LavenDarwin Soap

This is pretty awesome: Eli August created a line of vegan soaps (and other hygienic products) and he’s selling them on Etsy.

My favorite name from his product line? LavenDarwin Soap:

Be part of Chuck Darwin’s theory of “Smellvolution” with this soothing scent.

This vegan soap is made with Lavender essential oil.

Also for sale on his site? Samuel cLemons Soap, Edgar Allan Potpourri Soap, and Ni-clove-a Tesla Soap.

Love it :)

(Thanks to Autumn for the link!)

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  • mikespeir

    I couldn’t afford to be a vegan.  Apparently.

  • Annie

    I may have to get one as a special treat for my daughter.  Her middle name is Darwin. ;-)

  • Drew M.

     $6 for 4.5 oz of handmade soap is a fair price, regardless of whether it’s cocoa butter or tallow.

    I consider them luxury items. There are plenty of good, inexpensive soaps to choose from.

  • Denis Robert

    I’m sure it’s made of fake “organic” products and costs many times the price of regular soap. SUCKERS!

  • chicago dyke, who listens

    i just knew there’d be someone on this thread dissing organic and natural products. you should do some research, Denis. if you know how a lot of the stuff you put in and on your body were made, and what out of, you’d be much less likely to blow it off as woo. not to mention the environmental benefits to our world of organic production methods. 

    just because some guy in a white coat with white skin in a nation full of white people invented it, doesn’t automatically make it better. i know i sure as hell stopped using corporate toothpastes, for example, when i learned how corporate kinds are made. i’m not putting that shit in my mouth ever again and paying an extra dollar or two is worth it; my hygiene is important to me. 

    as for natural and organic soaps, i find the main benefits, including the wonderful scents, is the lack of soap scum being left behind even after i rinse. i can always tell i’m using a corporate soap when i get that, like when i have to use hotel soaps. natural organic soaps never leave that behind and rinse totally clean. 

  • Glasofruix

    Naaaaah, vegan, not cheap, useless…

  • Drew M.

    Environmental benefits to our world of organic production methods?

    Cue the “Scientific American hires Monsanto shills” in 3… 2… 1…

  • C Peterson

    Washes that ape smell right away. 

  • Jessica

    Finally, a  product that combines my love of awesome historical figures, cleanliness, and puns!
    Very clever!

  • A3Kr0n

     Do you really think $21 lb. is a fair price for soap? How much is steak where you live?

  • Drew M.

    For handmade soap that I consider to be a luxury item, yes it is.

    I cut my “inexpensive soaps” comment short, but but my point was that I have no issues with using cheap stuff either.

    Why use steak as a comparison? Steak is fucking cheap.

  • Sindigo

    Just as some guy in a white coat making a product doesn’t make it better, some hippy in a tie-dye shirt making it doesn’t make it better either. There are genuine problems with organic farming methods and those who rabidly support them are as intentionally blind to the facts as anyone else. The fact that some soap leaves for scum than others isn’t a good argument. Or have you had it chemically analysed? For all you know it’s mostly comprised of the dirt your organic soap fails to wash off you.

    BTW, capital letters make your sentences much easier to read. Why U no use them? It can’t be that your shift key is broken as you’ve typed “TV” okay.