An Angry New Face on the Atheist Channel

Today, there’s a new face on Patheos, a firebrand to oppose the friendly, an angry atheist who terrifies everyone in sight.

See? This face strikes fear into thousands.

What I’m saying is, today JT Eberhard joined Patheos. You might know him for his karaoke skills. Or perhaps you know of  him from his snazzy website. Maybe you’ve seen him on a bumper sticker?

Or perhaps you’ve heard of his blog, WWJTD?

JT, who, until recently, worked as the High School Coordinator for the Secular Student Alliance, left his position to focus on other commitments, like the book he’s writing. In his words:

This has all been a very emotional whirlwind for me.  Rest assured I could make more money doing something other than writing.  But I want to stay in atheism.  Fighting for this cause is my passion.  It means almost as much to me as breathing, and writing for Patheos will allow me continue to dedicate the majority of my time to trying to orchestrate some of the changes I want to see in the world.

He’s also promised to blog even more with all of his newly free time, so you should head on over and see!

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