Christian Movie ‘Last Ounce of Courage’ Will Premiere This Friday

Who knew it took courage to be in the majority?

A new film called Last Ounce of Courage opens this Friday. It’s focuses on a character named Bob Revere, a Christian pharmacist who’s tired of the way those damn liberals at the ACLU are trying to take away all aspects of faith from the public square. Because, you know, who needs church/state separation?

Then I think some kids get involved and they save Jesus and Santa or something.

Just watch the trailer and you’ll see what I mean:

I suppose we can all appreciate the fact that none of us will ever see this film until it comes to Netflix… at which point we’ll invite all of our friends to come together and screen it alongside Troll 2 and The Room.

I can’t wait for the debates over which movie is better: This one or Christmas with a Capital C.

(Thanks to Fett101 for the link!)

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  • MG

    “Bob Revere”


  • Larry Meredith

    We found this… in Chris’s locker.

    Is there  there an actual rule that says you can’t bring a Bible into school?

    Not that I know of. In fact, the ACLU would and has defended the right of students to put religious materials in their lockers.

  • MG

    It’s sad that so much misinformation has been spread about the ACLU’s work by the far-right.  Fortunately, there are many Christians and members of other faiths who know that the ACLU is not some dirty atheistic organization and have had their religious liberties defended by them.

  • Larry Meredith

    No need to watch the trailer. Let me sum it up for you.

    WAAAA! We’re not allowed to push our religious beliefs on the rest of society anymore! WAAAA! We can’t wear necklaces, pray, or bring bibles anywhere in public because it’s becoming illegal! WAAA! They’re going to start shutting churches does and outlawing Christianity! WAAA! DON’T LET THEM TAKE ONE MORE INCH! WAAA!

  • MegaZeusThor

    How it’s supposed to work: Believe what want. Attend gatherings with other like minded people if you want. When it starts to affect those who aren’t interested, you’ve got a problem.

    Say what you want in the public square, BUT be aware that others are aloud to speak in the public square too. All ideas can be criticized; good ideas should remain even in face of fair criticism.

  • Marco

    “400 years ago our forefather left the religious oppression of another land to build this one”

    … and now they won’t let us oppress others by letting put our symbols anywhere we want and having the government pay for it!

    Side note: As a lifelong motorcyclist, I always found it peculiar that all over the world, any highway you go, motorcyclists crossing paths wave at each other. It’s a tradition that goes back years and years and that creates a community out of strangers, a common language that says: we may be different, we may speak a different language and come from vastly different cultures but we share our passion for motorcycles, the open road and the pleasure of leaning our bikes in search of the perfect turn.

    Do you know the only class of motorcyclists that will not even look at you? Harley Davidson riders (unless you too are on a Harley, of course). Coming from Europe, I never quite understood that, but maybe now I do.

  • TheExpatriate700

    This trailer would actually have been funny if it had ended with the nutjob yelling from the roof tripping and falling off.

  • Nhills

    Actually, Christmas with a Capital C was far less offensive and ridiculous than the trailer made it seem. In the end, they decided that church/state separation was a good thing, and they became friends with the “villain” without converting him.

  • Marc

    I like the sprinkling on the American flag, to somehow analogize Christianity to the ” American way.”

  • Duke OfOmnium

    Any movie that cheesy had better be set in Wisconsin.  When they can’t even carve two and a half minutes where the “acting” doesn’t make you cringe, you know it’s gotta suck.

    This could make a good double feature with Kirk Cameron’s Left Behind.

  • Michelle Los

    I am particularly impressed by the gall it must have taken to have the “evil” character in this trailer also be the only person of color I saw.

    And they gave him a cigar, just in case you needed more proof that this guy is the bad guy.

  • Brian Westley

    OK, when does the hero of this movie get thrown in prison for using the US flag as a dustcloth to cover his motorcycle (1:32)?  Isn’t making the flag a religious object part of the usual modus operandi?

  • Mandocommando23

    What B.S. propaganda! What rights are they losing? The right to oppress other people? 

