Priest Speaks About Abuse and Cover-Up in the Catholic Church

Rev. Thomas P. Doyle, O.P. is not a popular guy within the Catholic Church. Mostly because he has this nasty habit of calling them out on their shit.

In the video below, he speaks with host Allison Hope Weiner on the online show Media Mayhem about “Abuse, Cover-Up and the Catholic Church“:

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(Thanks to Matthew for the link!)

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  • SycophantTawdry70
  • Still Milking?

    Isn’t this very old news. Still flogging away? Next issue please.

  • JohnnieCanuck

    What keeps it current is the continued lack of cooperation by the church hierarchy and their success in keeping most of the abusers and their enablers from the justice they deserve.

    You’d like the victims and those that speak for them to just shut up because what, it’s all water under the bridge now? It’s true, the victims’ lives have already been ruined and convictions won’t make them all better. That’s not the way it works.

    Until the Cardinals and Archbishops make it clear that they will not hide abusers any more, the problem is not going to just disappear quietly and conveniently, much as you and the rest of the excuse makers would like.

    If public outcry is the only way civil authorities can be induced to pursue criminal convictions, then that’s what must be done.

  • Patterrssonn

    “Old news”? I don’t imagine it is for the victims.

  • DoctorDJ

     We wish it were old news.
    But you idiot catholics keep providing more and more examples of your immorality and why your religion should be flushed down the sewers of history.

  • Thecommenter123

    “Continued lack of co-operation”? Can you give an example?

  • kenneth

    The case of Bishop Finn of Kansas City is a perfect example of continued lack of cooperation.  This was not “old history.” This was late last year and continues now. Finn, who withheld flagrant evidence of child pornography found on the computer of one of his priests, must now report personally to a prosecutor every month for the next five years.

     This was part of a plea deal to avoid criminal charges. After 15 years and more of exploding scandal in the media, multi-billion dollar lawsuits, endless drafts of procedural reforms within the Church, AND the pressure of civil law, a bishop doesn’t get it. 

    This very recent case makes it clear that the Church cannot be trusted to do the right thing unless it is under legal duress and constant supervision by civil authorities. That’s the embodiment of “continued lack of cooperation.” There is nothing whatsoever to indicate that Finn’s case is an anomaly. 

  • NickDB

     I’m happy to move on from it, if we can get rid of something that is EVEN older, can we have the next issue of religion please and get rid of this old hat that people want to keep around.

  • Marco

    So this is the strategy now. Calling it “old news” and acting as if those that bring the issue up are the ones out of bounds. 

    Wouldn’t you like that? This behavior has been going on for decades, centuries even. Growing up in Italy there wasn’t a party where jokes were told that did not have at least a half dozen jokes about priests screwing altar boys.

    sad as it is that it was fodder for humor, it is damning evidence that not only sexual abuse was going on at a wholesale level, but that most of the population was more than aware of it. 

    I have read and watched several news items where the catholics in the room used this “it’s old news, let’s move on” tactic, implying that those that did not move on where on a witch hunt of some sort or were being disrespectful of the church. 
    I would not be surprised to find a memo (or more than one) where this strategy is recommended as an answer for when the issue is brought up. 

    It’s not “old news”. The victims of these priests are still alive and some are still relatively young. I am also convinced that new victims are being forged on a daily basis. If I were a pederast priest I would not be dissuaded from making more victims y the way the church and the law has treated those that were found out before me. First of all, we know that those that are found out are a minority of offenders. That’s true in any crime. Second, of those that are caught, the majority are just transferred, the victims paid off or intimidated and free to continue making more victims. 
    Finally, even if caught in flagrant and brought to justice, odds are that instead of going to prison some sort of plea is negotiated and the worse that can happen is for the priest to lose his priesthood. Big deal. 

    Yes, some are brought to justice and imprisoned. But compared to the majority those are isolated cases.  
    Even today if my goal was to fuck little kids, the priesthood would be my favored way to attain my goal. Compare that to what happens to civilian pederasts.  Many are kept in prison even after their sentence has  been served (and that’s another issue where my conscience is torn to pieces, but fodder for another day).

    Not “old news”. Not until your kind stops making excuses and justify the priest that violate children and the church that protects them.

  • HughInAz

    Still shooting the messenger? Stop whining and clean up your act.

  • Maarton

    I thought his comment (minute 29) about the emotional age of priests very insightful.

  • Mary Rogers

    An issue like this should never be relegated to being “old news” A “faith” that cannot or rather will not even protect its’ most vulnerable members has no right to complain.

    Your lack of empathy is astonishing. In fact I would say that your attitude is completely UnChristian and inhumane.

  • The Godless Monster

     Old news? You are one sick, evil fuck.