the rest of us already have about them.

Andrew Sullivan adds:

10.32 pm. Rubio just ruled atheists out of being Americans. But it’s the smugness of this pathological patriotism that strikes me most. Which means it s not patriotism; it is a solypsistic nationalism.

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  • Jarandeh

    Seething . . . seething.

    Just this once, I wish there was an afterlife – so Mr. Paine, Mr. Madison, et al. could come down and give this douchebag an atomic wedgie.

    While I watched, smoking a delicious Cuban cigar.

  • Miss_Beara

    I don’t know how anyone could sit and watch this garbage. Reading it is painful but not as painful as actually hearing this crap spew out of their self righteous mouths.

  • advancedatheist

    Sheesh, more atheist whining. Show me the speech by a prominent Republican who advocates exempting atheists from tax cuts, forbidding us to buy firearms, burning our books and magazines, confiscating our investments & retirement savings, refusing to issue us passports and the other things which matter in the real world. 

  • Dakota

    He’s just another hand puppet for the religious right.

  • Declevidence

    Solipsistic Nationalism— Hitchens couldn’t have said it better.

  • Stev84

    You are for atheism what GOProud is for gays. Just another kapo

  • Brian Sellers

    So, there were no True Americans before the Cold War?

  • viddy_well

    Concern trolling for Jebus.

  • Marco

    Do things really have to get that far before someone can disapprove of a political party stance?

    I have studied very closely what in Italy we call “il Ventennio” (the twenty years) and the political climate that led to it. The parallels between the italian fascist and the modern republican party are frightening.
    Not so much the party ideology or what they plan to do once in office, there are radical differences in time and geography, but the attitude of the politicians and their supporters in regard to those that are different. Those that are not “them”.

    And the way they started was gradually. A little bit at the time. Proposing things just outside common decency but not so bad that people would storm the streets and wait until that became the new “normal”. Then they would push it a bit further until rounding up all the jews, people that were part and parcel of the nation fabric, and giving them to the germans did not trigger widespread outrage. 

    I have also studied the rise of Nazism and I was fascinated by both  because I wanted to understand how two very civilized countries, with illustrious histories of democracy decency and tolerance (as far as their times allowed) could elect and support the actions and ideologies of the fascist and nazists. 

    I’d like to think that if a few of the people that weren’t buying those ideologies “whined” a bit more and a bit more forcefully when they still could, history would have worked out a bit differently. Maybe Hitler would not have felt justified in starting a process of ethnic cleansing. Maybe Mussolini would not have deemed it necessary to enter the war beside Hitler.

    I am concerned and more than a little bit afraid of what this republican party will do if they manage to win the presidency and both houses. It would justify their more extreme wing in continuing their policies and failed ideologies. It will be an economic disaster (for those working for a living) but most of all it will be a social disaster for all progressives. 

  • vexorian

     So, mr. advanced atheist, do you keep stalking this blog just so you could whine about how atheists whine too much?

  • Gregory Lynn

    I quite literally grew up with the names of our Revolutionary era heroes and their battles on my wall.

    I’ve been an atheist my whole life.

    These people show nothing but contempt for me. As far as I can see, these people show nothing but contempt for human dignity.

    They’re making it awful hard for me to love my country.

  • Peter Eakin

    Just wait.

  • Also

    “The Republican Party’s platform in 2012 in a nutshell: Reinforce all the stereotypes the rest of us already have about them.”

    And then throw the nut at any nearby non-white person for fun and hijinx.

  • C Peterson

    At least he’s honest that he and his buddies have no values.

  • C Peterson

    At least he’s honest that he and his buddies have no values.

  • Richard Wade

    Mitt Romney, in his primary speech in 2007  tried to convince the suspicious feeling Baptists that as a Mormon he’s really one of them, and he tried to rally all the Christians around him against what he called the “religion of secularism.” More recently, he has revived and escalated this with several remarks about Obama supposedly declaring a war on religion, and hoping to establish a religion of secularism. If I find demagoguery like that deeply troubling, is that “whining?”

    Mike Huckabee, in his primary speech in 2008 said that the Constitution should be amended to fit God’s standards. If I find that not just deeply troubling but also downright threatening, is that “whining?”

    If we have to wait until the things you listed are actually, overtly spoken aloud by candidates and government officials, then it’s already too late for our freedom and your freedom too.

  • James Buchy

     Faith in a creator is also a Taliban value.

