Innocence of Muslims, a Week Later

It’s been over a week since protests erupted across the Muslim world in response to the “Innocence of Muslims” video. I’ve seen the video in question — it’s bad. Laughably bad. A VHS recording of my very first nativity play circa 1993 has higher quality production.

Sadly, the quality of a video is not enough to be banned from YouTube — if that were the case, we might have been spared the deluge of pointless cat videos.

The video does not attack Muslims directly, only Islam as an ideology — thus is not in violation of the YouTube terms of service. The US government has reportedly tried to get YouTube to pull the video, which it so far has refused to do. As much as it pains me to say so, I commend them for sticking to their guns and keeping the video up there.

Benghazi Consulate Attacked (via The Guardian)

Peter Bradshaw, writing in The Guardian, does not hold back in his assessment of the film:

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula’s movie is a bigoted piece of poison calculated to inflame the Muslim world. It ought to be treated with the contempt it deserves.

Take that Nakoula Basseley Nakoula! Bradshaw also makes the rather depressing point that this detestable video may well be looked back on as the most influential movie of 2012;

Critics like to talk about the “films of the year”, but the awful truth is that this year’s most significant movie may well turn out to be a non-movie, a hoax movie, a bigoted piece of poison calculated to inflame the Muslim world. Innocence of Muslims is a 13-minute low-budget video on YouTube, abysmally scripted, acted and directed; it might be risible were it not for the ugly Islamophobia which it promotes and whose effects are now being seen around the world.

In many ways it is the ultimate test of a commitment to the ideals of free speech, a free society, and the right to mock authority of any kind. To defend free speech and the right to mock religion is to defend this video. It is really a test of resolve to those of use who value those freedoms.

I don’t for a second agree with anything in the video, but I agree that it has the right to exist — even though I wish it didn’t. I wish this video didn’t exist, in the same way I wish Blade: Trinity or The Matrix Revolutions didn’t exist. If anything, it damages the chance to legitimately criticize Islam — Channel 4 in the UK has already pulled a scheduled repeat of “Islam — The untold Story” from its listings.

All that being said, the response from the Muslim world has being depressingly familiar. The edicts handed down by some Islamic leaders have sought only to fan the flames. Hezbollah’s leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah appeared publicly for the first time since 2011 — specifically to denounce the US and to call for further protests. The events of the last week have included:

  • About 3,000 protesters from the Philippines Muslim minority burned US and Israeli flags in the southern city of Marawi
  • In Yemen, hundreds of students in the capital, Sanaa, called for the expulsion of the US ambassador
  • In Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, hundreds of protesters faced off with police, throwing stones and petrol bombs, while police retaliated with tear gas
  • Hundreds of Palestinians staged a peaceful sit-in protest in the West Bank city of Ramallah
  • Angry demonstrators in the Afghan capital, Kabul, fired guns, torched police cars and shouted anti-US slogans
  • Police arrested at least 15 people at a small protest outside the US embassy in Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku

Why aren’t we hearing more from moderate Muslims?

There have been statements denouncing the protesting but usually from people such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I suppose, in part, it may be down to the western media perpetuating the story, always seeking out the extreme ends of the scale. That argument only goes so far though before questions need to be asked of heads of state and the foreign diplomats of some of these countries. The silence from that particular quarter is deafening.

President Obama hasn’t handled it that well, but then again, I’m not sure what else anybody could have done. Apologizing for the video was necessary, if only for crimes against film-making. The tone and timing of the apology issued by the Egyptian embassy was poorly judged as well. Of course, this didn’t stop the loathsome Sarah Palin from jumping on the apology and using it for political ends — a point well made by the White House to put down Mitt Romney’s criticisms by saying they were “shocked that he would choose to launch a political attack at such a time.” The subsequent statements by the White House have been far more robust.

Ultimately the fact that these events have unfolded in 2012 would be laughable were it not so dangerous to international security. The makers of the video are idiots of the highest order, but that is no excuse for the disgraceful acts of vandalism and violation of international law committed across the Islamic world. It is just one of those stupid religious lose-lose scenarios that leaves most of us standing on the sidelines wondering when everyone is going to grow up.

About Mark Turner

Mark Turner was born and raised as a Catholic in the North East of England, UK. He attended two Catholic schools between the ages of five and sixteen. A product of a moderate Catholic upbringing and an early passion for science first resulted in religious apathy and by mid-teens outright disbelief.


