Pat Robertson Longs for the Good Ol’ Days of Wife-Beating

Pat Robertson is still the worst, everyone!

Today, on the 700 Club, he was giving out his sterling advice to a man with marital problems:

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My wife has become a real problem.  She has no respect for me as the head of the house.  She insults me and she even went as far as stretching her hand to beat me.  I’ve lost my self confidence.  Her words hurt so much and she refuses to talk through our problems.  Please tell me what I can do. — Michael

Sounds like this guy has legitimate issues with his marriage.  If he has a wife that is degrading and verbally abusing him, they need to talk to a counselor.  These are real life issues that need to be handled delicately.

Don’t worry, guys.  Pat’s got this one.

Well, you could become a Muslim and you could beat her.

Nailed it.

This man’s gotta stand up to her, and he can’t let her get away with this stuff.  And… I don’t know … I don’t think we condone wife-beating these days, but something’s gotta be done… She’s rebellious and chances are she was rebellious with her father and mother, she’s a rebellious child and she doesn’t want to submit to any authority.  And she probably had temper tantrums when she was a kid… you know the little girl, “I hate you, I hate you!” and she wants to slap her father?  Well that’s the same kinda thing; she’s just transferred the father… she might… I hate to say everything’s gotta be some psychological counseling… But that’s the problem. She does not understand authority.  When she was growing up nobody made her behave.  And now you’ve got a 13-year-old in a 30-year-old woman’s body and she is acting like a child.  Now, what do you do with that?  You can’t divorce her, according to the scripture. So I say, move to Saudi Arabia.

Yup.  Divorce is eeeeeeevil, so just go ahead and beat some sense into your immature child-wife.

Side note: I used to work with horses on a ranch in Montana.  We had this huge, massive horse named Hobbs, who was sweet as a puppy. But he was never taught manners by his previous owners, so he wasn’t respectful of a person’s personal space… which can be dangerous in a one-ton animal.  At some point, I channeled my inner-Robertson and said something along the lines of, “[He] does not understand authority.  When [he] was growing up nobody made [him] behave.  And now you have a [foal] in a [1,800 pound horse]‘s body and [he] is acting like a [puppy].”

Here’s the thing.  I spoke with more respect about that horse than Robertson does about a human adult.  And I never, ever hit or suggested hitting him.  Because there are other methods to make horses understand you.  AND THEY DON’T EVEN FREAKING SPEAK ENGLISH.

Oh, the infantilization.  The utter lack of respect.  The terrible, terrible non-advice.

I hope no one is fooled for a single second that Robertson doesn’t think that beating a woman for “misbehaving” is fine, if not slightly out of fashion.

Keep it coming, Robertson, you crazy old dingbat.  You keep talking and hopefully people will start waking up to the fact that the religion you are preaching is misogynistic, violent, and hateful.

(Via Right Wing Watch)

About Jessica Bluemke

Jessica Bluemke grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and graduated from Ball State University in 2008 with a BA in Literature. She currently works as a writer and resides on the North side of Chicago.

  • Troy Truchon

    Why is her husband ipso-facto an authority figure? She’s not disrespectful of an authority figure, she’s having a jape at an equal. If you want a pet go buy one, if you want a wife act like a man and lose the daddy fetish. 

    • Glasofruix

      Yep, was going to ask the exact same thing.

    • Karen L

       Yes, this is what jumped out at me.  Setting aside the domestic violence issue, the whole point seemed to be about the woman not ‘respecting authority’.  Her husband doesn’t have authority over her!

      If she offers violence, or is verbally abusive, and won’t consider marriage counseling, then the husband should probably leave.  Or at least attend counseling on his own.

      • Kevin_Of_Bangor

        @1f2c11ffcae3ff5661a027d4a68d08ac:disqus wrote: Her husband doesn’t have authority over her!

        Buttttttt the bible says so….

        • guest

          It also says disobedient children should be killed, and slavery and the wholesale murder of rival-tribe children and infants are divinely ordained.  We’ll get right on that, shall we?  Thank FSM I’m not married to a man who think he has “authority” over me – he’d have spent the last 28 years sleeping on the couch if he did!

          (BTW, Kevin, nice snark!)

      • Isilzha

        Though I try to take advice column letters at face value, I do have a problem with believing a man, writing to Pat Robertson for advice, who thinks he should have authority over his wife.  In that case his perception about insults and “stretching a hand to beat me”, are likely VERY skewed.  He likely sees any defiance from her, or even defending herself, as insults and abuse.

        • FairisFair

          How do you KNOW this. You do not. You are projecting in a very dangerous way. This. THIS is the problem with feminism. All too often all it takes is a skewed world view and then BAM – the man is guilty.

          You would make a terrific DA in Los Angeles. Fuck proof, all you need is your thoughts and you make guilty people. Nice way to live.

          • 3lemenope

            Huh? Isilzha said “likely”, not “definitely”. And the truly unfortunate part for your point is that Isilzha is probably right about his/her assumption; a person who believes they naturally should have authority over another is likely to interpret any rebellion from that person as threatening.

            And what does any of that have to do with feminism?

          • julie

            If he had said nothing about his authority, I would be more willing to believe him. Obviously they have major problems, but with *any* letter asking for advice about relationships, you have to consider that there might be another side to the story. I do that all the time when I see advice letters.
            If the wife is really doing what he says she’s doing, then yes, that’s horrible. However, he says she doesn’t respect his authority as the head of the house…What authority? What gives him the right to be in charge? If I had a husband who had control issues, you can bet I wouldn’t “behave” either. And any husband with control issues is likely to see any independent action as disrespectful and rebellious.

