Australian Doctor Tries to Medicate the Gay Away

When a young New Zealand man came out to his church leader as gay, he was sat down and told that however he identified was perfect in the eyes of God.  He was told that his church was an extension of his family, and they loved him — unconditionally — no matter what.

Wait… no, I’m sorry that didn’t happen.  

His church leader sent him to a doctor who prescribed hormone therapy to chemically castrate him.

Yeah, that’s the Christian love we’ve come to expect.

The man in question has come forward in a letter to the New South Wales Health Care Complaints Commission about coming out at the age of 18.

He was visiting an Australian church and spoke to the church leader:

…the unnamed man, who is now 24, said that when he came out as gay, a church leader told him “there’s medication you can go on.” He continued, “He recommended that I speak to Dr [Mark] Craddock on the matter with a view to my being placed on medication to help me with my ‘problem’,” the New Zealand resident said, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

He was, at the time, a member of the Christian sect Exclusive Brethren Christian Fellowship.  The Exclusive Brethren put a whole lot of stock into marriage and family, so they obviously did not handle the situation well. Dr. Craddock, another member of the sect, prescribed Cyprostat, a hormone therapy commonly used to treat prostate cancer, to “cure the gay.”  Oh, and similar hormone suppression therapy has been used to castrate sex offenders.

Thankfully, Dr. Craddock has been investigated:

A hearing by the Medical Council of the Australian State of New South Wales determined, “Dr Craddock failed to adequately assess the patient and failed to provide appropriate medical management of the patients therapeutic needs,” in an excerpt obtained by Gay Star News. The committee found that Craddock was guilty of “unsatisfactory processional conduct. He was severely reprimanded and practice restrictions were placed on his registration.”

According to another source, he has been banned from practicing as a GP.

In a hearing before the professional standards committee of the Medical Council of NSW in June, Dr Craddock admitted he did not obtain a medical history, conduct a physical examination, take an adequate sexual history or arrange a follow-up appointment.

“So are you allergic to any — eh, screw it! Take a few of these and you’ll be bangin’ the ladies in no time!”

I was unable to find out any long-term affects on the patient, as his name and details have been suppressed due to the lawsuit.

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  • Alexander Ryan

    So, prescribing something to treat prostate cancer and something that chemically castrates someone will help “Cure the gay”.

    I’m really curious where these stupid motherfuckers learn their science from.

  • TheKevinBates

    Well, keep in mind that medical records are also super confidential, so even with a name, you probably wouldn’t have been able to find out any health information

  • TheKevinBates

    Um, I think they were trying to castrate him.

  • C Peterson

    Well, if churches would be more proactive about chemically castrating all of their members who are sinners (oh wait… they’re Christian, so they’re all sinners) a lot of what we’re fighting for would naturally come to pass over the next decades.

  • John Hawkins

    I think the majority of people claiming to have a ‘cure’ for gayness know it’s BS. They simply make up some sciencey sounding treatment, enlist the help of some church to pressure their LBGT members into paying for it and then rake in the dough. If a patient complains that the treatment didn’t work just blame it on them not loving Jesus enough or not repenting hard enough.

    This is why all the ‘ex-gay’ scammers are going ape**** over California banning minors from their ‘therapy’. They know it’s a lot harder to shame and belittle an adult into agreeing with them  and they’re terrified of what will happen to their income without teenagers being dragged into their office by parents.

  • Richard Wade

    The “Exclusive Brethren Christian Fellowship”? Somehow, “exclusive” seems oxymoronic with “brethren” and “fellowship.” Let’s hope they’re so exclusive that they soon go extinct.

    By sending the young man to a doctor for medication, they were in effect admitting that he is not “choosing” his sexual orientation, that it’s beyond his volition, it’s born into him. If it’s born into him, he’s the way God made him. This means they’re worshiping a god who makes people that way, and then curses them for being that way, and then does nothing to help them change to some other way.

    Sounds like a sadistic, insane asshole.  Yahweh makes Zeus look nice by comparison.

    I hope the young man recovers from the medical and psychological assault he suffered, and I hope the doctor is banned from practice. Maybe he can get some meals from the Exclusive Brethren of Christian Fellowship.

  • Alt+3

    The worst part is there’s an all natural homeopathic cure for homosexuality. In the vein of “like cures like” the obvious answer is to encourage gays to have MORE gay sex, not less. Eventually, with enough gay sex your gay problem just clears up on it’s own. However, you must be patient, this method can take years to fully take effect.

  • Aaron Scoggin

    Well, hey now, I know a GREAT cure for stupidity.

    I usually use it for the rats under my house, but I can save some for you. Just pop 2 of these and hang on for paradise!

  • Ian Reide

    I have read that laughter is a defence against the pain of the world. That must be what makes me want to laugh when I read of stupid and evil acts such as this.

  • pagansister

    That’s just SAD!   The fact that they claim to be “Christian” is outrageous.   The Christians I have in my family are not like those extremists that one regularly read about.  In fact, those in my family accept homosexuality for what it is—the way a person is born.  No problem. They are human beings who live, love and work just like heterosexuals.  

  • Agnostic

    Such is the evil world that those who laugh at the evil of others are quite capable of being evil themselves when the occasion arises. Sigh…All men are brothers when the weather is fair, but when the storm arises, to each his own.

  • Agnostic

    Unfortunately for you, Christians believe that you are a sinner too. If you advocate castration of sinners, they may start with you.

  • C Peterson

    I’m not advocating any such thing, just pointing out that this sort of crazy behavior can lead to a positive result: fewer Christians. Fortunately, that seems to be happening even without this church’s radical solution.

  • Sindigo

    Unfortunately, you’d have to dilute that gay sex down a lot. I’m not sure what with though….

  • Sindigo

    They learn their science from the same source they learnt that the world was created in 6 days, is only 6,000 years old, that the moon is illuminated and that every species of animal on the planet lived within walking distance of Noah’s house.

  • allein

    Do it in a pool?

  • allein

    Wasn’t this an episode of The Mentalist?

    That doctor got killed by one of his patients after they fell in love…

  • Mogg

    Nope, the Exclusive Brethren are very big on breeding enough to maintain numbers.  I’m surprised they numbered a doctor among its members, as one of the many things they don’t believe in is higher education.  Boys are supposed to do trade-type jobs and work in businesses run by other church members or start their own business, and girls are pretty much forbidden from any post-secondary education, and are supposed to marry and look after the home.

  • Aliestar Crowley 93/93/93

    You people that think gayness is an illness and needs a ‘cure’ are fucking retarded bigots  be and need to be put out of their own misery/stupidity. These are the same people that indoctrinate their children with ridiculous religions. If their religion were true why does it need to be hopelessly drilled into young minds who know better and cannot think for themselves? Why not wait until they are free thinking adults before introducing it to them? This is why we have holy wars, and why millions upon millions of people have died through history due to religion (specifically Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism[though that last one is not nearly as bad as the other three] Fucking primitives, all of you who cling to the crutch of your ancient book with absolutely proof or substantiation, regards of how many other people you make miserable in the process. You bigots will all burn in your own (nonexistent) hell. And i’m not even gay; just educated and not blinded by centuries of dogmatic bullshit. Fuck, I’m promise you I know more about your religions than 90% of the people that follow them. You people are a blight upon the world, and history itself.

  • Alhazred

    A world with fewer dogmatic and bigoted idiots sounds beautiful. <3