  • smrnda

    On the response from moderate Muslims, I did note that in the list of actions a peaceful sit in at the West Bank was included. It kind of stood out from the list as almost not belonging there. 

  • Sarah T.

    I don’t think that we can ignore the fact that the minority of Muslim groups involved in these protests weren’t exactly our best buddies before this video (deliberate understatement). Especially with the protest in Libya, it seemed to me like this video was more of an excuse than an instigator – the US Libyan ambassador had been rather courageously working despite constant threats on his life. Basically, I don’t think it’s wise to separate the current political situation in these regions from the apparant religious motivations.

    (On a more lighthearted note, I’m getting a lot of joy out of the #MuslimRage hashtag.)

  • Michael

    Can I ask anyone who may read this and know anyone involved in the counter-protests, would it be possible to get someone at the counter-protests holding a placard reading “Do not feed the troll”?

    That is what this is. The creator of that video wanted to make people think muslims were violent, so he made a video designed to provoke a violent response by muslims. Every time a muslim protester calls for someone to die or even harms someone, he rubs his hands in glee and laughs. These people are giving him everything he could hope for.

  • Neil Rickert

    Why aren’t we hearing more from moderate Muslims?

    That’s often a question.  And, for other events, why don’t we hear more from moderate Christians.

    However, I suspect that we hear from whoever the press highlights, and they sell more of their stories by covering radical crazies than by covering calm words of reason.

  • LesterBallard

    The video does not attack Muslims directly, only Islam as an ideology”

    To many people, that is the same as attacking them directly.

  • Stephen Cameron

    So, how do we get the kind of reaction this film got to stop happening?  While the film may be reprehensible, the reaction to it is much, much more so.  How do we get all the people in the world onboard with the idea that violence is not an acceptable response to insults, and that freedom of speech — esp. speech that you do not agree with — is a very important thing which is worthy of protection?

    I do not think that refraining from insulting Islam will do that.

    I  think that a non-stop daily onslaught of insults lasting decades  might — but only might — finally produce enough outrage fatigue to defang the fanatical idiots.  But that seems unlikely, and in the short term likely to cause a lot of chaos.  I can’t think of another way that might work though.

  • Jim Valentine

    “It is just one of those stupid religious lose-lose scenarios that leaves
    most of us standing on the sidelines wondering when everyone is going
    to grow up.” – Best line.

  • newavocation

    In some ways I think the violent response encouraged by their leadership is used to intimidate and keep their own flocks in line.

  • metaphid

    Let’s call this video what it really is: A piece of poop. It’s not any more or less poopy than  thousands of other videos on YouTube–many of which are offensive to people of other religions (Jews, for example, who are often outrageously slandered in Muslim videos). The response of  rational persons to this video OUGHT to be a rolling the eyes and clicking on a different link. That’s it. Instead, we hear a great hue and cry from the educated masses about the video being “poison,” etc., etc. In elevating this trivial piece of poop into a Big Freaking Deal, it seems to me that we help to justify radical Islam’s over-the-top, bat-shit-crazy, murderous rage. I see no such justification. Muslims were insulted. What a shame. Move on. There is nothing about this trivial, low-budget, turd of a movie that should require the outrage and condemnation of all the world’s leaders. That whole song and dance just feeds into the jihadists’ sense that this really was a BIG DEAL. No, it wasn’t–not until irrational, bat-shit-crazy people started murdering people over it.

  • Sarah T.

    I heard an interesting perspective on NPR today that I hadn’t considered (sorry, the transcript isn’t up yet, but it should be up later) – basically the US emphasis on freedom of expression is fairly unique – even most other Western countries are more restrictive about ‘hate speech’ or politically or religiously offensive speech

    This sets up a loop of misunderstanding – they assume that our government is backing these sentiments through inaction, and Americans take their demands for suppression, even apart from the violence, as extremist and undemocratic.

    Of course this doesn’t excuse violence, but it may explain why moderate/liberal Muslims and non-Muslims in these countries aren’t, say, counter-protesting for freedom of expression – it’s not something that is part of their cultural value system the way it is for Americans who grew up with the First Amendment.

  • HughInAz

    Not to defend Innocence of Muslims, which is a real POS judging from the minute or so that was all of it I could stomach, but – when Muslim fundies make it so insanely easy for other people to push their buttons, some people are going to have an irresistible urge to do so. That’s why I draw Mohammed on Draw Mohammed Day. If Buddhists were going around killing people for drawing Buddha, I would draw him too, just on general principle.

  • Paul B

    There was no apology.
    I wish people would stop saying there was an apology.

