Salman Rushdie’s Autobiography Is Now Available

Just a reminder that Salman Rushdie‘s new book Joseph Anton: A Memoir is out today:

Michiko Kakutani reviewed the book in today’s New York Times:

… Mr. Rushdie has written a memoir that chronicles those years in hiding — a memoir, coming after several disappointing novels, that reminds us of his fecund gift for language and his talent for explicating the psychological complexities of family and identity. Although this volume can be long-winded and self-important at times, it is also a harrowing, deeply felt and revealing document: an autobiographical mirror of the big, philosophical preoccupations that have animated Mr. Rushdie’s work throughout his career, from the collision of the private and the political in today’s interconnected world to the permeable boundaries between life and art, reality and the imagination.

If you don’t want the book, the excerpt from last week’s issue of The New Yorker was an incredible read.

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