          • Artor

            Seriously? The projection oozing from Robertson’s sleazy words was the main thing I noticed. He heard “disobedient wife,” and spun this whole fact-free narrative about how she has daddy issues & problems with authority. And you have a problem with Isilzha’s analysis? 
            Please accept my invitation to fuck right off, troll.

            • FairisFair

              And people wonder why we atheists are so disliked. No one, it seems, in this “free thinker” group can actually think critically or see anything but their own misguided perceptions, biases and anger. 

              • Artor

                Oh, please enlighten us ignorant atheists. Share some of your brilliant MRA insight please & show us the way to truth.

                Or just fuck off, troll.

          • John of Indiana

             Oh, wow! A real-life “Men’s Rights Asshole”. I’ve heard you guys troll these blogs, but you’re the first one I’ve ever seen.
            Hold still, I want to take this ALL in…

            • FairisFair

              So men shouldn’t have rights? If that is what you feel and believ then you are the problem. And at no point did I say anything of the sort. I only asked some questions; questions that it seems, no “free thinker” here is wont to answer. Why is that?

              • Coyotenose

                So how many times do you have to get caught lying about what other people have written before you catch on that everyone here can see right through you, Bubbeleh?

              • RobMcCune

                Because your using strawman arguments, hyperbolic rhetoric, and generally being a troll.

              • Holytape

                Uh, no.  I think it’s the word you should be focusing on is the last word, “asshole.”  No one is demanding an end to men’s rights.  John is just point out that you are an asshole, a very particular kind of asshole.   So that is one more kind of asshole that he can check off his life list.  (Although I must admit, an MRA asshole is like a Canada goose.   They’re not that hard to find, and they leave an awful mess behind.)  

            • wmdkitty

              My inner 13-year-old is dying at “take this ALL in”.

        • Coyotenose

           Note also that all “seeking advice” letters are trimmed for clarity and pithiness. The intersection of that and the fundamentalist habit of quote mining reads as “Pat’s editors crossed out the parts that they thought made the writer look bad and he STILL came across like that.”

          • Guest.

             Um, it’s not fair to suggest the problem here is the man only.  Based on what we have, they need secular licensed couples counseling.  We’re so short of facts and the likelyhood that the letter is a fabrication from the 700 Club producers makes it very hard to say only the man is being problematic. 

             Pat’s answer to just beat her (he used more words, that’s about the message i get) is cringeworth and chilling.  There must be at least 1 man watching that show who will take Pat’s go ahead and start the physical abuse (or one woman who will think it’s ok she’s geting hit and not seek help).

            • Coyotenose

               I’m not intending to suggest that the husband alone is at fault. Rather, the way these letters are treated, combined with the habit that people like Pat have of misrepresenting things, suggests that they edited out parts of the letter that are creepier than what made the cut.

              That is of course assuming the letter is legit. I understand that it could easily be fake, but discussing that is practically a whole other thread of “What’s wrong with these people?”

      • 1fedupman

        Yes Karen the husband does have authority over his wife, when u become his wife u are supposed to humble yourself to your husband.
        Not back talk him every chance u get
        Let him lead his family, be his companion not his dictator, that is why
        U always hear this guy it that guy put his hands on his wife because usually
        A women doesn’t know when to shut up and just keeps pushing buttons well if women were more humble, understood the natural order of things
        They probably would have men that wanted to be with them

        • wmdkitty

          Fuck. You.

          The ONLY one with ANY authority over me is ME.

    • jdm8

      Complementarianism in evangelical and fundamental circles generally holds that the man is the head of the household and the wife is submissive. It’s dangerous as it tends towards psychological and even physical abuse.

    • ReadsInTrees

      WE can ask why man is the authority….but obviously we know that Pat is looking at this in a Biblical viewpoint. At that point, it’s hard to know where to start critiquing. 

  • Richard Wade

    Robertson’s cage handler sitting next to him keeps desperately trying to diffuse and redirect his idiotic, misogynistic babbling, but she’s only successful for a few seconds before he goes right back to his primate dominance display, leaping, swinging, screeching, and throwing feces all over the habitat.  What a job.

    Meanwhile, the State Department is reporting a spike in the number of requests for visas to Saudi Arabia.

    • FairisFair

      So, Richard, I guess you miss the part where it is alleged the woman made threatening motions or violent gestures to the man. You are a former marriage counselor? SO, in your profession then, it is okay for a woman to abuse a man, but not vice versa?


      • RobMcCune

        He seems to be addressing Robertson being a moron, and not the content of the letter. This woman threatening her husband doesn’t justify domestic abuse in retaliation, or a misogynistic system like Saudi Arabia’s. Robertson didn’t mention the guy being threatened or abused either, he mostly viewed it as a challenge to the man’s authority, so it is Pat, and not Richard who trivialized domestic violence.

      • Baby_Raptor

        For one, he never says she actually hit him. He says she “made motions.” If she was going to hit him, she would have. (Note: I’m not advocating using the threat of violence as a communication tool. I’m just saying that she didn’t actually slap him.) Does she need better communication skills? Yeah. So does he. But your screams of abuse are a bit far-fetched here.

        Also, we only have this man’s side of the story. How do we know that he doesn’t abuse her? How do we know that she wasn’t fearing for her life for some reason, and that’s why her reactions leaned violent? People have a tendency to paint themselves in the best light when reporting events, especially when their real actions would get them shit. We don’t know the whole story, so it’s really not wise to be judging.

        Edited for not awake yet typos.

        • FairisFair

          No worries on the typos! Since you had a well thought out and well stated post, go down to my response just a few below because I think it is rather apropos for your response.

      • Coyotenose

         You are making up opinions and attributing them to Richard.

        LYING SLIME.

