Rick Joyner: We Prayed for an Amputated Finger… and Most of It Grew Back!

In the video below, Rick Joyner of MorningStar Ministries recalls how a friend’s amputated finger *almost* grew back through the power of prayer. It would’ve grown back all the way except the prayer got interrupted:

There’s never a video camera around when you need it, is there…?

The winning comment on YouTube asks for Joyner to pray for a different appendage. (In the right direction, of course.)

(via Right Wing Watch — thanks to Josh for the link!)

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6OE7LEYELE4MZTVXGZUSVTBFUI julie

    So why didn’t they start praying again after the interruption was over? Was there not enough prayer to go around?

  • Gus Snarp

    Interrupted? They were watching his finger grow back before their eyes and they stopped because they got interrupted? What the hell distracts you from that ? “Hey guys, they’re giving out free sandwiches downstairs!” “Oh, sorry about your finger, but come one, free sandwiches! Like we’re gonna miss out on that!”

    I also like how he talks about limbs, as if it he’s seen it many times, but then he just gives an example of a finger. People believe this guy? Seriously, if you can reproduce this, why the hell isn’t it on video? Why the hell haven’t you done it in front of James Randi and collected a million dollars? Hell, why make this YouTube video talking about it when you could just gather a bunch of faithful followers in the office with you, chop off your finger with a cleaver right there on the desk, and have them pray you a new one right there in front of the camera? Why isn’t his faith strong enough to sacrifice his own finger for?

  • Conspirator

    Well naturally they’ll claim that god won’t reward you if you deliberately cut off your finger just to test him.  But still, there should be some fairly easy ways to document this.  For instance, I don’t know, maybe talk to a doctor who treated the person and has their x-rays.  Just a thought.  

  • http://www.holytape.etsy.com Holytape

    You would think that it would be hard to interrupt a omnipresent and omnipotent God.   Unless he was speaking in code.   “We started praying” = “And then the acid kicked in”  and “interupted” = “Woke up in a ditch wondering were my pants were.”

  • houndies

    i guess praying is like gasoline, as long as you keep putting gas in, your car will keep running! as long as you keep praying that finger will keep growing! now we know why prayer fails! we gotta quit getting distracted! cant believe people buy into this crap!

  • mucopurulent

    Well, that was convincing. Now if only I could find a church.

  • The Other Weirdo

     It’s amazing how omnipotent, omnipresent Gods behave exactly like the weak, fallible humans who worship them. It’s almost as though the Gods weren’t there at all.

  • Doctor Jen

    My husband cut off the tip of his finger and it did grow back (surprising since it was an awfully big chunk.) He enjoys telling people that he made a deal with the devil to get special lizard powers that allow him to regenerate body parts. He says it earnestly and with a straight face and it never fails to pods believers off.

  • Doctor Jen

    PISS not pods.

  • C Peterson

    I’ll believe this shit when his brain, which, you know, was c-c-c-cut off right… c-close.. n-n-n-near the b-b-b-brainstem gets regrown.

  • Sindigo

    Fine, but can we wait until after the Paralympics has ended. My countrymen (and women) are doing rather well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jc.craig1 Jim Craig

    I cut off the tip of my left index finger by about a quarter inch. Yeah, today if you look at it, it looks fairly normal unless you look closely. But it’s scar tissue and has almost no nerve endings. 

    These folks are going to have to give a LOT more evidence before they can claim anything as mundane as this as “miraculous.” 

  • http://twitter.com/NathairNimheil Nathair Nimheil

    Well you certainly can’t argue with scientific evidence like “No seriously, this totally happened to an unnamed but like totally real friend of mine!”

  • mikespeir

    God seems to be something of a slacker: never quite finishing what he starts.

  • TnkAgn

    If only John Wayne Bobbitt had prayed…

  • Bplurt

    I can think of a few people that God has given the finger to.

  • No More Christian Bullshiat

    My bullshiat tolerance is particularly low today.
    Remind me why I have to share my oxygen with retarded dickcheeses like that asshole again?

    Fark him, fark him right in the ear, with a big steel dick.

  • Tainda

    If that really worked all men would be devout and have huge penises.

  • Randomfactor

    Why, yes.  I remember in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” when Snape got interrupted and the spell failed.  It’s never quite as good when you have to begin the incantation over again.

    What’s that?  It wasn’t the prayer doing it, it was your god?  Your GOD got distracted?  By what, a falling sparrow?

  • Octoberfurst

     Joyner seems to claim that restoring lost appendages happens all the time at his church. Ironically there is never a video camera around to record said miracles.  One would think they would love to show proof of God’s healing power to people but maybe God is camera shy.
      And as others have said what would cause people to stop praying while this great miracle is taking place? I know if I were watching  a finger grow before my eyes I couldn’t look away. It would be too fascinating.  But yet something “interrupted” the healing prayer. What was it? Did someone interrupt them to ask how to get to the bathroom? Did someone get a phone call? And even if they were interrupted why couldn’t they just go back and finish the job instead of leaving the poor guy without a finger tip?  Is it just one healing event per person?  No rain checks?
       Why are people so gullible as to believe this nonsense?  

