Richard Dawkins Introduces Eugenie Scott at 2012 AAA Conference

Over the weekend, I was in Denver for the Atheist Alliance of America conference and Eugenie Scott, the Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education, was awarded with the (well-deserved) 2012 Richard Dawkins Award. While her speech isn’t yet available online, Dawkins’ introduction is:

Dawkins points out, kindly, that she’s too soft on religion even if she’s not religious herself (“She respects religion in a way that I do not”), but admits there are strategic reasons for taking that approach. It’s a slight detour from an otherwise full-of-praise introduction.

You can read my 2007 interview with Dr. Scott here. It’s kind of depressing how many of the same battles she talked about then we’re still fighting now, but combatting ignorance is a never-ending quest.

(via RDFRS)

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