        • FairisFair

          Yes, well reasoned, and not a hint of stupidity in that little gem. You are the belle of the ball. No finishing school is needed for you, you delicious dish of manners, grace and svelte beauty….

          • Patterrssonn

            What a fucking moronic turd you are.

            • FairisFair

              Just incredibly well said. No emotion or lack of actual thought in that little gem, but then, this is the best we have come to expect from you. I look forward to your next expletive and vowel with great anticipation.

              • Patterrssonn

                We? Does that mean MRA’s talk about me? I am incredibly flatterered.

                • phantomreader42

                   I think it’s just that Fairis Fair is one of those sockpuppeting trolls with many names, all of which are lies, and it’s so totally batshit crazy that it’s started to believe its own lies, so it’s treating the voices in its head as if they were separate people. 

                • Patterrssonn

                  Likely you’re right, I think this one used to go by Panty Sniffer.

          • Coyotenose

             And now you’re just actively trolling, dimwit. Enjoy the consequences.

        • phantomreader42

          But how could he POSSIBLY defend Pat Robertson without constant, shameless lying?  What other tactic is available to him? His whole reason for being here makes it impossible that he could be anything but a lying sack of shit.  Calling him “slime” is an insult to slime. 

          • FairisFair

            Where did I defend Pat Robertson? How can you possibly arrive at that? 

            What, asking questions based on evidence at hand makes me a defender of Pat Robertson?

            Come on man, use your brain.

            • TheBlackCat

               Yeah, you are just asking questions.  And using strawman arguments.  And calling people “gutters cunts” and threatening lawsuits.  How could anyone doubt your sincerity?

            • phantomreader42

              You’re JAQing off and babbling incoherent nonsense in a desperate attempt to derail any suggestion that it might be a bad thing to beat a woman on the advice of one of the dumbest people who has ever lived.  Either you’re defending the moron, or you’re so hopelessly disconnected from the reality of the discussion that you might as well just be making gurgling noises.  Of course, gurgling noises would probably be appropriate from a lying sack of shit.  

      • Artor

        Considering the source, it is doubtful that things happened as described. You will not find anyone here defending domestic violence in any form, so stop trying. However, if a woman is subjected to verbal abuse and violence herself, it is fully within her rights to defend herself by words & actions. If that means insulting her husband or raising a hand in defense, so be it. Going only from the clip presented, we don’t have the full story, so it’s pointless to speculate. But we do know that Pat Robertson is a misogynist lying rat-bastard, and anyone who asks him for relationship advice is highly suspect, so I for one think that Mr. Abused Husband is full of shit, and so are you.

      • Holytape

        Look.  If Robertson told the man, that they needed to go to counselling right away, or if Robertson told the man to leave and get a divorce, none of us would be saying jack.  But Robertson implied that the woman needed to be taught a lesson.  He implied that the man should beat her.   Pat also implied that it was okay for any husband to  beat his wife.  He implied that all women should be totally submissive, and that any rebellious women are the result of not having been beaten as a kid.  

  • Fargofan

    I’m amazed that he thinks he can comment on the woman’s entire life – including her behavior from early childhood all the way to adulthood. Really, he can glean that much from one short email?

     I feel sorry for his female cohost. That kind of “tongue-in-cheek” misogyny is toxic.

    • The Other Weirdo

       I used to have a Catholic girlfriend, over a decade ago, whose Aunt thought her parents didn’t rear her properly(as though she were a horse or a dog) because she was independently-minded enough to not only date a non-Christian like me, but also date at all without permission. She was 25.

  • Rsersen

    The “Shit Pat Robertson Says” column has become a highlight of my week. I hope he lives forever.

  • Peter Eakin

    The asshole husband probably has it coming.

    • FairisFair

      And let’s witch that around and see how it sounds:

      Well, that bitch probably had it coming.

      Doesn’t sound so great does it? So why is it okay to say that about the “asshole husband” that you nothing about?


      • FairisFair

        *switch, not witch! Typo…..

      • Artor

        This is the single point you have made on this page I agree with. Everything else you say is garbage.

    • Coyotenose

       Seriously? The MRA guy making up things about people has to explain what’s wrong with that statement? Jesus.

      • FairisFair

        You are one angry lil’ sumbitch. Why the anger? Who hurt you? Not one post you have made here has been anything but name calling. Why don’t you actually take the time to read my posts, think about them, and then make some reasoned argument. Because, if you look, I actually make a very valid and well thought out point. But all you want to see is your biased and skewed world-view.

        Also, you have a bug up your ass on MRA. What? Men don’t have rights? What, men shouldn’t have rights? What? Men should not speak up for their rights? Which is it? Because any of them you pick shows you to be …..wait for it….a HYPOCRITE. Which is not name calling like you do, it is illustrating your behavior that is in fact HYPOCRITICAL.

        • amycas

           I don’t know if you notice, but in this particular instance, it seems Coyotenose was agreeing with you on the “he had it coming” statement.

          • Artor

            FairisFair is off on a trolling rant. He obviously has a problem with factual information and reading comprehension. It’s no big surprise that he’s accidentally being an asshole, since that’s what he’s deliberately doing too.

        • Coyotenose

           So how many times do you have to be caught lying about what other people have written before you realize that you won’t get away with it, dipshit?

          • FUCKYOUCUNT

            Hey cunt, you have no fucking evidence of any lies and you are fucking off fucking base. You call me a liar again and we are going to have a serious fucking problem. You have that cunt?

            I am fed up with your scummy and horrific behavior. I have tried offering an olive branch. I have tried being matter of fact. But you and patterrsoonnn are nothing but evil screaming fucking gutter cunts. You EVER call me a liar again I will fucking find out who you are and sue you for fucking libel.