  • onamission5

    I’ve seen faith healing in action more than once. The most memorable case was when the entire congregation gathered around a child who had a short leg and prayed for it to grow. After a couple hours, he was declared healed, and no longer waked with a limp or had any spinal pain.

    Except, of course, he did still limp and he was still in pain, he just wasn’t allowed any more to say so because miracle of jesus. Sort of like when my old neighbors healed their daughter’s sprained ankle with magnets and all the swelling went away. That reddish purple color which overcame her foot was what, magnetism in action?

  • sunburned

    I can almost see the screen play:

    God:  LOL, they QUIT praying just when I was getting started, oh well.  I gotta get back to making the tide go in and the tide go out so there isn’t any real miscommunication.

  • The Other Weirdo

    You know, if he’d only had a camera with him, he could have revolutionized science and medicine. He could’ve gotten a Nobel Prize for his tireless, selfless work with amputees. There could be thousands–millions!–of people, right now, all over the world, duplicating his feat and healing the sick and the injured and the infirm. His name would live on forever.

    Instead, he’ll be forgotten as yet another bullshit artist, bullshitting his way to riches.

  • Patterrssonn

    I’d be impressed if they grew a body off a severed finger. A lot of praying though, if only god didn’t have ADD, think of what could be accomplished.

  • Brian Worley

    To quote the internet, “Pics or it didn’t happen.”

  • Cheron22

    If you pray real hard a church might just spring outof the ground for you…. just don’t get interrupted until you can at least open the front door.

  • Pascale Laviolette

    “Pod off!”  I like it.  Like – go get back in your pod, you pea-brain.

  • Piet Puk

    Is it an African swallow or a European swallow?

  • OverlappingMagisteria

     The leg-growing trick works by slipping the heel of one shoe off a bit to make it seem longer, then slowly slipping it back onto the foot to make the other leg seem to “grow” by comparison. Pretty basic, but with the proper hype and showmanship, it an be convincing.

  • Artor

    A friend of mine had a D&D character obliterated by a Titan. All they could find was one finger wearing a Ring of Regeneration. They carried it around in a backpack until the character regrew. My story is totally as real as the Xtian’s stories.

  • Piet Puk

    *Shit, got my classics mixed up.

  • http://www.holytape.etsy.com Holytape

    I swear to God, witchcraft is real and Catherine Zeta Jones is a witch.  I was watching The Mask of Zorro, and I could feel myself turning me into a newt.  I was this close, to having breathable skin.  But then she got distracted, or I stopped watching the movie…. Anyways, she’s a witch.

  • DougI

    I think my middle finger got longer listening to this guy.

  • Jim_Lahey

    Wow. I was almost converted there. But alas I was interrupted!

  • onamission5

    I think you missed the part where I said the boy’s leg obviously didn’t grow, but all the adults told him it did because they were convinced of their jesus miracle power. No smoke or mirrors or trickery that time around just wishful thinking.

  • RobMcCune

    I know, he had the parting the Red Sea project going on but he never got around to shoring up the foundation. The whole thing collapsed and killed a lot people, now his story is he meant to do that.

  • pagansister

    Well, I certainly will know who to call next time I cut my finger off!   Oh! that’s right, I’ve never cut off my finger BUT if I do—-
    What a bunch of bull hockey!    It was “interrupted”?      Did God get another call that he had to attend to right away or something?  Some folks will believe anything—-

  • Mark W.

     Well, you wouldn’t want to waste all that prime prayer in one place.  What if a disaster happened or worse yet, your favorite football team was about to lose, then you wouldn’t have any prayer left so god could throw the game winning touchdown pass, (through the body of the QB of course).

  • JohnnieCanuck

    That’s weird. I had a dream recently where the tip of one of my fingers was missing and now this comes up. We had had a dinner time conversation (o.O) on the subject of construction workers we have known.

    Now when I look at my hands I can’t even tell which one was gone, so it must have grown back. It’s a Miracle! Well, just as much as any of the other claims ever made for one.

    It’s kind of cute, how naïve he is in thinking that he will be believed. I remember telling a few whoopers that the adults must have been giving each other knowing glances over at the time.

    It’s a bit late for him to grow out of at this stage, though.

  • Fargofan

    Quick, someone tell Marshall Brain of “Why Won’t God Heal Amputees?” I’m sure he’ll convert immediately.

  • nakedanthropologist

    Lots and lots of people have limbs that “grow back” – it’s a matter of where they grip it!

  • Agnostic

    Maybe he did, in one of the other many universes. You just couldn’t see.

  • Robster

    So…God seems to be something of a slacker: never quite finishing what he starts…Has he ever started anything detectible? Has god done anything, ever?  The god fantasy is a dismal failure.

  • NickDB

     Laden or unladen?

  • NickDB

    Glad you got better :)

  • http://profiles.google.com/marc.k.mielke Marc Mielke

    Either very kind of the DM or the character was someone indispensable (girlfriend, BFF, guy with the car). I’ve had to do that for players whose only merit was driving the guy who WAS a good player home with him.