    What the statements said were that they disagreed with ANYONE intentionally trying to annoy ANY religion.
    We all wish that, We might not WANT religion, but it doesn’t mean we want to insult the religious either.

    How anyone can get mad at that is beyond sanity. Especially mad enough to kill.
    But how anyone can read that as an apology makes no sense too. It was an impartial and friendly statement that universally showed understanding of EVERYONES feelings.
    The kind of thing an Embassy should say.

    What the Cairo Embassy said was totally rational, totally non-inflammatory and apparently beyond the abilities of 80% of humanity to actually READ.

  • Anonymous Atheist

    Some religious people see any criticism/mocking of their religion, or even expecting equal rights/treatment for religions/nonreligion that differs from theirs, as ‘annoying’/’insulting’. So no, ‘we’ certainly don’t all wish that nobody would ‘intentionally try to annoy ANY religion’.

  • Richard Wigton

     I watched the “Innocence of Muslims”  video that caused rage through out the Muslim world and thought, you’ve got to be kidding me!  This pathetic piece of crap is what they were all worked up over? Seriously?  I couldn’t even watch the whole thing–it was that stupid!  I have seen better acting in elementary school plays and the dialogue was insipid. Plus it looked like they spent a whopping $500 on props.
       For the Muslim world to get into a froth-at-the-mouth tizzy over this is pathetic. I just want to say to them: “Grow up!” If someone is so uber-sensitive that something as pathetic as that video sends them into a murderous rage then they have some major issues to deal with.  

  • George Wiman

    “There was no apology. I wish people would stop saying there was an apology.”

    “Sadly, the quality of a video is not enough to be banned from YouTube — if that were the case, we might have been spared the deluge of pointless cat videos.”

    Pointless cat videos?  Good day to you, sir! ;-p

  • PsiCop

    Re: “Why aren’t we hearing more from moderate Muslims?”

    I can think of two possible reasons:

    1. They’re terrified of the rioters and are desperate not to “rock the boat.” There is some basis for their fear: If people are rioting and killing over a movie they’ve never seen, they’re sure to react much worse to someone telling them to their faces that they should grow up and cut the crap already.

    2. They may not want to participate in the riots themselves, but they understand the rioters’ feelings and are actually glad to see someone else expressing themselves that way. In other words, they’re furious themselves over the blasphemy, just not quite furious enough to take the initiative to destroy things and kill people over it.

    We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that this is not solely an Islam problem (although at the moment, Islam provides the most extreme example of it). I can recall when Dr George Tiller was killed, lots of Christians here in the ‘States condemned his killing, yet they said they “understood” the assassin’s reasoning. These folks are just like my choice #2. The problem with these folks is that their implied support is precisely what the extremists are counting on, and they view it as approval for what they do.

    I’ve said before that it’s unfortunate, but the “moderate” Muslims are quite simply going to have to take the risk that would ensue from confronting the extremists. It’s true that there’d be some danger in doing so. But their silence … or merely lukewarm disavowals … isn’t going to stop the rioters. The rioters need to be stared down and told to go home, by people of their own religion. Non-Muslims can’t do it because the rioters won’t listen to them. Other Muslims need to get them to stop.

    Sometimes doing the right thing can be risky … yet sometimes it still needs to be done anyway and there’s no way to avoid it.

  • ImRike

    I think the response from reasonable countries should be for every newspaper to have a Muhammad  cartoon edition and then to show them on every news channel and to continue doing that until the islam countries decide to keep their people in check. Here is what one French newspaper did (never mind Hollande):
    And here might be a reason why we don’t hear from the moderate Muslims:

  • Jon Peterson

    I don’t get why politics are allowed to be in such a state where one party has to publicly declare that a horrible event was, in fact, horrible… or fear being called out for… not.. stating.. the obvious? I just do not fucking get it.

    Denouncing an event means: “Hey, that thing that just happened… that was horrible. We don’t like the people that did it.” Which, in case Romney hadn’t noticed is a big motherfucking DUH. Do we really need to require the White House to vocalize it?

  • anon

    the others who said that muslims need to be matured their brains got deficiency to maturity……..will they stop yelling if anyone talks shit of Jesus?????????

  • Summer Seale

    Once again, I’ll post here what I posted a few days ago on G+ about this very subject. Please excuse the length of it and skip over it if you don’t want to read something this long in comments. No hard feelings. =)

    I just wanted to post that I saw “The Innocence of Muslims” on YouTube right now, and it’s probably one of the worst production pieces I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s so insanely bad that I have seen high school production videos which could stand for an Oscar in comparison to it.