  • Silo Mowbray

    What matters in the real world? Like not being persecuted or ostracized for being atheist? Running for public office without being scorned for being atheist? Being considered more trustworthy than a rapist?

    Try paying attention to the bullshit that’s erupting out of Christian America, genius. It’s not like you have to fucking dig for it.

  • Coyotenose

     Learning from history is hard, right? Strawmanning, self-important twit.

  • Ted Thompson


  • Found the Truth

    I really do hope you seek the truth and find it. For Jesus is the way, the truth, and life. Try filling that emptiness with anything and everything else other than Him, and it will still remain empty. Just try it once, and you’ll never go back. One day, I promise, you will realize the truth – but hopefully it won’t be too late. God Bless You. 

  • Found the Truth

    Don’t worry, Jarandeh – You no longer have to wish for an afterlife, for there is one already. See, when you find the truth, you can never again believe in anything but the truth. Hope you do find the Truth of Christ.

  • Silo Mowbray

    Countless atheists are “recovering” theists, who did in fact “try it just once” and found it completely lacking. And it’s deeply arrogant of you to assume that anyone who doesn’t believe in your jealous sky father has an empty life. Think about what you’re saying: “If you don’t believe what I believe, you are sad, incomplete and pitiful.”

    Jesus is a fairy tale. Believe in the fiction all you want, but keep it OUT of legislation and government. And stay out of my face with your proselytizing.

  • Silo Mowbray

    “You no longer have to wish for an afterlife, for there is one already.”

    Prove it with objective evidence or shut the fuck up.

  • Tim Riley

    Fuck Marco…Look, most modern Republicans would love to take we atheists, put us in  cattle cars and ship us to be oven fodder. Scary, but there’s some truth to this.

  • Tim Riley

     Fuck you (in a christ-like manner) and your (christ) and your (truth)…It’s people like (found the truth) that makes me feel, maybe zombies do exist.

  • Tim Riley


  • JJ Reardon

    What truth are you talking about?  Usually truth is based on evidence.  Something is either true or it isn’t.  Where is the evidence of God and Jesus?  Republicans are a liability to this country.  

  • JJ Reardon

    Hopefully it won’t be too late?  Is that a threat?  Why are you promoting fear and guilt?  Sounds like a great cult…  Where do I sign up?  Not.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Oh go suck a dick.

    Just because something doesn’t matter to you doesn’t mean you have the right to shittalk and devalue those of us it DOES matter to, Fuckwad. Go be “advanced” elsewhere..Nobody here finds you enlightening or cares about your opinions.

  • Hitchens FTW

    Dear “Found the Truth”, There is not “emptiness” inside or a “God sized hole” or any other missing part of ourselves. We are complete packages born whole and intact. We are not “broken” by the fall in need of redeeming or in need of imaginary blessings. Keep your condescending religious pap to yourself. You are just slobbering a smiley face message while witholding the unspoken threat of eternal torture for those who decline it. I don’t think for a second that you are just a friendly neighborhood Christian trying to help out us poor depraved Aheists. I think you are a typical arrogant Christian thinking that yours is the only way to live and you have a lot of nerve suggesting that you have any idea what is good for anyone else. Has it even crossed your mind that there are other maybe even more fulfilling ways to live other than Christianity? Of course you haven’t because religion insulates you from even considering it but I will clue you in that there is a bright beautiful world outside of your Christian cage where freethinkers of all kinds enjoy life in all it’s abundance without the guilt trip or threats. We are not as a rule going out of our way to comment on Religious blogs trying to comvert you to Atheism. We actually try to live and let live. I’m sure you think you are doing us a favor but you’re actually not.

  • LesterBallard

    I feel a terrible bout of diarrhea and vomiting coming on.

  • mikespeir

    I hate to be a “single-issue voter,” but even if I could agree with much of the Republican platform, this alone would cause me to not vote for Romney.  That’s because, in fact, it’s not an issue that stands isolated from every other.  It’s the issue that pretty much colors all the rest.

  • David McNerney

    This is not a bad thing.

    There might not be a point in the future where the growing number of godless in the US will vote actively for a candidate because of their atheist viewpoint – however, we are much closer to the point where when they make an attack on the patriotism of the individual that will manifest itself as a reduction in support overall.

    If a politician says “we need to return to Christian values”, the response might be muted.  If he says “you are traitor” – the response will be very different.

