The Rest of the ‘Jesus Loves Me, This I Know’ Song

(via The Atheist Pig)

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  • Andrew Van Marm

    <3 Atheist pig. 

  • Agnostic

    Why are atheists so overly concerned with someone else’s god whom they believe does not exist?

  • Just Someone

    The people who worship the god DO exist, and their actions in response to that belief is the concern.

  • Foster

    When I saw the post, I was hoping the atheistic pseudo-song would at least fit the meter.  Like:
    “If I’m a believing straight / Then hell-fire won’t be my fate.”  But it seems the author lacked that much ability/imagination/willingness to put in the effort.  Incidentally, the song does not apply to modern Roman Catholics.  Vatican II made it clear that people who follow their beliefs consistently (and their unbeliefs too) all have a shot at heaven, and only they and God can know their hearts.  As for homosexuality, the church thinks that human beings, including gays, will ultimately be happier as celibates who refrain from homosexual acts or as faithful heterosexual married people.  But even gays who follow their conscience, like Plato for example, the Church teaches we cannot say go to hell.  Having a clear conscience is the important factor.  It might be that having a bad conscience for all eternity is in fact everything hell amounts to, in which case hell is not inflicted by God, but by human beings upon themselves.

  • Ryan

    Why are you reading an Atheist blog?

  • CelticWhisper

    God dammit, now I’m going to be hearing that song in my head all day.  Only I’ll be hearing the Bioshock splicer-sung version.

    *grumble*  Where’s my electro-bolt plasmid?

  • Thegoodman


  • Thegoodman

     I cannot speak for all atheists, but personally I am not concerned with imaginary gods. I am however, very much concerned with the message of hate that is spread by so many people whose only link is their belief in the same god. The myth is not of concern, the actions that are supported by said myth are a big concern.

  • MikeTheInfidel

    This question boggles my mind every time I see it. Do the people who ask this honestly think that belief in gods has no effect on how other people behave?