Christian Graffiti on an Atheist Poster

Graffiti seen at Western Carolina University:

The person who originally put the flyer up took it down after seeing the graffiti. I would’ve suggested otherwise.

Leave it up there.

Let people see “Christian Love” in action.

Then, put up a sign next to it with an arrow pointing to the first sign, reading “This is why we need the atheist group” (or something along those lines).

Hopefully, no one considers retaliating against any of the Christian groups’ posters. Because we should be better than that.

On a side note, one clever commenter on Reddit wondered why Jesus would save him if he were, in fact, a homosexual. According to fundamentalists, didn’t Jesus condemn practicing homosexuals to hell? Others responded by suggesting there should have been a comma after the second word, changing the meaning of the message.

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