  • James Hotelling

    I am more than a little eeked out by the combination of all the military/violent imagery in the beginning, and the implication that anybody who doesn’t share this fellow’s ideas is an “enemy” at the end. That kind of thing just gives me the willies something fierce.

  • GloomCookie613

    Not all Harely owners are jerks like that. My dad had a hog. He waved to all others on two wheels out there with him. Though many can be tools, no doubt.

  • Holytape

    Well, I believe it’s better than the original bad guy’s name = Mohammad Blackie Jesuskillerstein-Obama-Liberal-Atheist-Feminazi.  

  • Patrick

    Anyone else notice the big scary black guy trying to take away their rights and undermine America? Subtle.

  • Matthew Baker

    Wow what a Jingoistic appeal to the True Christian ™ Persecution Complex.   What I gather from the trailer its trying too hard.

  • Nordog6561

    As a life long mc rider myself I can say that the phenomenon is real, but not universal.

    In some parts of Texas, everyone waves at everyone else on the road, period.  It doesn’t matter if you’re on a riding lawnmower and the other guy is on a Harley or John Deere Combine.  These folks wave.

    In SoCal on the other hand, in my experience, most riders don’t wave at anyone.

    But in a lot of places, riders are all waving at each other, except the H-D guys.

  • AdzyBoy

    Not surprisingly, the video’s comment and like/dislike features are switched off.

  • rlrose63

    What freakin’ country are those characters living in?  In what universe is a kid punished for merely having a bible in school?  “We can’t let the enemy take one more inch.”  And exactly WHO is the enemy?  Me, an atheist?  The Constitution?  The government that is, granted, telling them more and more that they can’t steamroll over everyone with their bible?

    Why don’t they get it?  Why don’t they understand that their rights are not the ones being trampled on?  Christian privilege will be the death of this country and her associated freedoms.

  • rlrose63

    Yep, it fits their modern-day mythology as persecuted believers to show a kid getting in trouble for having a bible.  Without that, there is no catalyst for their hatred… er… passion.

  • RKHB

    I was thinking the same thing.  Especially about the “enemy” bit.

  • Daniel

    So is Obama’s right-wing legacy that the bad guys in terrible Christian movies are all going to be black now?  

    Obviously, the plot is a mess, but as near as I can tell, the problems appears to be that the government is taking a “Jesus Saves” cross off his pharmacy and that a kid had a bible in his locker?  Clearly no one bothering to research that those things are both perfectly legal… I mean, I guess unless the cross is over-sized, insecurely mounted, or otherwise defies city signage codes.   :p

    Yikes.  The IMDB summary is even worse.  Says the premise is grandfather and grandson bonding over the loss of their son/husband 14 years ago (around time the son was born)…  who I guess died in the um… War of 1998?!   It appears the movie also features a flamboyantly gay high school theater teacher and a conservative town populated by people who have never heard the Nativity story.

    Can’t wait for Netflix.  Will have to come up with a drinking game for it.

  • rlrose63

    But they DO see us an the enemy, just as much as Muslims or any other religion.  We are trampling their rights and making them back off, therefore, we are the enemy.

  • RKHB

    I think this movie is trying to get into the “Guinness Book of Records” for most cliches used in the shortest amount of time.  What do you guys think?  Using a “menacing black guy with slicked-back hair” as the villain?  Too subtle?

  • A3Kr0n

    Their rights are being trampled because they’re no longer able to trample on the rights of others? Sounds Christian to me!

  • Peter Eakin

    The III.

  • Martin

    “We fight for freedom… We fight for freedom… To oppress those that aren’t like us.  400 years ago our forefathers left a religious oppression of another land to build this one, and now its time we undo that and bring back religious oppression to all non-Christians!”

  • Patience

    Fewer than 6000 views and ratings are disabled? Clearly most of those viewers must have been “Friendly Atheist” readers who were, shall we say, underwhelmed with the premise and logic of that plot.