            Fucking CUNT.

            • TheBlackCat

               Thank you for showing to everyone you true colors.  Now we know exactly where you really stand.

            • Deven Kale

               Thank you, fairisfair, for showing your true colors. It’s quite obvious from your liberal use of the word “cunt” as an insult, especially this gem, “fucking gutter cunts” that misandry isn’t really the problem here, but your own misogyny. You haven’t offered an olive branch at all, you’ve just changed your words to something less flowery. That is, until now.

              I think we can all now tell that you’re not really worth our time. I’ll still be taking the time out of my day to counter-troll you with facts and laughter, because trollhunting is one of my favorite hobbies. I don’t think anybody else is going to take you seriously anymore either though. In your case, it’s abundantly clear that MRA truly does mean “Mens Rights Asshole.” Thank you for clearing that up for us.

            • phantomreader42

              You are a lying sack of shit.  That’s all you’ve ever been, and all you will ever be.  Fuck off, you worthless bag of rotting excrement.  

            • The Other Weirdo

               Let me see if I’ve got this straight. Your plan is to sue a disposable Interwebz moniker for libeling another disposable Interwebz moniker? Yeah, I can see that going over well with the court.

    • Isilzha

      I’d guess this woman had the audacity to defend herself from whatever the husband was dishing out.

      How DARE she try and prevent me from wielding my authority and righteous discipline over her!

      • FairisFair

        How do you know he was abusing her? How do you know this? You do not. Based ONLY on what is reported here we know ONLY that the woman has allegedly raised a threatening hand and verbally abused HIM.

        We do not know he has done the same to her. You want to believe he has, and it may well be that he has, but based only on what is reported we know the woman has been the aggressor. 

        • grindstone

          Okay, I’ll bite. You’re right. Happy now? Assuming that the wife has been both degrading and physical towards the husband, this is some major league dysfunction and she needs to a, stop and b, get counseling. We have only the husband’s side of this story, but let’s assume in this paragraph that it’s a true account. Abuse from either partner is unacceptable.

          Now, paragraph two. This husband sought out advice from Pat Crazypants Robertson. He used language such as “went as far as stretching her hand to beat me”, which does not equal physical abuse quite yet, but the threat thereof. The flowery language makes one think he might be exaggerating just a wee bit, no? The husband is most likely a seriously conservative Xtian and looking for advice on his wayward wife. It is not a stretch to think he has skewed the story to his benefit. You admit that’s possible?

          Three, and we get to the real point of this post: the advice received is horrendously bad. Condescending, inflammatory, negative, and all aimed at the wife, who is described solely as a bad CHILD, not as a grown woman or equal. When you in your arguments rail against feminism, you miss the point that is central to the post: women are not respected as full equal human beings in this environment. Until that happens, or you at least recognize the issue, your talking about men’s issues, while possibly valid, AGAIN negate our participation in society.

          • FairisFair

            grindstone said “Now, paragraph two. This husband sought out advice from Pat Crazypants Robertson. He used language such as “went as far as stretching her hand to beat me”, which does not equal physical abuse quite yet, but the threat thereof. The flowery language makes one think he might be exaggerating just a wee bit, no? The husband is most likely a seriously conservative Xtian and looking for advice on his wayward wife. It is not a stretch to think he has skewed the story to his benefit. You admit that’s possible?”

            Well of course I admit it is possible; not only is it possible, it is the most likely scenario, but you have to admit that we are PROJECTING our own biases into this. And we, if we are going to be true “free thinkers” need to begin to disassociated ourselves from such behavior.

            I know I am as guilty of it as anyone, but lately I have been seeing a very dangerous trend in this atheist/secular/free thinker world where logic, investigation and actual critical thinking is being pushed to the showers only to be replaced with dangerous knee-jerk oppression.

            Hell, I have been guilty of being a smarmy prick and such and I am trying to stop that and actually try and resolve issues without the malice and anger. This is a clear cut case where it seems we cannot even have a conversation without the vile and venom.

            Yes, Robertson is batshit insane, no rational person would say otherwise, but if we are going to be HONEST, I mean HARD HARD Honest, we have to at least start to push away our biases and actually see things critically.

            If I offended you I apologize and it was not my intent. I am trying to be as accurate and clear as possible, and we need to be able to actually talk about things without the venom.

            • grindstone

              Groovy, we have common ground.  Now, do you want to know why the vitriol came at you?  This is your first post on this thread:

              How do you KNOW this. You do not. You are projecting in a very dangerous way. This. THIS is the problem with feminism. All too often all it takes is a skewed world view and then BAM – the man is guilty.

              Had you stopped at saying “don’t project”, it might not have devolved.  But you attacked feminism on a thread dealing with a jackass who casually bemoaned the days when you could just beat the snot out of your uppity wife.  Where he invoked dreaded and feared  Islam only because it would be a-ok to smack her around if the husband was Muslim (in Pat’s mind).  So stop that, would ya?  Acknowledge that there isn’t a level playing field.  Then we might acknowledge that buried in the cesspool of the mens rights movement are actual issues of fairness that need to be addressed.  But when you yell “what about the men?!” right after Pat basically treats a grown woman as a willful bratty child, it’s offputting.  Capisce?

              • FairisFair

                well, no, because here is your statement - 

                “Then we might acknowledge that buried in the cesspool of the mens rights movement are actual issues of fairness that need to be addressed”

                How are men’s rights relegated to being a “cesspool”? How is that a healthy attitude? That is as much as if not more bigoted than anything I have said. 

