Support These Young Atheists’ Fight Against a Praying City Commission

There have been a couple of posts on this site about Tommy Coleman and Brandon Jones, two college students who are currently battling the Hamilton County Commissioners (in Tennessee) because they pray “in Jesus’ name” at meetings:

In order to pay for the filing fees and court costs associated with the case, they need to raise about $5,000. They’re more than halfway there on their fundraising page, but there’s only a day left to go.

If you support what they’re doing, please consider donating to their cause before the end of today.

About Hemant Mehta

Hemant Mehta is the editor of Friendly Atheist, appears on the Atheist Voice channel on YouTube, and co-hosts the uniquely-named Friendly Atheist Podcast. You can read much more about him here.

  • Steve

    I wish I had the money to donate. Alas I will only be able to donate moral support at this time. Good luck guys.

  • A3Kr0n

    $5000 to uphold the law when lawmakers break it? That sure smells bullshitty to me. 

  • CoboWowbo

    Their $5000 goal has been met…

  • Evidence speaks

    HAHA!  Best thing about this post is the banner ad at the top–promoting Mormanism!  Belief in God is everywhere, boys, even on your blog.

  • Brandon Jones

    Wow, I’m one of the plaintiffs in this lawsuit, and within minutes of this post going up the rest of our funding was donated.  I am so moved and I just want to really show my appreciation, both to those people who donated and to Hemant for being kind enough to give us a place in his blog once again.  Thank you soooo much everyone!  Really, you guys are great!  We now have the means to fight the good fight and it feels great!  I can’t even tell you what a huge relief this is for us.  Thanks again everyone!

  • Hemant Mehta

    Wow! That’s amazing! You all rock!

  • Richard Wade

     And your point is…?  E. coli is everywhere too, even in your kitchen. The nice thing about the religious ads on this site is whenever an atheist clicks on one, the sponsors pay more money to promote this atheist site.

  • Glasofruix

    What ads?

  • Troglodyke

    Best of luck to you on doing what is right, albeit unpopular. The movement needs more people like you.

  • Woody Tanaka

     Yeah, like dogs at the hydrant, the religious spread their waste everywhere.

  • newavocation

    Brandon, in the area you live, you and Tommy have got guts to stand up against the abuses of the religious leaders in government. Glad you have one less thing to worry about.

  • Aaron Scoggin

    Everyone knows that you don’t ever click an internet ad… EVER. Why they waste their money to advertise online is beyond me.

  • Jim_Lahey

    So glad for you guys. I’m sure it’ll be a tough go but now you have one less bump in the road!

    Good luck!

  • Joe Zamecki

    Well religious people and religious groups have almost unlimited sources of money to advertise whatever and wherever they want, obviously. Religion is powerful and wealthy. Religion is about power and wealth. It’s about flaunting it too. Congrats to the religious on having it so easy, that trying isn’t really an issue to them. Must be nice. lol

  • Joe Zamecki

    You GO Brandon! A lot more folks support you than can possibly chime in. Yes, please persevere. :o)

  • michael both

    Yup, ad-blockers FTW. But after Richards post I’m considering disabling them here and clicking a few religious ones from time to time…

  • Timelessapologist

    This is more proof that the friendly atheists are an anti-religious cult.

    Notice the *money* involved.

    It’s sad that we have to coddle to the atheists who really don’t have anything *objectively* to live for, so they do what they can to ruin Christianity, because it’s their only purpose in their purposeless existence.   If naturalism is true, and there is no God, then the depressing view that is atheism has to reconcile with the fact that their existence is meaningless, valueless and pointless.  So I’m kinda understanding of why atheists are always so angry all the time.  They aren’t happy, so they don’t want anyone else to be happy.  

    To the atheists that deny this, your actions speak louder than words.  It’s always anti-Christian that gets you going.  I truly wonder how many of you sickos if you had the chance and could get away with it would want every Christian in this dead so you can enjoy your purposeless lives in peace.  I know a good portion of you don’t like us, so why not just stop the nonsense and admit it?

    Just admit that you absolutely hate Christians?   Your actions speak louder than words.

    Here is some evidence:

    How often do the ‘friendly atheists’ ever say anything positive about Christians?  (rarely if ever)

    Why is it that people such as Hemant always talk about how God doesn’t exist, but offers absolutely no reasoning for why NATUREDIDIT makes more sense as an efficient cause of the universe?   I’m inclined to think that Hemant is an atheist for EMOTIONAL reasons and not intellectual reasons. 

    You see, when you actually take a step back and think a bit here, all the friendly atheists show is an inferiority complex to Christianity. 

    Well I hate to break it to you all who believe in magical natural universes that create the laws of nature from whatever it is that would apply to creating the laws of nature, but an unconscious, unintelligent, purposeless, impersonal valueless natural universe is not a better explanation for the nature of reality than an essentially omnipotent, omniscient, timeless sans creation God.