  • David McNerney

    Try filling the emptiness with Buddha, Shiva or Zeus.

    You’ll find them no less effective.

  • Baby_Raptor

    I grew up with your god. It caused me nothing but pain and confusion. 

    I left your religion, cut off contact with the family that forced me into it, and all the pain/confusion disappeared. I went from being empty and tortured to finally being human.

    Your god is a sadistic troll, if he even exists. He sits around and does nothing while millions suffer. He does nothing while people use his name to cause indescribable harm to others. And if your religion really is right, then those of us who he let get stepped on are going to suffer for eternity while the degenerates get forgiven and welcomed into paradise.

    If your god actually does exist, he is not a being worthy of worship. And I will never do such a thing, because I actually have morals and integrity. I’d rather burn. 

    But go on, continue buying into your little lie that frees you from any responsibility and thinking while allowing you to shittalk everyone you see reason to hate. Keep your blessings, though. I don’t want anything like your life touching mine. 

  • Scubasailorbeachbum

    we are all born Atheists.  Then the people who are supposed to protect us instead start an indoctrination of brain washing that they were taught in their own infancy.  This all began with the superstitious mind of stone age man as it tried to grasp the science that was beyond its understanding and created fantasy stories imbued with fear.  Of course this in time was used by bullies and others in power to subdue the uneducated masses of common man and religion was created to keep everyone submissive to the few who control.  If evil exists in the world, it comes to us in the form of religion.  

    When you were a child, you were told about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.  Then you were told that was just a story and not to be believed once you outgrew your toddler years.  You should have caught onto the stupidity of religion and left it behind in exactly the same way.

  • Christina D.

     Dear Senator Rubio, I was born in this country
    although my father, like your grandfather, came from Cuba.  He came for
    the freedoms and the opportunities that our country promised.  He raised
    me to be independent, strong, and compassionate.  To me, THOSE are the
    most important American values we share.  In your speech at the
    Republican National Convention you stated, “we’re bound together by
    common values” and “that faith in our Creator is the most important
    American value of all”.  I respectfully disagree, Sir.  This country was
    not founded on that particular value, we do not all believe in a
    creator, and many who share your belief are, nonetheless, unsupportive
    of entangling one’s commitment to America and democracy to religious
    belief.  By making such a statement you imply that someone like me is
    not an American.  By  making such a statement you contradict your
    purported commitment to freedom.  I am not “free” if you judge my
    “American-ness” by my lack of belief.  By invoking that “our national
    motto is In God we Trust,” you harken back to the expressions of fear
    and bigotry that characterize the days of the Cold War.  “In God we
    Trust” only became our national motto in 1956 as a response to the
    “evil” of communism and its association, real or not, with atheism.  By
    invoking this motto you invoke the spectre of that fear and that
    bigotry.  It is you taking us backward, Sir, not forward as you claim. 
    It is you attempting to “Divide and Conquer” when you divide Americans
    by their faith, or lack thereof.  I implore you to reexamine what
    “freedom” should really mean and to consider that the only “faith” that
    should be a shared American value is the faith, or confidence, that
    good, smart, hard-working people can create a place of peace, health,
    and opportunity for all. Sincerely,Christina D.

  • wmdkitty

    And what about the polytheists?

  • Barry St. Denis

    Sorry I hit “Like” instead of “Reply”;  subtract one like from the total.  Just stating an observation about how the theme of solipsism keeps running through this discussion.  Common to both religious and political fanatics (i.e. on both the left and righ sides).

  • Sebjowett

    Erm, the motto is NOT ‘In God We Trust’. It is “Out Of Many, One”
    The former has been adopted, but is not the actual motto of the country.

  • DeWayne

    That is one of the most unamerician statements I’ve ever heard

  • Ally•Bo•Bally

    The motto was officially made “In God We Trust” by Eisenhower in 1956. Before that we never had a national motto, though we did use E Plurbus Unum as our motto (though it was never official).

  • GodTheMyth

    getting religion out of this country so people don’t elect these idiots to govern it is more important than all…. 