                And no, I have asked questions and made observations – if people do not like the tone, so be it – I will do better with tone, but the content has yet to be addressed with anything but vitriol, spittle and bigotry. This misandryst bullshit has to stop. Frankly, it is chilling and telling. It illstrates that equality is not the end game here, rather it is to smear and push men into “cesspools”. I for one will not allow that to happen.

                • TheBlackCat

                   Again, you missed that “cesspool” refers to the “mens rights movement”, not “mens rights”.   This is why people are accusing you of lying.  You are attacking people for being against mens’ rights when they are really against people who use mens’ rights as an excuse for misogynist behavior. 

                  If you had done this once or twice maybe people could excuse it as an honest mistake, but you do this consistently, which is making it hard for anyone to conclude you are being anything other than intentionally dishonest.

                • phantomreader42

                   The reason people are accusing Fairis Fair of lying is because Fairis Fair is a lying sack of shit, nothing more. 

        • Deven Kale

           What you fail to understand is that there is much more information available to us than just what is written in this mans e-mail. We also have statistics to consider, and statistically it’s the man who’s abusive, to an astounding degree, and that’s just in the general population. Add to this the likely far-right values of any man who would ask Pat Robertson for advice and the statistics are even worse. Then, to add on top of that, you have the wording of the e-mail where he states that his wife “has no respect for [him] as the head of the house,” which implies his belief that he should have authority over her.

          With all of these considerations, it seems fairly logical to me to assume that he’s simply painting himself as the victim when it’s far more likely that it’s the woman reacting to his overbearing, and quite possible (although admittedly not definite) violent manner. I will admit that there is a possibility that things truly are as he says and he really is the victim but to me that seems like a very unlikely scenario. Based on the other comments in this thread, it seems I’m not alone in that belief either.

          And lastly, the main thing you’re overlooking is that this post and subsequent comment thread are primarily about Robertson’s terrible advice about taking a bad situation such as a woman raising her hand to a man, to a worse situation in which they move to a place where wife-beating is not only legal, but encouraged so the man can “put her in her place.”

      • FairisFair

        Again, how do you know the man was doing this? You do not. In FACT, as reported we have only a set of statements showing the woman/wife was the one who used abusive language (and an alleged pattern of it) as well as raising a violent and threatening hand to the man. SO how do you go from that, which is all we have, to the man is wrong?

  • Peter Eakin

    “…crazy old dingbat.” 

    • John Purcell

       Archie? Is that you?

  • Aguz

    Domestic violence is a serious problem but MORE violence isn’t the solution. Either they need therapy or depending of the situation more drastic measures. 
    The fact that is female to male doesn’t make it any less disturbing, but that awful advice can only end in a worse situation. 

  • RobMcCune

    Alright, honestly is anybody actually asking this guy for advice anymore? Most of his RW Watch videos are the shittiest of his shitty advice, I honestly think people just write this guy letters in hopes he’ll say something stupid/crazy/awful.

  • FairisFair

    Wait. If it is true the female made violent motions toward the man, that is domestic abuse in most states. Why is there no outcry here? 

    Around here, if a man clears his throat the wrong way the feminists are ready to castrate or call for his head/arrest/job/money etc. Yet, here is a case of a woman making violent and threatening motions to the man and no outcry? HYPOCRISY.

    Yes, Pat Robertson is a raging jackhole and how anyone actually takes this guy seriously is worrisome and horrid. But let’s have some consistency. If feminists want to have women in combat in the military; zero tolerance on any verbal, mental or physical abuse (a la A+) and otherwise, well, that doors swings both ways. If this woman really did make threatening motions to this man, she needs to be arrested for domestic abuse.

    • Glasofruix

      We only have one side of the story here, for all we know the guy IS actually asking an advice from Pat the crazy, i can kind of understand why his wife wants to hit him.

      • FairisFair

        Again, switch that sentiment around. Let’s just assume the wife is being a nasty, verbally abusive harpy. Go up a little on this post and the one poster says that the man needs to leave if this is the case, yet, what would happen if we instead say “I can understand why the man wants to hit her”. 

        This door swings both ways, and the general consensus among the feminist community is they want equality. So, I posit, if we have these reactions of “the husband has a good punch coming” and we do not cry out, why is it not okay to say “the wife has it coming”?

        I am not advocating any sort of domestic violence, but I want to to see some consistency and equity here. I mean, if we are going to start allowing women in combat roles and other life threatening situations then we must allow that women are equals. Therefore, we must stop having the knee-jerk reaction that any hufflepuff said against a woman means we all must circle the wagons against the big evil man and we must stop saying then (sometimes implicitly sometimes indirectly) that “the man deserves a good smack”.

        Not cool.

        Also, in many states, just a threat of violence such as a raised hand or pointed verbage is enough to land the man in jail under domestic abuse laws but these same laws rarely (not never, but very rarely) are used against women. Again, here we have a situation that is not equal, not even “separate but equal”. What we have a series of laws that are used against men only. That is not equality ladies.

        And yes, Robertson is a raging idiot and I don’t want to see any sort of domestic abuse; man/man, woman/woman, woman/man, man/woman – but we do need to start building true equity if indeed that is the real, not hidden goal.

        • Isilzha

          Wow, you REALLY hate women and from your posts it’s apparent you don’t even see women as people, but some strange creature that is out to make your life difficult instead.

          • FairisFair

            How do you get THAT form my post? Seriously. I am advocating true equality. TRUE equality, isn’t that what you want? If you do, then this is what it looks like. If not, then you do not want equality, you want to have special rules. That is NOT equality. SO you do not get to have it both ways.

            • 3lemenope

              Writing “true” in ALL CAPS does not make it any more so.

              • FairisFair

                Oh for fuck’s sake. That is all you have to offer? Come on. If you want to contribute, give it more than mere fluff.

