A Celebration of McCollum v. Board of Education

The landmark Supreme Court case McCollum v. Board of Education — which put a stop to religious education in public school — originated at a school district in Champaign, Illinois.

In honor of the 65th anniversary of that decision, the Illini Secular Student Alliance will be hosting a screening this Thursday night of
The Lord Is Not On Trial Here Today, an award-winning documentary about the case written and directed by University of Illinois Professor Jay Rosenstein.

More information is here. If you’re in the area, considering attending!

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  • Mike

    This is a nice documentary — Vashti McCollum seems like a real firecracker.

    After watching the documentary, I was surprised to recognize the McCollum house. It’s a block away from where I lived during my time in Champaign! I wish I knew at the time, so I could have appreciated its significance!

  • Barbara

    What a incredibly gutsy woman. I will be forever grateful for the strength it took her to accomplish what she did.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/A37GL7VKR3W6ACSIZPH7EID3LI rlrose63

    Wow… I had no idea this case originated in Champaign!  The shots of the newspaper clippings with the “loving words” of Christians is very sad, especially considering it has not changed in the intervening years.

  • Indio22

    I admit to being math challenged.  But if the case was decided in 1948, would not the 65th anniversary of the decision be next year: 2013?  I am using Wikipedia for this info, but seems like the case was decided on March 8th?  So the 65th anniversary screening is actually occuring one year early, and not on the actual anniversary date?

  • http://twitter.com/SubtleSprout Nora

    just bought this! so excited to watch an uplifting secular documentary!