    Yes, it’s really that horrible.

    However, I’d like to point out that, as bad as it is, and as much of a past criminal as this “Sam Bacile” is, with his apparent history of narcotics convictions and Federal prison time, and as much of a liar as he is, stating that he’s Jewish, Israeli, and a real estate developer with five million dollars in “Jewish donor” funds backing the film (which are absolutely all untrue and have been proven by now to be so), it is absolutely insane to riot over this piece of trash.

    I use that word deliberately: It truly is utterly insane. This film will convince no one of anything in any way whatsoever, other than it’s an extremely bad “film”. In fact, I even hesitate to use the word “film” to describe it (yes, it truly is that bad of a production).

    But the fact is that I’ve seen literally hundreds of anti-Jewish films from the Muslim world online and from right-wing hate groups. I’ve seen hundreds of Nazis marching against Jews and others in the street. I’ve seen Daniel Pearl beheaded literally because he was a Jew, on screen. And I’ve seen footage of hundreds of Christians blown up and burned alive because of their faith.

    And have Jews and Christians ever rioted because of it, storming embassies, and killing people in other countries because not only their faith was butchered on screen, but their people literally butchered as well in front of a camera?

    I have not.

    The fact is that there is something vitriolic and insane about Islam as it is today which makes a large number of its adherents in other countries do horrific things in response to the smallest perceived slight against their religion. We’ve all seen it before with the Danish cartoons, and with other “insults to the Koran” – there is no other religion in the world right now from which we can expect exactly this response each and every time. Absolutely none. We can expect a variety of abuses, stupidities, and even protests, but not the storming of embassies and the murder of absolutely innocent people simply for revenge “for the faith”.

    To say that this is simply a cultural artifact is utterly blind, stupid, and morally vacuous. It is not a cultural artifact; it is a religious one. It is a religious one because you have the exact same people with different religions (Jews, Christians, Baha’i) who do not storm embassies in those countries when their religion is insulted. You have atheists in those same countries, mostly in hiding, who do not riot in the streets when they encounter hatred against atheists. It is literally only the Muslims in those nations who do. It is only when Muslims are insulted that people need to go into hiding.

    That makes it a religious problem with Islam.

    I am absolutely sick to death of hearing people excuse it with explanations about societal pressures and lack of education. I dare say that Christians in Muslim countries have far less education than Muslims do overall, and they do not riot when they are insulted.

    No, I’m going to lay this squarely on the shoulders of Islam right now and blame it for what is going on. Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens were absolutely correct to blame Islam for such ills in the world today, and to say that we need to deal with it and squarely face that particular problem. I am not calling for the eradication of Muslims, and neither were they. I am, however, calling for a confrontation about what Islam is about, what it stands for, and for what it orders to its adherents.

    I once again think that this film is utter trash, and I have rarely seen something else so badly produced, but there is no excuse for these riots other than what is written in that stupid, savage, ignorant book full of moronic “decrees”. And, at this point, anyone who starts excusing this crap in any way, anyone who starts mentioning the sensibilities of the regional inhabitants, anyone who calls for “understanding” of their position, is a fool and an enabler and an embarrassment to rational thought. To those people, I say: Snap out of your navel-gazing stance of rationalization and self-hatred and start accepting the realities of the world around you, no matter how it makes you feel. Grow the fuck up.

  • MKW

    I was thinking exactly the same thing.  Maybe a new Muslim / Islam offensive cartoon every Friday (the Islamic holy day) for 10 years in every western news paper of any consequence.  And we have have the “Make fun of Islam film festival in the middle of Ramadan while they are fasting and weak.

  • ANuRa

    Well, some of the actors in the movie have apologized, even when it seems that they are really innocent in the whole chapter. (

  • Blacksheep

    Christians are already moderate. There are scores of cartoons, films, and comics who regularly mock Christianity, and you are right – you don’t here from them! There are no riots, burning of cars and shooting people when, for example, Jesus has a boxing match with satan on South Park. (the first one that came to mind).

  • Uber_wayz

    Is the video accurate? I mean I’m hearing all these apologys but is the film actually wrong or in accurate in what it says? Given 10 mins I could probably link 100 youtube videos, ridiculing jesus christ and christianity in general, many of them much more nasty and more professionaly made and I have yet to see the news reports of christians around the world  burning police cars, shooting people and rioting.  It seems strange to protest about someone calling your religion violent and barbaric by going out and behaving in a violent and barbaric way… 

  • anon101

    “If anything, it
    damages the chance to legitimately
    criticize Islam”

    It is exactly the other way around. If we give in
    because of this crappy movie next time it is going to be legitimate
    criticism that is going to be meet with accusations of hurt feelings
    and violence.