  • Glasofruix

    I just lost a few braincells just watching the first 30 seconds, i need those for my ccna exam…

  • Dwsmithjr

    Well, you KNOW, if it has Daniel Baldwin in it, it’s got to be classy and high budget!!

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    And there is absolutely no reason at all that the “villain” of the film is black. I have to say I love the fact that they call those that support separation of church and state the enemy and opposed to freedom.

    Basically the movie is christian fundamentalist fan service. Where they get to live out their imagine martyrdom 

  • Mogg

    Growing up outside the US but in conservative Christian circles, much of my reading material as a teen was from Christian bookstores, which painted the ACLU as right up there with New Age Satanist Gay Communist Nazis.  Being a US organisation, I had no other information about them. Imagine my surprise when I actually looked them up for the first time…

  • grindstone

    Are you sure you’re not missing the “two fingers aimed at about 8 o’ clock” wave/salute? I know as a rider — before I screwed the pooch large — that even HD riders waved.

  • grindstone

    Good luck, bubba. Those Cisco exams suuuuuck.

  • wmdkitty

    All I know is the big burly biker guys are also the guys most likely to stop and let me cross the street. Always with a smile and a wave.

    I’m in a wheelchair — I’m pretty much invisible to car drivers, despite going out of my way to be VISIBLE! With lights!

  • Gunstargreen

    This is what the religious right actually believes.

  • Marco

    Of course, like all generalizations, this one too is basically unfair and can be proven false easily but at the same time tends to be “mostly” true.

    Here in northern California very rarely Hog riders and the rest of motorcyclists exchange salutes. Sadly, there are those that do, but more than once used as I am to be invisible to Harley riders I realize it too late and by the time I reciprocate they are long gone. (and possibly next time they won’t be waving at anyone thinking all rice rockets riders are jerks).

    For my part, when I first moved to the US I waved at everybody. In Europe is a grave breach of etiquette not acknowledging riders coming in the other direction. After the first 100 or so harley either ignored me or did it too late for me to know it (it works the other way too :) I stopped.

    As far as my original statement, I was actually being feticius. Of course there are plenty of very nice Hog riders around. In the movie they obviously used certain stereotypes I dislike, such as the cigar smoking black government (or ACLU, can’t tell) guy, the liberal professor, and the tough as nail, Christ-warrior-hog-rider-with-the-flag (which, by the way, should be torn into ribbons unless he is driving just a couple of miles).

    It doesn’t mean that if I go out and buy a hog and grow a beard I suddenly start voting republican and attend the closest baptist church I can find.

  • Nora

    can’t wait till it comes out on netflix and me n my boyfriend can get super hammered and scream at the television.

  • Dingo Dude

    LOL that made my day

  • Pepe

    As usual, no comments and/or ratings on the video.

  • Kate

    We can start with this: every time the movie misrepresents the illegality of government sponsored religion as the illegality of religion in general = drink.

  • MargueriteF

    I suspect that is not the enemy but the Enemy, i.e., Satan. And Satan is presumed to work through anyone they don’t agree with.

    And of course there’s nothing wrong with the Constitution… it’s clearly all based on the Bible and the Ten Commandments. Satan just causes all of us atheist hippy commie types to misread and misinterpret it. 

  • Kate

    And also: each time the words “heritage,” “founders,” or “founding fathers” are used while trying to justify Christian privilege, a shot of hard liquor will be required.

  • Nick Matthaes

    That looks hilarious.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Well, it takes a lot of *something* to live like America’s christianists do, but I wouldn’t call it courage. Lying about people continually, denying others rights, pretending that you’re a persecuted minority, whining that you can’t run willy-nilly over everyone else…these are the acts of cowards. And your typical christianist.

  • julie

    Every time you’re surprised that Kirk Cameron hasn’t showed up yet, take a shot.

  • Rich Wilson

    I’ve shared that “2 wheels good, 4 wheels bad” camaraderie with motorcycle riders- while in spandex on my bicycle. 

