Black Atheists of America Get $10,000 Grant to Provide Science Equipment to Underfunded Schools

The Black Atheists of America are on a quest to provide science equipment to ten underfunded schools. It’s all part of a program they call Science Cubed:

Our Science Cubed program is geared toward providing equal access to scientific education for all high school students. We donate supplies to schools in an attempt to improve science programs across the nation. Our goal is to enhance scientific understanding and to foster critical thinking by providing teachers with the necessary tools to better their science department.

Because those who work directly with the students are in the best position to determine the needs of the program, we meet with a representative from the school’s science department to determine what supplies would best meet the needs of the department.

It’s a worthy goal and their job just got a little bit easier thanks to a generous $10,000 grant from the Stiefel Freethought Foundation! According to a press release:

Todd Stiefel, president of the SFF, says he was delighted to select BAAm. “Black Atheists of America’s Science Cubed program is a program that will create positive change in the lives of students. Getting kids interested in the sciences will open up a world of wonder, and can ultimately lead to career opportunities that can help to advance our society. We’re happy to support BAAm in this effort.”

Ayanna Watson, President of BAAm, says she’s excited to get started in the fall. “We’re in the process of selecting nearly a dozen schools to donate equipment. We were able to give squid dissection kits, DVDs, and other materials to the students, allowing them to learn about their own waterways and wildlife. We want to do this kind of thing for other students around the country.

Just to offer one example, BAAm gave a set of videos to a school in Los Angeles and this thank-you card just shows how much the donation meant to one of the students:

What a fantastic program. If you’d like to donate to the cause, you can do so here.

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