No Wonder They Lied During Their Speeches

(via Scenes from a Multiverse — Thanks to Rory for the link!)

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  • Cormacolinde

    I especially love how he categorizes facts:
    - Those he should disregard
    - Those he should fabricate

  • ɹǝɯɐןq

    I used to think politicians were speaking without saying anything, now I realize they’re efficiently using ambiguity so their rhetoric is agreeable across a multitude of interpretations.

  • sceptic

    When I first heard someone talking about change 3 years ago, I sniggered to my friend and blurted: change for the worse. Unfortunely, people are less interested in the country as a whole than their own narrow interests. If the country does better, everyone eventually benefits. If you can’t get your minority interest pushed through, you will benefit some other way. Have a heart for the majority.

  • Patterrssonn

    You’re suggesting communism? Is that really feasible at this point?

  • OregoniAn

    So you’re saying that minorities should just shut up, accept their second class status and move on? Fuck that! “If the country does better, everyone eventually benefits..” I call bullshit on that too.. Nice try.. NEXT!!

  • Nakedanthropologist

    You’re an idiot.

  • Coyotenose

     So minorities who don’t agree with you are stupid and selfish. You’re as much of a privileged, bigoted twit as when you made that same speech last week, Ann.

  • Stev84

    It’s possible for people to multitask. Politicians can do things for the country as a whole and certain groups. If they waited for the economy to improve nothing else would ever get done. There are always more important things to find in order to delay action.

  • The Other Weirdo

     I remember a few years back, some people in Washington went apeshit over the grammatically-correct, contextually-valid use of the word niggardly. So it seems to me in the responses above.

    When you conflate “minority interests” with “racial minority interests”, you do incredible disservice to the vast majority of people by making the assumption that everyone is exactly the same and no one has any dissenting views. Republicans made that mistake when they conflated “conservatism” with “fundamentalist Christianity”. Communists did it a century ago when they decided that everyone is exactly the same in their wants and dreams.

    There is no room for gray areas anymore, on either the Right or the Left.

  • The Other Weirdo

     Has it ever been feasible?

  • Rich Wilson

    I think depends on people not being selfish assholes.  So, ‘no’.