  • Rich Wilson


  • Octoberfurst

     That country exists only in their fervid imagination. A country where Christmas is outlawed and kids can’t bring Bibles to school. I just rolled my eyes watching that idiotic video.  But it feeds into the persecution complex that fundie Christians have. I am sure this movie will be a hit in right-wing church circles but most people will see it for the insipid propaganda piece that it is.

  • Krazykillaz

     Yeah, it was a nice surprise. It still wasn’t great, but it definitely could’ve been a lot worse.

  •!/OffensivAtheist bismarket

    I’m from the UK, so i don’t know if it’s common knowledge but there’s a “thing” called “Pureflix” for Christmasians in the US, so if your REALLY good & holy & shit you get to see this kind of drivel before your worthless neighbours, “Pureflix”, seriously?? If only there were any pieces left of the TRUE CROSS they could include with every order, how could anyone resist?

  • cipher

    I’m a little surprised Rwlawoffice didn’t show up yesterday when this was posted to defend these upstanding patriots.

    Must have been a busy day in court.

  • Aaron Scoggin

    Well, they couldn’t use something that were accurate. If they had, nobody would agree with them.

  • Glasofruix

    Got 88% on the final exam before the actual ccna today, gave me a -50% voucher for the real exam, that thing is damn expensive.

  • Aaron Scoggin

    What’s the problem? It’s just a hypothetical America in which freedom to be a Christian is taken away.

    What’s that? You say that there are people that actually believe that people like us are working to make Christianity illegal, rather than make each religious exercise equal and not pushed on everyone?

    Well, America’s screwed.

  • ChicagoNative

    Hey Hemant, don’t knock ‘The Room”!!  LOL   I’ve been trying to drag my best friend to see it at the Music Box Theater so he can see just how wonderful a film it is.  It really is quite indescribable.  lol,  Care to join us? 

  • Aaron Scoggin

    No, but really. Huckabee did a thing with Chuck Norris about it and acted like it reflected what is happening now and what will happen. Show me a group that’s trying to make religion illegal, and I’ll show you a group of atheists who will stop at nothing to protect the right to religious practice. 

  • Hemant Mehta

    I’m *so* in :)

  • Aaron Scoggin

    That’s EXACTLY what I heard when he said that. “Our forefathers left religious oppression, and goddamn, we’re gonna put that some oppression on everyone else but us!”

  • Aaron Scoggin

    Well, to them, taking Christianity out of the spotlight is the same as banning it altogether I guess. Even though nobody has even tried to ban Bibles in school. Or tried to make Christmas illegal. Or any crap like that. If anything, we atheists (yes, ATHEISTS) would be the first to stand up against something like that.

  • Mommiest

     There is another person of color at about the 2:40 mark; he doesn’t say anything, but appears to be sympathetic with the “good” side in this story.

  • Mommiest

     Sorry, make that the 1:40 mark.

  • Riccardo

    Strangely, all youtube comments are disabled on trailers for this movie. I wonder why. /sarcasm

  • Riccardo

     I’m sorry, but dying of alcohol poisoning is not exactly my plan for the night. :)

  • The Other Weirdo

     So, one guy is the evil one and the other one is silent, like people of colour are supposed to be? LOL! Someone among those involved with the movie sure hasn’t moved with the times.

  • Antinomian

    If he’s truly a lawyer and in court I’m sure he was setting Guinessesque legal malpractice records. 

  • The Other Weirdo

     The last time I got roped into watching a movie with someone telling me how wonderful it was, I ended up burning braincells on some French artsy-fartsy piece of crap about a woman with an abusive husband who murders her lover and she then makes her friend the Chef bake him and force-feeds him to her husband by literally holding a gun to his head and then calling him a cannibal and shooting him. The end. My girlfriend then said, “Wait, that didn’t prove my point about how wonderful French films are like I thought it would.”

  • Georgina

    Oh for f**k sake. Really? And there are protests about some stupid little Youtube anti-Muslim video, but this sort of propaganda just slides? I am genuinely scared that people will see this film and enact all that fightin’ talk. Lame.

  • walkamungus

    Why is the title taken from the musical _The Man of La Mancha_’s song “The Impossible Dream”? 