  • brianmacker

    “I don’t for a second agree with anything in the video, but I agree that it has the right to exist — even though I wish it didn’t. ”

    Really? not even all the historically accurate stuff?

    Obama apologizing for the film was necessary? You’ve got to be kidding me? First off, Obama didn’t apologize, it was some idiot diplomat. Secondly, I should be apologizing to Hemant’s reader for this article using your logic. Since when is the president responsible for the content of movies?

  • brianmacker

    A diplomat tweeted an apology. I guess you are not aware.

  • brianmacker

    Much of the crappy movie was legitimate. There are only a few factual errors. Muhammad was a vile character in real life. He actually ran a successful ethnic cleansing program, unlike Hitlers comparative failure. We mock Hitler as a buffoon in cinema, so why not Mohammad? A least Hitler didn’t invent a religion that carried on his evil work after his death. Why not mock a guy who’s work inspired millions of murders? Especially when he claims moral authority over the entire planet while robbing, raping, pillaging, torturing, terrorizing, enslaving, and sexually molesting his fellow human beings.

  • The Other Weirdo

     Well, except for those groups which aren’t. Like trying to spark a race war as a prelude to Armageddon by targeting black cops in Michigan.

  • brianmacker

    Yes we do. What we don’t need is to yank filmmakers out of bed at 12:00am on the pretense that they have some parole violation that they have voluntarily come in to be questioned about. Nor do we need the presidents political enemies coincidentally coming up for tax audits.

  • brianmacker

    Most countries are backwards. Is that a surprise? How can they, being sheltered to the point of ignorance, be considered competent adults? You can’t claim to have Mande an informed choice when all but one choice has been muted.

  • brianmacker

    That might be funny if Islam didn’t actually advocate killing people for insults to the religion. So had it been #JainRage it might make sense since that religion doesn’t advocate murder. This instead seems to minimize a serious problem with Islam. It’s as if the has tag #NaziRage showed nazis having fun in beer halls. The problem with Nazi rage wasn’t that they liked to party. The problem with Muslim intolerance is not that they play with kids, and the problem is broader than just the murder of third parties when the authority of their religion is questioned. It’s also their voting in terrorist organizations, being in favor of Sharia law, bigotry and persecution against non-Muslims, double standards, misogyny, etc.

  • brianmacker

    There are a few inaccuracies. Mohammad was an orphan, not a bastard. I’ve never heard any claims he was actually participated in homosexual activity, but he did give his followers attractive young boys in heaven. So that was a fabrication. There are other techincal inaccuracies but they have things correct in spirit. They have Mohammad quoting the Quran to justify his adulterous behavior in the movie but I doubt it was an accurate quote, yet Muhammad did invent Quranic suras to justify breaking various rules that applied to others. Allah seemed to favor Mohammad in things sexual and bent the rule so he could keep his penis satisfied. So the spirit is right.

  • Alihussain229

    I , am muslim myself and i am proud to be muslim , and i dont agree with you , becuse no ones got any right to say anything bad about other religion, i’ll just say to those bastards dogs just grow up and stop casing our religion if u dont have anything else to do, than start making movies about your own religion and culture and leave our muslims alone.

  • Mohammed

    If u realy like cartoon pictures ,that much. than way dont you request the whole world to have cartoon pictures of your own religious stuff in theire newspapers.

  • Summer Seale

    I don’t have a religion. I’m an atheist. I think religions are idiotic in general; yours, in particular.

    Everyone has the right to criticize idiotic ideas, and I just did it about yours. I have that right, and I’m going to keep using it.

  • Mohammed

    I think ur right these bastard dogs should make movies about theire own religion.

  • Alihussain

    People like u wont know how it feels if someone make fun of ur religion because u dont have religion but you did not say anything about christians way is that cause ur raciest or something.

  • Benny Cemoli

    Just so that everyone is on the same page Google played the coward and is now blocking the video in Egypt and Libya. More repressive dictatorships to file blocking requests to their Google minions.