  • GodTheMyth

    and present one shred of evidence from the last 3000 years supporting your deity or afterlife…. and no, some magical man with a set of 10 rules for us to follow did not shit out the universe in less than a week. You just Found the Truth

  • GodTheMyth

    jesus is dead. stop following him. hes not coming back. and he wasnt white. he lived in the middle east. and nobody magically gets their mother pregnant before they are born. what the fuck is wrong with you people. And if there was a god and he loved you he wouldnt make you fear hell and then provide you with free will and then get mad at you when you dont do what he pleases. and dont wear clothes of two different materials…. God fucking hates that. just like gays and atheists… but god loves us all…. this makes sense. 

  • Drew M.

     “See, when you find the truth, you can never again believe in anything but the truth.”

    Actually, s/he’s got a point. I used to be a devout Christian, but I eventually realized that there isn’t a god.

    Now, I could never go back to the lies of theism.

  • Pansies4me

    “hopefully it won’t be too late”

    What, your loving god (cough, cough) is going to throw me in a like of fire because he is so insecure he gives a rat’s behind what puny little old me believes? If my thoughts have that much power over your god, he must be even punier than me. 

    “God Bless You”
    Did anybody sneeze?

  • Pansies4me

    Sorry, that’s a *lake* of fire, though Found The Truth would probably very much like to see it happen.

  • WoodyTanaka

    I guess this should shut up all those people who suggest that the “god” nonsense on coins and mottos and such is is merely “ceremonial.”

  • Themovingfingerwrites

    remeber people america is a democracy not a theocracy, you dont need a sky wizard/zombie jew/caspers big brother telling you how to run a country, and after reading the bible i have come to the conclusion that god couldnt get a root in a brothel with a fist full of 50′s

  • Viral Videos

    Bravery Level: So

  • Glasofruix

    How do i fill an emptiness with Jeebus, does he come in small packages or in a liquid form?

  • Rory

    So Mitt Romney isn’t an American?  Cool cool cool.

  • Star

    This isn’t friendly at all. There’s so many negative comments towards Christians. Where’s the love in atheism?

  • Blacksheep

    “If you don’t believe what I believe, you are sad, incomplete and pitiful.”
    …Funny, that’s exactly what many atheists here think of Christians. And they seem pretty angry about it, too.

  • Angry Voter

    All religion is mental illness and should be treated as such.

    There’s no need to be angry.

    Rather we should pity him.

    Of course, he should be sterilized, stripped of citizenship and kept away from children.

  • Octoberfurst

    “Try it just once and you’ll never go back.” Uhh I hate to break this to ya “Found The Truth” but I was once a holy roller like you.  I believed that Jesus was my savior and that the Bible was the word of God and literally true.  Then I began to use my brain and discovered that it’s all myth and BS. So that kind of trashes your theory doesn’t it?  So take your pabulum & snake oil elsewhere.
      Oh and I have a bit of advice for you. Try using logic and reason for once and you’ll never go back. 

  • MattD

    It’s like riding a rollercoaster in the mind for you people, isn’t it?

    You basically make yourself (and others) dizzy for fun, don’t you?

  • PsiCop

    Honestly, I hadn’t been aware that “faith in our Creator” was a unique American trait. Last I knew, billions of people, in every country on the planet, had “faith in our Creator.” Maybe I missed when all the theists in the world came into the US to escape the godless hordes that were crowding them out of their home countries. Perhaps the Senator could fill the gap in my memory?

    But seriously …

    I can’t speak for any other American, but I can tell Sen. Rubio that this American does not and never will “have faith in” anyone’s “Creator.” And if he expects this American to do so, he’s just going to have to make me have faith in his Creator.

  • Silo Mowbray

    Yes, we’re angry, because unlike theists, we don’t go around condemning or othering people, pushing for legislation to create a theocracy, or use B.S. thinking to justify all manner of horrors committed on people who aren’t white, straight and Christian.

    Contrary to your claim, atheists by and large are fine with people believing what they want. We are NOT fine with religious beliefs informing the law of the land.

  • msproton

    Right now, I’m so very glad to be a Canadian atheist- I could be wrong, but I don’t recall religion being any part of our political campaigns. Though  our guys can only campaign for 1 month before an election- I guess with only a month,  we focus on the issues.  ( please don’t think I believe we are better than the US- I just like our election process better)

  • kaydenpat

    Not surprising that Republicans are pretty much a Christianist party.  I’m sure there are atheist Republicans, but they probably have to lay low.  With the gay and Black Republicans.

  • kaydenpat

    That’s what I loved about Canada too.  And I don’t recall many political tv ads during Canadian elections, but perhaps that’s because I left in 1995.