                My point is nothing but true and valid and that is why you have chosen to shy away from it and instead try and distract. 

                • 3lemenope

                  Oh for fuck’s sake. 

                  Weren’t you just chiding someone else upthread for being crude?

                  That is all you have to offer?

                  I’ve commented elsewhere.

                  If you want to contribute, give it more than mere fluff.

                  My purpose is not to be your dancing monkey. 

                  My point is nothing but true and valid…

                  Any self-respecting person would claim that about what they said, regardless of whether it was actually true. My point is, quite simply, you claiming what you say is true does not make it so, and you claiming with ALL CAPS emphasis just attracts attention to the fact that the claim is being heavily relying upon in your rhetorical approach, hilariously backfiring on what I assume your intent was, which is to get us to accept your claim that yours is truly true equality and all of ours are pale imitations thereof.

      • phantomreader42

         Anyone who would take advice from Pat Robertson would have to be a complete lunatic.  And Pat is known to be a pathological liar, so it’s likely he just made this up out of whole cloth because he felt like encouraging domestic violence.  Either way, there’s no reason for any sane person to take the story at face value. 

    • Coyotenose

       We aren’t required to change the subject to suit your MRA fetish, thanks. Apparently everyone except yourself doesn’t require group approval and reinforcement to hold the opinion that any abuse is wrong; it’s a basic premise, already understood but not relevant to the point of the thread.

      I don’t see your outcry about the other issues that have come up today. Therefore by your own logic, you are a HYPOCRITE. Go wah somewhere else.

      • FairisFair

        You fail to see anything other than your limited world view. All we get from you is spittle and angry name calling. AND, are you saying that men should not have rights? You seem to have a bug up your ass regarding your perceived “MRA” advocates, so are you saying men do not deserve rights? Seems like it. Or is it that you just don’t feel men should actually stand up and fight for their rights?

        And frankly, I could see why your ex left you. Tp use the verbage flying around this post, perhaps you had it coming to you? Is this so? Or would you say he had it coming to him? If so, justify that.

        • Coyotenose

           What are you even talking about, psycho? Is your obsession with lying about people interfering with your ability to tell posts apart?

          • FuckYou

            You are the fucking worst. You have the fucking gall to act this way and then try to call others out. You are a low life gutter cunt.

            • phantomreader42

              Go dies in a fucking fire, lying sack of shit.  No one will miss you.  

      • FairisFair

        Oh yes, absence of evidence is not evidence punkin’….think about it.

    • julie

      1) If the woman did beat the man, yes, it’s horrible. He should call the police next time he feels in danger.
      2) The main reason everyone here is a bit skeptical of the situation is that this guy immediately establishes himself as the authority of his wife. That right there is already an abusive situation. Her animosity towards him probably isn’t for nothing. It’s probably in response to having a control freak for a husband.
      3) Their marriage is not working. It doesn’t work when the husband decides he’s in charge. It doesn’t work when the wife is unhappy and retaliates at the husband. So the best advice should be marriage counseling or divorce, not “You’re wife is a child that needs to be beaten.”

      Okay? We’re not saying it’s okay for a woman to beat a man. It’s just that this man obviously has his own issues that he states himself, so it’s hard to completely trust his account of things.
      To put this in a different perspective, replace the word “wife” with friend. Sure, it’s a really bad thing if your friend is saying hurtful things towards you or trying to hit you. But it’s also a really bad thing if you think your friend isn’t respecting your authority because you have no authority over your friend. It’s pretty clear that if your friend is mad at you, it probably stems from the fact that you seem to think you can tell your friend to do whatever you want.

      • FairisFair


        THANK YOU for actually answering in a reasonable and honest fashion. That is something we need more of. I agree with almost everything you said, and if I may once more, I am saying that based ONLY on what we have in front of us, there is a hell of a lot of projection going on. ANd finally, someone recognizes the hypocrisy taking place and actually talks about the 500 pound gorilla in the room.

  • houndies

    wow! but, it’s pat robertson, so i’m not surprised.

  • Tainda

    Want advice?  Leave her ass.

    Abuse from any side is inexcusable.  I’m sure she’s one of those women that hits a man and then cries abuse when he hits her back.   Relationships like that are toxic and there is no hope if you ask me.

    • Coyotenose

      And the odds of an abuser getting better aren’t good, because their whole identity is built around it being someone else’s fault. Some get better, but having been abused, I’m not inclined to ever give them a second chance.

    • Isilzha

       I just have trouble believing there’s actual abuse going on.  It sounds as if he sees any defiance of his “authority” as an insult.   As far as “stretching her hand to beat” him, that’s ambiguous and in the context of a man who believes his wife should obey him, likely means she defended herself against HIM.

      • FairisFair

        On your edit – yes, you are absolutely correct. On both parts. BUT, you do not know that in this case the man has been abused. Let me ask you this, based ONLY on what has been reported here, if you were the first officer (cop) on this scene (saying someone called in a Domestic Abuse issue) what would you do? Who would you arrest? And remember that in almost every state now, a cop MUST make an arrest at any domestic abuse call – regardless. So I sincerely ask you, without malice, what would you do?

        • Larry Meredith

          A cop investigating a report and getting to meet face to face with both sides and listening to them, inspecting them both for signs of abuse… I’m guessing they get more important nuanced information than can be determined from a short ambiguous email.

        • Patterrssonn

          I would go with the one who doesn’t go to Pat Robertson for an excuse to abuse the other.

    • Patterrssonn

      “one of those women”? There’s more than one?

