Ken Ham Challenges Bill Nye to a Debate

Bill Nye made a video advocating for evolution.

The Creation Museum made videos responding to Nye… and now Ken Ham is throwing down an imaginary gauntlet:

Ken Ham doesn’t want to hear your evidence.

… Dr. [Georgia] Purdom stated to the Christian Post, [an evolution-creation debate] “could be held at a public university, using an impartial moderator. I would think that someone as polished and charismatic as Mr. Nye would relish the opportunity to debate a creationist. In addition, since Nye will soon be hosting a new science program, I would think he would like to see the publicity generated by his participation in a major public debate.”

First of all, Nye doesn’t need the publicity. He’ll be able to go on plenty of talk shows and radio shows to promote his new program.

Second, doing this debate would be a waste of Nye’s time. These debates don’t settle the truth of evolution — the evidence does. Obviously, the Creation Museum has none of that, so they feed off of publicity. Of course Ham wants this debate. It doesn’t matter that his side will lose it. He’s just going to spin it by saying evolution and Creationism are locked in some sort of debate, period, which is why the debate was necessary. Therefore, let’s get Creationism back into the schools.

There’s no need for a debate, because there’s no credible challenge to evolution. Rest assured that all the “controversies” in the scientific world have nothing to do with Creationism.

We don’t have debates between astronomy and astrology.

We don’t have debates between chemistry and alchemy.

And we shouldn’t have debates between evolution and Creationism.

They’re not in the same realm of reality.

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