  • Silo Mowbray

    Unlike the U.S., we Canadians aren’t protected by an Establishment Clause in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. There are many places where religion does get the benefit of taxpayer money – q.v. the schools in parts of rural Alberta, etc.

    Having said that, Canadians as a whole seem to have very little tolerance for religiosity in politics and legislation. While we certainly do have our share of batshit wingnut Christians, they are largely marginalized, which is exactly how it should be.

  • Star

    This isn’t friendly at all. All these negative comments are just bashing Christians or people who believe in a creator, people who believe that their is something much larger than what can be comprehended by the human mind. No respect is given to people who have opposing views. By the way, Obama makes speeches talking about the importance of God in American life, but oh no we can’t talk negatively about democrats.

  • Glasofruix

    We are quite friendly, on the difference with a christian blog we’re not making death threats or condemning people to hell just because we disagree with them.

  • Glasofruix

    Because your deity is not important, in fact i don’t respect santa claus, why should i respect any concept in nonexistant skyfairy especially when people like you are actively pushing their idiotic beliefs on everyone else?

  • KishinD


    “Family is the most important institution”: not a common value.  About half of us believe the individual is the most important institution.
    “The Almighty God”: not a common value.  The founding fathers may have been deists, but their criticism of religious institutions and their VERY secular values makes me believe that with better scientific knowledge (which they lauded), they would have been atheists.

    Liberty, Justice, the Pursuit of Happiness… THESE are our common values, if we dare call ourselves American.  Marco Rubio is lost in the canyon between his party’s rhetoric and his party’s actions.   

  • KishinD

    I used to believe in the “Truth of Christ”, but I was too intelligent and full of questioning to keep that belief.  I went looking for the facts of Christ, and found that Hercules is better documented as a historical person.

    I found that the first step after the emergence of the state-approved Catholic church (meaning Universal Church) was to slaughter every competing Christian sect.

    I made up my mind years ago… I can never be part of any belief system that says “join us or you’re going to a bad place forever”, because it’s evil. To love thy neighbor is to include him or her in that ubiquitous classification, “us”.  Never “them”.

    I understand you find a peculiar emotion of pleasure through the idea of “Christ”.  I can tell you with perfect certainty, that pleasure has nothing to do with Christianity, and everything to do with making contact with “the divine within ourselves”.  Christ obscures it.  Giving it no names or attributes clarifies it.  It’s the formless, perpetually poised to take shape.

  • KishinD

    No no, religiosity is curable.  Like any victim of brainwashing, they need to be removed from the group responsible and exposed to positive and scientifically literate people.  People adapt to their social environment.

    They may not lose faith in a god or gods, but they’ll stop treating it like it’s the only thing that matters.  Freedom of personal belief should be protected.  Proselytizing should be considered harassment, and teaching children certain doctrines (like sex is wrong and bad) should be considered child abuse.  Because it is child abuse, psychological abuse.

  • Baby_Raptor

    We could ask you the same question. Where’s the love in Christianity? You lie about people, break laws, cause massive suffering, brainwash, strip people of their rights and autonomy…According to this shining example of your faith, I’m not even a citizen of the country I spent 4 years in the Army defending because I don’t buy into your myths. 

    And all of this from the followers of a religion who “loved the world so much that he sent his only son to die for it.” 

    Fucking hypocrite. 

  • Baby_Raptor

    Go play your partisan games elsewhere. Come back to bitch when you can point out how Obama uses religion to make people less than human and divide the country. 

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t strange that you view Christians as people who condemn/judge people according to their beliefs, but yet you’re doing the same exact thing with your ‘non-beliefs’?

    I love how you so ignorantly assume, that all Christians do everything you have listed above. You also, oh so foolishly, assume that Christians believe that they are perfect. In fact, they preach the complete opposite. They believe they are completely unrighteous, just as the rest of humanity. Except they believe in Saviour, who gave His life for the world – and saved souls by His Grace.If you don’t believe in what Christians (or any other religion) believes in, Fine – it is your will. Good for you. No is forcing you to believe in anything. Maybe one day you’ll seek the truth.
    Its just kind of sad to see someone blindly being hypocritical, and calling others hypocrites. 

  • Found the Truth

    Interesting. What made you realize that it was all a myth?

    Its not a theory and it doesn’t trash anything for me. If you don’t believe in it, ofcourse that is your choice. I don’t even know what you mean when you say ‘snake oil.’