      • Coyotenose

         Yes there are. I have the misfortune to know one. It’ll be funny when she decides to get rid of her husband by crying assault or rape. Fake rape claims are disgusting and evil, but considering the years of mental and emotional spousal abuse and the child abuse that the guy got away with in his previous marriage, the blatant attempts to make his kids starving and homeless in order to hurt his ex, and the false criminal charges he made against her, her mother, his mother, and their own son, I’ll burn no calories being outraged at that miscarriage of justice.

        • The Other Weirdo

           And when someone figures it out, what then? Rape reporting stats are depressed in no small measure because women don’t want to subject themselves to a system that may, but not always does, assume that they’re lying. In your unseemly glee to stick it to a man you may be condemning other women to fear of reporting rape. A crime is a crime regardless of who the victim and perpetrator are. Corrupting the justice system is no way to fight for equality. It’s corrupt enough as it is.

          • Coyotenose

             They’ll be the ones doing the harm, but thanks for trying to pin it on me. Very noble of you in your quest for justice to blame an uninvolved party for “condemning women” to suffering.

            • The Other Weirdo

              All I did was suggest that corrupting the justice system in pursuit of so-called justice is no way to run a society. You should know this already, but I’m going to go ahead and say it anyway. If there is no protection for the criminals from false arrests, prosecutions and imprisonments, then there is no protection for the non-criminals.

              Oddly enough, 500 years ago, Christians routinely filed false charges against Jews, against Christians of different denominations, and–here’s the part you’ll really appreciate as a staunch defender of women–against women and accused them of poisoning wells, being witches and other such extravagances. Hilarity failed rather spectacularly to ensue.

              Scroll forward to just 30 years ago, and hundreds of lives were destroyed and dozens of families were ripped apart over the false accusations stemming from the Satanic Ritual Abuse accusations and subsequent trials.

              As for trying to pin it on you, you are the one dancing with glee at the thought of false assault or rape charges being filed–over what you think are good reasons–and I’m sure you know how hard assault and rape victims have it. Every false charge filed makes it that much harder for the real victims of assault and rape.

  • Andrew Hall

    Many arguments would go much smoother if both parties sat down while discussing matters. No, really, standing up engages the fight/flight response while sitting is a neutral position (just like with dogs).

    • wmdkitty

      Not to mention, if you’re ambulatory, and you’re talking to someone who is in a wheelchair, it’s only polite to come down to our eye level. It hurts the neck to always be looking up.

      But it’s true, standing over someone is… it’s a dominant position, quite aggressive, and really, really intimidating for the person being towered over.

  • John Purcell

     …she’s a rebellious child and she doesn’t want to submit to any authority.

    Hemant, you forgot to highlight the most relevant part of his solution. It’s all about submitting to authority to the god people.  I fixed it for you.

    Not to mention the  conservatives, republicans, wing-nuts, tea baggers and others of that ilk.

  • Isilzha

    I have a problem with the author of this article (jesicca) implying that a wife who doesn’t obey her husband is degrading and abusing her husband!  Just because he thinks a wife “talking back to him” is abusive, does NOT mean it is. 

    Jessica, I think you’ve missed the point!  The greater point isn’t about the “wife beating”, but the idea that a woman is somehow “rebellious” if she won’t SUBMIT to a man’s “authority” over her!

    • Glasofruix


      • wmdkitty

        what is nwm?

        • Glasofruix

           something my cat wrote when she ran on my keyboard apparently :p

    • Gus Snarp

      Yeah, all we have to go on is his letter where he says she “even raised her hand to beat him”, not that she ever beat him, she just raised her hand. One wonders how many times he hit her first, or at least was physically threatening enough to think she was about to need to defend herself. We just don’t know, and I am not about to give the benefit of the doubt to the man who opens his complaint saying his wife has become a real problem and won’t respect his authority. They certainly need professional help, and who knows, she may even actually be psychologically and potentially physically abusive. But Pat certainly doesn’t think so. He doesn’t care about abuse, or even recognize that a woman could actually be an abuser. He just thinks this guy needs to man up and knock some sense into her, because obviously the problem is that this grown woman is a “rebellious child” who needs a man to put her in her place.

      • FairisFair

        Good points Gus. 

  • C.S. Stone

    yanno.. I’m not a cruel person, but, I’m not sure I’ll be upset when Pat is gone.

  • Larry Meredith

    Dominant/submissive roles are quite fun in sexual terms… but these religious folks just pervert it by inserting it into their actual worldview. Why does something that gets them off have to rule over their humanity?

    • Nena

      But in the BDSM community we have rules, safeguards, and protection against abuse of power in D/S roles. Some couples have 24/7 lifestyle D/S relationships, but it is always by mutual choice and can be stopped at any time by either party.

      The sect of christians who believe in the dominance of the man teach women from the time they are little girls that they are to be submissive to a man. It is not their choice; it is their place. That is the main difference. 

  • John of Indiana

    It’s past time to take ol’ Pat off the TV. His dementia is getting really bad.

    One of these days, he’s gonna close his eyes and screw his face up and his co-host is going to ask “Getting a Word of Knowledge?” and Pat will say “No. I’m pooping…”.

  • KA

    Don’t worry, if it’s a legitimate beating, the body has ways of defending against it.

    • Coyotenose



    • wmdkitty

      My gods, that was BRILLIANT!

      *raises bong in salute*

  • ReadsInTrees

    “Nailed it” made me literally LOL.

  • The Other Weirdo

    …I don’t think we condone wife-beating these days…

    He doesn’t know? Has he gone as completely senile as my 90yo neighbour who is surprise to find me, every Sunday morning, doing laundry because she’s never ever seen a man get up that early on a Sunday to do laundry? She does this every single Sunday.  Pat, it is time for you to retire. Save what little shreds of dignity and respect that you’ve got left.

    Well, you could become a Muslim and you could beat her.