    Wait, I think I’ve figured it out…

  • Don Gwinn

    Maybe it’s set in the “near future.”  That would explain why they thought it would be believable to have the kids get in trouble for having a Bible in a school locker; this is, say, the year 2019, when the secular-liberal-humanists-communists have gained a greater foothold. That way, the son died in 2005, probably in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    I just figured that they thought that was a plausible thing to have happening in 2012 . . . 

  • Don Gwinn

    The visual style is interesting.  Putting the hero on a rooftop at night in his biker uniform, with spotlights from below, haranguing a crowd lit as if by torches . . . he looks like the Tinpot Dictator From Central Casting.  They’re not setting him up to look like the good guy, no matter what their intention was.

    It reminded me most of the bad guy from the Firefly episode, “Heart of Gold.”  
    “We’re going to show them that this is our town!  Those women are going to remember their places!  And then we’ll kill all jews!”
    “Wait . . . what was the last one, Rance?”
    “Never mind.  I got carried away.  But the thing about this being our town, that’s all for reals!”

  • walkamungus

    “The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover” isn’t French. Unless there’s another film that has this plot?

  • cipher

    Well, you know… if it’s for Jesus, it isn’t malpractice.

  • cipher

    Well, you know… if it’s for Jesus, it isn’t malpractice.

  • Drew M.

    Heh. About 9 of us went on a group ride once: four on Harleys and the rest on sport bikes with the former leading the way.  We passed a group of Harleys and they stuck their hands out to wave at the other Harleys in the group, then pulled back immediately once they saw those of us on the sport bikes.

    Pretty hilarious.

  • Drew M.

     That’s the only way I’ve ever seen people wave around here. And yep, Harley riders seem to avoid waving at sport bikes.

  • Alias S Tagami

    Nervous laughter.  People like to talk about militant atheists, but you know… there are like real military groups that are Christian, and the whole anti-government cocktail garnished with some phony religious persecution makes me uneasy.

  • ccaldwell314

    Hell, I could get alcohol poisoning just from taking a shot every time they show a gratuitous shot of the American flag in the trailer.

  • ccaldwell314

    I found four “issues” in the trailer that (as far as I know) are not actual issues facing today’s Christians. Did I miss any? 

    1) When the Bible is outlawed
    2) Kids can’t bring Bibles to school
    3) When the cross is an offense
    4) When Christmas is a crime

    Funny how religion constantly claims moral superiority, yet has to resort to lying and creating the illusion of a martyr complex to get people to side with them. I just wonder how people would like living in a theocracy if the religion of choice was Islam, Hinduism, etc (I don’t actually wonder that. I have a pretty good idea of how they’d react). 

  • Jon Peterson

    I assume you mean “rights”? Yeah, I’m a big bad guy asking them to kindly step down off the soapbox and stand in the same mud as the rest of us. How dare I.

  • Riccardo

    The missing half of the conversation:

    “We found this… in Chris’s locker.”
    “Is there  there an actual rule that says you can’t bring a Bible into school?”
    “No, there’s not. It’s the cocaine inside it that bothered me.”

  • VCinAZ

    Thank God you are in Chicago.

  • Peter

     Classic racism.  The very people who are pointing the finger of ‘racism’ at the movie producers are in fact the actual racists. After all, WHO brought ‘color’ into this discussion?

