A Response to the ‘Not the Change I Voted For’ Video

In response to the unintentionally hilarious anti-gay-marriage video by the Campaign for American Values, PastorFailed created this parody:

Love the music at the end :)

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  • Dats3

    That’s just awesome!

  • Mike Gillis

    For the curious, PastorFailed is Sam Mulvey of “Ask an Atheist” fame.

  • http://profiles.google.com/marc.k.mielke Marc Mielke

    The internets cannot help me determine the significance of “Beware the Puffin” as noted in the disclaimer. Puffins are cute. 

  • Michael

    I’ve always suspected that I was of lower than average intelligence, and now my fears have been confirmed. I have no freaking idea what this video was about. Why the odd looks? What was the guy looking at? I’m so dumb and confused. Help me!