    The subtle racism, presuming that every single Muslim man is by definition a wife-beater.

    • Gus Snarp

      I think,  ” I don’t think we condone wife-beating these days, but something’s gotta be done,” translates to, “I don’t think even I can get away with saying what I really think without a disclaimer, but I think he ought to man up and beat the tar out of that disobedient girl”.

      • The Other Weirdo

         Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  • Gus Snarp

    What really bothers me about Pat Robertson is that it is quite clear that there are still a significant number of people who see him as a legitimate spiritual leader, so much so that Mitt Romney thinks it’s just fine to have Pat join him on a campaign appearance. Any reasonable person, even a Christian, ought to be demanding that Romney disassociate himself from someone like Pat, who talks out of both sides of his mouth saying doesn’t “think we condone abuse these days [but apparently they used to, they just stopped officially because it was making them look bad] but *something* has to be done”, while clearly indicating that he thinks this guy ought to beat his wife. Someone who claims god told him that there would be a nuclear terrorist attack (he was wrong), and that gay people caused [insert event in which innocent people were killed here]. Robertson is about a step away from the Westboro Baptists, but somehow it’s acceptable to associate with him. Somehow only committed liberals and atheists have the guts to say he’s not the kind of person who ought to be a role model, certainly not one who ought to be inspiring a Presidential candidate. If I were making an anti-Romney ad I’d put up video of Robertson praising him interspersed with video of Robertson’s racist, sexist, and homophobic comments. Especially those blaming sinful people of whatever stripe for natural disasters. And this clip too.

  • Coyotenose

    The husband’s first sentence shows where the actual trouble lies.

    “My wife has become a real problem.”

    Not “My wife’s behavior has become a real problem.”

    Not “My wife is threatening/unloving/chaotic.”

    Not “My wife is making our marriage difficult.”

    Hell, not even “My wife is acting unChristian.”  Even that would be an improvement. No, it’s that his wife has become a PROBLEM. She might very well be everything that he describes, but even if that’s so, he doesn’t want help. He wants outside justification and approval for the things he wants to do or is contemplating doing, none of which are for *their* sake, only his. People don’t even talk about their dogs with phrasing like that. We say that something is a problem when we want to get rid of it. When the dog’s chewing is a problem, we try to get rid of the behavior, not the dog. We get rid of the *problem*. When a loved is acting destructively, we try to get rid of the destructive behavior – the problem – not the loved one. So when you call a spouse a problem, you are saying, “I need to be rid of this person.”

    And hey, I don’t begrudge someone whose relationship is such a shambles that they have to think of only themselves and get out. But the rest of his letter does not support that hypothesis.

    Please note that I am not comparing wives to dogs in this analogy. Human behavior is as modifiable as animal behavior, that’s all.

    • wmdkitty


      Also, humans ARE animals.

  • Richelle McCullough-

    As a horse person, I would add a slight tweak to your analogy, I WILL advocate getting physical with an animal if there is immediate, severe physical danger to yourself as a handler/trainer, others, or the animal themselves. 99.9% of the time, it’s wrong to yank somebody by the arm so hard you leave bruises. If you’re pulling them out of the way of an oncoming vehicle, then that’s appropriate. 

    Of course, Robertson isn’t advocating anything like that. But hey, let’s talk nuance, because he sure as well won’t.

    • Jessica

      Well, of course if they are in danger or standing on my foot, I certainly have no problem throwing my weight around, so to speak.  In fact, physically standing your ground, in my experience, is a great tool to teaching them that they can’t just walk all over me (physically or otherwise).
      What I’m speaking more to -and of course this is a more nuanced conversation in terms of training techniques, etc.- would be walloping your horse for misbehaving  in a way that promotes more fear than understanding. 
      In my opinion, a “get out of my space” shove is different than a “you’re pissing me off, horse!” slap.

  • Holytape

    Okay, DipshitisDipshit,

    The laws are not used against only men.   Women can be and are arrested under these laws.   Yes, the majority of the people who are arrested are men, but that’s because the majority of the abusers are men.    

    So by trying to equate violence against men as equal to violence against women you are missing reality.   You are by default trivializing the much larger problem.   If you could show that the abusers were roughly fifty/fifty in gender but only males were arrested, then your ignore ass might have a case.  

  • Marco

    While is very possible that the wife is being unbearable and unreasonable, possibly abusive and unwilling to seek help, let’s not forget that the husband is writing Pat Robertson about his marital issues and one of his claims is:”She has no respect for me as the head of the house”.

    Even though I have met women I that were abusive and irrational, and she could very well be a basket case or someone I would truly despise, I tend to side with her just because the husband’s best plan of action was to write Pat Robertson. 
    As usual this guy does not mention any behavior on his part that may be trigger his wife’s outburst. 
    In my experience, it always takes two to tango. She may be a living nightmare, but I suspect he is probably the biggest problem. 

  • cipher

    She’s rebellious and chances are she was rebellious with her father and
    mother, she’s a rebellious child and she doesn’t want to submit to
    any authority.  And she probably had temper tantrums when she was a kid…
    you know the little girl, “I hate you, I hate you!” and she wants to
    slap her father?

    It always comes back to this with these people. Human beings of any age are seen as willful children in defiance of a parental authority figure. That really is the sum of their theology; everything else is window dressing.

    They’re operating at the developmental level of young children, and not particularly mentally healthy children at that. This is one of the principal reasons we need to test for intelligence, sanity and developmental level as a prerequisite for voting.

  • Thegoodman

    I am happy to say that if I said “You must respect me as the head of this house.” my wife would beat me. And I would deserve it.

  • Richard Smith

    Isn’t it disgusting how religion can always find a way to make a woman subservient to a man?