  • Mailtoford

     There’s a far more important “How dare you” than that, littlebrain.” The REAL question is how DARE you think YOU (and all your co-thinking atheists) think that YOU know better than the great thinkers throughout human history, better than all the wisdoms gained over millennia of human experience – BITTER human experience versus YOUR “born-and-cossetted-in-cotton-wool-in-comparison” experience – that resulted in a social-management system (aka Christianity) that, flawed as YOU might (in ignorance) think it is, nevertheless still resulted in the most free, most safe and most progressive society with the most well-being EVER known in human history? Yeah, the UNITED STATES. What? Do you think principles that are the foundation-stones of the USA’s success (before the supposedly ‘enlightened’ idiots, starting from the 1950′s, began destroying those foundations) were created by some kind of  thumb-sucking lucky happenstance’?  How DARE you think that YOU are more intelligent and more informed than, for example, Thomas Jefferson, was. You ARE the enemy – of human wellness. Only you just don’t know that and NO amount of reason would ever get you to a place where you could even begin to understand. That’s because, as Wayne Dwyer said, “when you believe it, THEN will you see it” which is an accurate statement about the ability of the human mind to be totally delusional – blocking from recognition anything that does not ‘fit’ the individual’s worldview. Which is why your ‘champion’ Richard Dawkins has to continually come up with ridiculously convoluted propositions in order to try and sustain the atheist’s logically unsustainable beliefs.

  • Peter

     Since you hate the USA and all that it represents, what the hell are you doing there?  Why have you not moved to a country that is controlled by atheists? Oh, wait – I forgot. You prefer the ‘right’ to publicly express your moronic, anti-Christian, atheist views publicly. Have you EVER  asked yourself  HOW just that ‘right’ alone came to be after THOUSANDS of years of people NOT having any such rights, THOUSANDS of years of people being KILLED for – whether right or wrong -  speaking out. A parallel question is this: who fought and risked their lives for FREEDOM from slavery? Atheists or Christians? You know so little, you don’t even know what you don’t know, half-brain.

  • Peter

     Answer: The right to preserve the belief system that MADE the United States as great as it WAS – before idiots like yourself decided that you have “a better way,” not knowing that EVERY other “better way” has been tried and PROVED to be seriously bad for freedom and human wellness. Go ahead, bozo, name ONE NON-CHRISTIAN nation or society that, in ALL of human history, came even close to the USA in terms of human rights, freedom and social wellness.

  • Peter

     Question:  WHO do you think envisioned, established and enshrined the “rights of others,” bozo?  Ever heard of the Judeo-Christian prescription, “Do unto others what you would have done unto you”? As in, “If you want freedom then let others also be free.”  You happily use – and obviously encourage the principle -  CHRISTIAN precepts (e.g. “rights”) and you are so ignorant you don’t even know you do.

  • ShutUp

    Mailtoford knows what he/she is talking about!

    You all need a serious lesson in education. This country was founded on Christian principles and values. You don’t like it? LEAVE THE COUNTRY.

    You atheists think you can stomp all over everybody, well guess what? God is bigger than you, and He sees the horrible way in which you bully treat people that you don’t agree with. I am sure He is very disappointed.

    All I can say is that Mailtoford and I will pray for you, and Christians are more powerful than you will ever know.

    Despite your anti-God ways, God STILL loves you and he wants to save you from eternal damnation. Because of free will, you have a choice to make – and it’s a ETERNAL choice.

    The choice is yours, but personally, I want to be with my Father when I die. Where will you be?

    Also, stop playing the race card. There are PLENTY of movies out there where the Caucasian guy (or girl) is the bad guy. That is way too overplayed in this country, and you ruin it for the people of your race that really ARE victims of racial prejudice and need the attention.

    Slavery is well behind us. In fact, Caucasians are now (and soon to be) the minority in this country. You currently have some of the loudest voices in America and in government (Obama is on your side), yet you abuse the privilege.

    People are way too sensitive when it comes to race – I’m Caucasian. Big deal! I don’t go around complaining about how my Irish ancestors were treated when they came to America (which was a Hell of a lot worse than what African-Americans went through,) or the fact that my past generations of family had to flee England because of religious persceution (which was also more severe than slavery.)

    Slavery was inhumane, we know this. Don’t punish the people of today for something that happened with our ancestors, when neither of us were even breathing yet.

    If anything is alive in this country, it’s sexism. We have TONS of African-American leaders in government or leadership positions today, but how often do we see women? The 2008 and 2012 election proved that race is no longer an issue in this country, as Barack Obama is mixed. Did we get a woman President? No. Did people take the women running in the campaigns seriously? How about a Hell to the no?!

    I rest my case.