    Lastly, I am no ‘holy roller.’ Why does everyone automatically assume, that Christ followers think of themselves as ‘sinless’? Bible  teaches the complete opposite. I KNOW not everyone believes in the Bible, it applies to the ones that do. 

  • Swen.Ardere

    Some of the founding fathers and most important statesman and contributors to our society have been atheist.  So we’re to infer by Rubio’s statement that they somehow lacked the most important “American” value.  There’s a word for that kind of thinking, Senator Rubio. It’s called “supremacism”.

  • Octoberfurst

     I realized it was all a myth when I looked at the Bible through rational eyes and realized it was all a fairy tale. The Genesis story doesn’t make sense nor does the story of Noah’s Ark nor does the whole “Jesus died for our sins” belief. It’s all made up stories. 
     “Snake oil” is an old time  reference to elixirs sold by traveling salesmen in the 19th & 20th century that  could supposedly cure anything & everything but were bogus concoctions made mostly of fruit juice and liquor.  It just means someone is peddling BS.
         “Holy roller” was a term that refered  to  people who were supposedly overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit & thrashed around on the floor. But it is now basically a mocking term for anyone who takes an overly  zealous view of their Christian faith. I think you probably fit that description.
       What I and others object to is you coming to this site and proclaiming that all will be swell if you just accept “the truth”–i.e. Jesus is your savior. How condescending & arrogant!  I don’t go to Christian sites and proclaim: “You know what you guys need? You need to give up your silly belief in God!  Do that and your life will be so much better!”  I don’t bother going over to your side of the aisle to annoy people so please don’t come to our side. 

  • newavocation

    Hey, when Mitt become president, guess who gets to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice. Rubio’s dreams will then be realized and they will have the money, guns and lawyers to carry them out. They don’t even need a majority just a little bit of intimation and make a few examples out of the loud mouth atheists to keep people in line. Welcome to Nazi Germany! 

  • Anonymous

    Why, do you feel threatened? Do you fear the possibility of an after-life, of anguish being real? Or are you too afraid to seek the truth?

    Let me be clear, I am not assuming these are true in your life. I am just asking – just the way you ‘assumed’, I was somehow trying to prompt ‘fear and guilt.’ Only if my words were so powerful. I am mere human, just as you or anyone else. One breath away from death and life.

    If I must spell it out, that was not my intention.  

    We can all raise questions after questions, but if we don’t seek the right answers – it will lead us nowhere. 


  • Anonymous

    There may have been more things that contributed to it, than ‘one day you looked at the Bible through rational eyes’. But that’s besides the point. 

    It’s interesting to see that some look at the Bible with ‘logic and rational eyes.’ It’s reasonable and normal to do so. But ever thought about the act of love that Christ displayed on the cross? Being nailed to a cross, with a crown of thorns pierced into his skull, scorned, beaten — something he could have easily done without — yet, he bore it for someone who is so unworthy and wretched like me. God’s love is not ‘rational’, my friend – His love is completely irrational and passionate like nothing you’ll find in this world. 
    He didn’t think about logic, or reason, he thought about you – and that’s reason He stayed on that cross.

    Its not about me, you, or  any other so-called Christians, not about churches or pastors, not about anything in this world – its simply about Christ and His love.  If you try to define Christ’ love through people, sadly, you may not find it. But seek Christ. Ofcourse, once again, whether you accept Him or not, that’s your choice. No one’s forcing you.

    No I did not say all will be swell if you know Christ. In fact, you will still have suffering and persecution, but to know that there is someone who will never leave nor forsake you, gives peace beyond all understanding. 

    Quite frankly, I wasn’t on a mission to hunt down ‘atheist’ websites to spread the gospel (although now that doesn’t seem to be such a bad idea). I didn’t know Marco Rubio and was trying to find the person who said the speech at the RNC – and this is one of the first articles I found. 

    “Condescending and arrogant?” Really? 
    How hostile would this world be if we all followed the “I won’t come to your side, you don’t come to mine” thought? Just think about it. Fortunately that’s not how this world works – we’re going to hear things we don’t want to hear, but its’ up to us how we handle it. God bless you.


    P.S. I would oh so love to fit that description of being overly zealous. But yes I am zealous, not about a religion, but about Christ. When he so passionately loves me – how could I be anything else?

  • Anonymous


    So you’re saying one does have emptiness within him….right?