    Evidence for God:

    1.◊p → ¬[◊p • ◊ ¬p]


    3. ∴ ¬[◊p • ◊ ¬p]

    4. (◊p • ¬[◊p • ◊ ¬p]) → ☐p

    5. (◊p • ¬[◊p • ◊ ¬p])

    6. ☐p

    7. ☐p → ☐g

    8. ∴ ☐g



     p = God is perfect 
    = God exists


    In Conclusion the friendly atheists fail, and Theism is the rational position in which is the only position that we can trust our cognitive faculties.

  • Timelessapologist

    Oh yes that takes guts  smh

    I think I hear about these stories twice a day from one of my closest friends.

    It’s not that hard to stand up to Christians, especially in these times when Christians are becoming doormats for people to walk all over.

    When Christians stand up to rabid atheists who want Christianity destroyed, now THAT’S guts.

  • Timelessapologist

    Why would an athiest click on a religious ad?
    That makes absolutely sense, I can see logic is not your strong point.

    Although I guess I could see a few atheists clicking on a religious ad only to curse them out.

  • Timelessapologist

    Oh yes,  and with that fact that they can do whatever they want right, I’m sure they enjoy watching all their churches close down amirite?

    Look at all that power and wealth they have, they are losing numbers, and people are hardly going to church in modern times, but yeah man look at the power, look at that wealth!!!!

    Wow you people really need to stop being ignorant.

  • Timelessapologist

    Thank God for that, I wouldn’t want to live like those in North Korea!

  • Eyedocaz

    My point is you are outnumbered.  What is your point about escherichia coli? 
    You could not have chosen a more hopeless battle than to try to wipe God out of history.  It’s not possible, nor would it make your or my  life any better.

  • Robster

    What?? Christianity is good for only two things: The source of a good laugh and to walk all over. godbots=Braindead.

  • Evidence speaks

    Ah, the cursing out…..what the new kind of atheists do the best!  The lack of verbal ability is all it proves to me. 
    They must be trying to wipe God out by making people afraid to mention Him?  It has less effect than a drop of water added to the ocean. 

  • Evidence speaks

    Dear friend, I was speaking about belief in God.  Many “religious” folks would do well to learn they do not control God, if they think that they do.  You would be better off if you could see that difference, too.  I hope that you will.

  • Coyotenose

     Too screamingly stupid to grasp that your question was answered in the comment you responded to. Whine more. Liar.

  • Coyotenose

    The fact that your only argument is “Wah, atheists use mean words sometimes!” only reflects poorly on you, crybaby. Go wank off about how moral you are some more.

  • Coyotenose

     The North Koreans are religious, Dimwit. The State replaces a deity. Why are you so stupid?

  • Evidence speaks

    Not an argument, only an observation.  You make it unecessary to argue.  Thanks!

  • RobMcCune

    Well you too are outnumbered by E.coli.

  • Glasofruix

    I don’t know what’s going on here but last time ad-block got deactivated (for whatever reason) this blog froze my browser every time for a good couple of minutes…

  • Glasofruix

    Sorry but the only purpose i have is the one i’ve given to myself i don’t need imaginary skyfairies to beam purpose and morality into my head, i’m perfectly capable of doing that by myself.
    The “NATUREDIDIT” holds it’s ground very firmly with something called science to support it, on the other hand “SKYFAIRYDIDIT” has at best a shaky foundation built on a quicksand pit. As for your proof of god, i’m still laughing and i hope you don’t have access to children to brainwash with your nonsense.

  • ミッコ

    what banner ?

  • Jo1storm

     Hell, you can prove anything like that. Lets start from the premise that the sky is blue, and I can prove, using your system, that whales are the biggest mammals on the planet.

  • Richard Wade

    If you don’t get the E. coli remark, then it’s not worth the effort to explain it to you. Never mind.

    I haven’t chosen to try to “wipe God out of history.” That’s something from your own imagination. I’m supporting it being cleaned out of government, where it doesn’t belong. Beyond that, I’m fine with you and your friends worshiping as you see fit in your church, in your home, and even standing on a box on the street corner. I’ll fight to preserve your freedom to do that. Just don’t do it on taxpayer property with taxpayer money. It’s a simple distinction.

    If you’re going to be a contrarian voice around here, try to come up with something more substantive than your childish heckling, “Nah, nah, naaaah! Atheists are outnumbered!

    Gee wiz, you’ve really flattened me with that one. I’m sooo discouraged.

  • Sandy Kokch

     Mate I wish I could have helped, but instead can only wish you all the best and add my own salute to you.

    You and your mate, Damon Fowler, Jessca Ahlquhist and little kids like Will Phillips are the best and brightest hopes for America’s future. One of sanity and reason over superstition and bare faced law breaking based on bully boy privilege.

    As Militades said at the Battle Of Marathon to spur on his small force of Athenians…. AT THEM!

  • Nazani14

    I totally agree.  Paying for access to justice stinks.

  • Hmmm

    Let’s look at that a little closer. Take, say, a high school kid, maybe Damon Fowler. He stood up to Christians to end illegal religious advocacy in his school. He got kicked out of his house, received death threats, and had to move to another state.

    Now, look at the recent posts here about atheists asking their school board to stop illegal prayers. In response, Christians stood up to them and said they thought the prayers should continue. They received enthusiastic applause.

    Which one took guts again?

  • Umair Ahmed