Care to Design a Cover for My Audio Book…?

I mentioned before that the audio book version of I Sold My Soul on eBay will soon be coming out. Because it’s being released by a different publisher (Pitchstone Publishing) than the one that put out the book (Waterbrook Press), we can’t use the same cover:

That’s why I’m asking readers for help. I have two options: Let Pitchstone create their own cover… or ask my readers if any of them would like to design it.

I’d love to go with option two if any of you are interested.

For the winner, I’ll offer a free copy of the finished audio book along with a collection of books by some of Pitchstone’s other atheist authors. I’ll also promote your skills/business in a post on this site.

For the three runners-up, you can select your choice of book from Pitchstone’s collection. I’ll also post your images on this site with credit/links.

If you’re still interested, here are the design specs:

  • Images must contain both the full title I Sold My Soul on eBay: Viewing Faith through an Atheist’s Eyes (the colon is not necessary as long as the title and subtitle are treated distinctly) and the name Hemant Mehta.
  • Images must be square and no smaller than 1200 X 1200 pixels in size.
  • The resolution of these images must be 300 dpi.
  • Images must be RGB, not CMYK.
  • Images should be saved as JPEGs.
  • Images should not contain any copyrighted material to which designer does not have rights.
  • Obviously, you would have to sign paperwork giving us the rights to the image if we select it for the audio book.

I would need the finished design by September 22nd. You can send your designs to me via email.

Thanks in advance!

About Hemant Mehta

Hemant Mehta is the editor of Friendly Atheist, appears on the Atheist Voice channel on YouTube, and co-hosts the uniquely-named Friendly Atheist Podcast. You can read much more about him here.

  • StarStuff

    I have a buddy over in graphic arts.  I shall ask him.

  • Jigsawtooth

    Would love to! I will be sending something your way soon!! :)

  • guest

    Am really interested! Can the new design include any / all of the elements above (clouds, halo, wings) or does it need to be completely different? Please advise. Thank you

  • Hemant Mehta

    Either/or! If you think your design works better with or without those elements, we’re fine with it either way :) Thanks for asking!

  • Mehman

    JPEG? That’s disgusting!

  • guest

    thank you

  • Stephen Pollei

     He did say “should” not must. I’d likely say it must be a open-standard graphics file format. Either jpeg, png, svg, ppm, webp, pdf, etc etc . Even possible for something like gimp’s xcf to be acceptable. What would you suggest??

  • Heidi McClure

    Would be interesting to see some of the runners up after you choose a winner. :-)

  • Drew M.

    If I had a single artistic bone in my body, I’d be all over this. What I would love to see is offers of help from the graphic artists here who gripe about ugly billboard design.

  • Drew M.

    I’m genuinely ignorant of why. Care to shed some light? My best guess is that it’s raster instead of vector and won’t scale well.

  • MariaO

    It is a strange but commen misconception that “image resolution” is measured by pixel size or dpi. The correct defintion is that the resolution in an image is the shortest distance between two dot sources were it is still possible to distinguish that there are two dots.

    Think like this: Converting a 10×10 pixel image to 1000×1000 does not make anything more “resolved” – you only add informationless pixels.*

    The same is true for cameras – especially cell phone cameras. The light sensitive chip is generally of higher quality than the optics, so the X megapixel advertisment is lying. Projecting a blurry image on the chip will produce a blurry image and the actual resolution is much lower than the promised one.  Be warned!

    *You can use filtering that exploit the deficiencies of the human eye to make the big picture look less blocky than the small one, but you have not added any information. Just data.