    Even if that was the case, do you have some place where you could pour that liquid into? 

    Yes, we can all ask silly questions. Its really not that hard.
    Seek and you shall find. 

  • Anonymous

    Judgmental, are we? 
    It really is funny sometimes when people call Christians judgmental, when everyone is blindly doing the same thing.”Typical arrogant Christian” – “Has it ever crossed your mind that there other maybe even more fulfilling ways to live…?”  —”Ofcourse you haven’t”. And you know this, how?”Poor depraved Atheists” – Wow. I couldn’t have even thought of that.I come from a country where, 90% of the people have nothing to do with Christ. So yes, it has crossed my mind. But please, feel free to make as many judgments as you’d like, it doesn’t change who I am. Let me just make one thing clear — it’s not about me or any other Christian. All these things about ‘guilt trips’ and ‘threats’ — these are things people get from trying to seek the truth in men. Christ’ love is the complete opposite. It frees you from that, it takes away the burden.Its about His love, His life He gave on the cross…Don’t look to the world for the truth. Christ is our center, not man. And yes, there is a void in us, that is revealed to us at some point in our lives. 

  • Glasofruix

    Someone can feel empty for a variety of reasons, and jebus is not one of them…

    Even if that was the case, do you have some place where you could pour that liquid into? 

    The sink would be a start.

  • Hitchens FTW

    Dear “Anonymous”  If there is a void in you  it was put there by the guild teachings of Christianity. If you were to worship ANY other alledged God with the sincerity with which you worship Christ, you would “Feel” the same certainty about THAT God and would think Christians fools. The problem with religion is that it claims certainty where none exists. Your claims holds the same validity as belivers in Zeus, Rah, WikiPaki and ANY other supposed God. They believed just as sincerely, felt connected to their God JUST as deeply as you and so it is clear that ALL of these ahderents share the same bliss and certainty that you do no matter who they call God(s). And YES you are being very arrogant or ignorant in dismissing these obvious observations. By the way – what kind of “Love” is offerred in one hand while the other is reared back waiting to strike with torture and vengeance if the “love” is not accepted? You have sold yourself the idea that you are “broken” and “sinful” blah blah blah and so of course you have bought into the “I need redeeming” trip. It’s a lie. To be human is to be imperfect in many ways but this only makes you normal. I don;t really care what you believe if it gets you through the day but I do take exception when you claim as fact that which is only conjecture and myth and when you claim that your sillyness is true for me too.

  • Hitchens FTW

    “guilt” not guild sry.

  • Octoberfurst

     You talk about the “act of Love” that Jesus displayed on the cross. You do realize that outside the Bible there is no reference to Jesus–except for Josephus who lived decades after Jesus died and most consider his “quote” about him to have been made up.
      I also have issues with the whole “Jesus died for our sins” thing. So let me get this straight. He is beaten and then is hung on the cross for a couple hours and by dying he absolved humanity of all its collective sins. So he took away the penalty for Hitler’s massacre of six million Jews and other genocides from throughout time. All one has to do is believe in him and all is forgiven? (In other words, had he repented, Hitler would have gone to heaven?)  It’s interesting that in 3 hours Jesus paid the penalty for everyone’s sins but yet if I were to die today–unsaved–my “penalty” is to burn forever in Hell. Think about that. I go to Hell for eternity to pay for my “sins” and Jesus takes on the SINS OF THE WORLD and his punishment is only 3 hours on a cross.  Don’t you see anything weird about that?
      And what sacrifice did he really make. He suffers horribly for a short time but he is rewarded by becoming co-ruler of the universe!  I’d take that offer!  I’d be willing to hang on a cross—as painful as that would be–if I knew I would become second only to God himself in terms of power and glory.
      And if Jesus “loves” everyone so much why are there starving children? One would think he would do something about that. God apparently cares about which team wins the Super Bowl–I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the winning Quarterback thank God for the victory—but doesn’t seem to give a crap about innocent people dying of horrible diseases or starving.
      I also take issue with people like yourself saying that you are “unworthy” and “wretched.”  No you’re not!  You’re HUMAN! You make mistakes.  That’s life. So please don’t give me all this faux humbleness of   “I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!”  Give it a rest! Your probably a decent human being so stop whipping yourself.  
        Have a nice day.

  • Anonymous

    Silly questions deserve silly answer — didn’t expect much else.