    Do no evil my ass. >:-(


  • yohocoma

    I wish everyone here would read today’s Glenn Greenwald article carefully:

    Obama officials’ spin on Benghazi attack mirrors Bin Laden raid untruths

    “To date, numerous people believe – as though there were no dispute about it – that Muslims attacked the consulate and killed the US ambassador “because they were angry about a film”.As it turns out, this claim is almost certainly false”
    “…the claim that this attack was just about anger over an anti-Muhammad video completely absolves the US government of any responsibility or even role in provoking the anti-American rage driving it. After all, if the violence that erupted in that region is driven only by anger over some independent film about Muhammad, then no rational person would blame the US government for it, and there could be no suggestion that its actions in the region…”

  • Summer Seale

    1) People like me have endured centuries, even thousands of years of torture and execution by people like you.

    2) I regularly criticize fundamentalist Christians and Christianity all the time. I never have had to tell them to stop rioting in the streets over cartoons, however, or had to justify my criticism of their stupid religion in the same way that I apparently have to do with yours, each and every time.

    3) I was completely unaware that Islam is a race. Please show me exactly how it is.

  • brianmacker

    Really? So Mohammad had no right to say all those bad things he said about Jews, Christians, and Idolators in the Qur’an? Maybe you should quit Islam then because it has been criticizing other religions since its inception.

  • brianmacker

    if your feelings are so sensitive then maybe you shouldn’t belong to a religion that is so weak that it’s deity can’t deal with an Internet video.

  • ImRike

     Before you come here and criticize about something you obviously have no idea about, go check the movie theaters – there are plenty of films about christianity and jesus, and they are playing in the movie theaters, not just on the internet. Even though christianity is a religion, just like islam, I don’t remember ever seeing any christians killing other people about movies or having big riots.

  • brianmacker

    That’s their problem.

  • brianmacker

    My religion is called Malsi. In our holy book, the Narok it is written, Arus 2:96 “And thou wilt find the Muslims to be greediest of mankind for life and greedier than pigs. Each one of them would like to be allowed to live forever in the afterlife. And to live a forever years would be no means remove him from their doom. Halla is Seer of what they do and their eternity will be spent in hell.”. The Narok was written before the beginning of time by Hallam and it is Allah, the backwards one, who later corrupted its true message.

    I hope you Muslims do not dare to criticize my religion with cartoons, for it is teaching the infallible truth about Muslims. It would be a trespass against us Milsums for you to dispute any of it’s contents or to question our great and first and final prophet Dammahum.

  • ImRike

     I don’t need a religion. That way, any cartoons about nonexistent sky ghosts will not cause me to act like idiots who lose whatever small minds they might have whenever anybody else feels like goading them on.

  • coyotenose

     People commit murder over bad videos, and you blame the bad videos and not the murderers. You’re the one that needs to grow up. You’re just sickening.

  • coyotenose

     Most Christians are moderate compared to Islamic extremists. That isn’t a virtue.

    We hear from angry Christians every time anything occurs that they can even warp into an insult. The relative lack of violence is a happy byproduct of secular Western philosophical values and cosmopolitan society.

    Jesus is treated really well on South Park. He’s the kind of person on there that anyone would be happy to know. Bad example.

    By the way, Christians are responsible for almost all terrorist acts in this country, and threats, assaults, rapes and murders are committed daily against minority groups and various other targets, with Biblical justification.

    A corporation gives millions of dollars to promote libel against gays and to support legislation to kill them. People complain about this. And your response as moderate Christians is to give more money to the libel and death promoters.

    I guess you magically missed the part where all your fellow moderate Christians went after Jennifer Ahlquist for asking that the courts enforce the law that protects their beliefs. You have no idea what the word “moderate” means.

  • Alihussain

    Way dont the sick bastards stop making these kind of videos , so theire wont be any protests and troubles,these bastards needs to grow up not me .

  • Kash

    Muslim is a true religion and i can tell you one thing muslimds cant tortur any one with out any good reason.

  • Summer Seale

    First of all, you appear to be ignorant of your own religion. Islam is a religion, and Muslims are its adherents. You apparently can’t even grasp this basic fact.

    Second of all, I never said that Islam was not a “true religion”. It’s as “true” a religion as they come: meaning, it’s obviously a religion and I don’t dispute that. I do not, however, accept any religion.

    You may want to start grasping a few basic concepts before criticizing people; it’ll make you look far less the fool than you already appear to be.

  • Haidersultan60

    i hate you all Americans and i want to kill u all if Allah will give me that much strength…..

  • Ali_shah76

    this is people like you who dont know anything about islam and say trash just because you hate islam. people like you should know that Our prophet and our religion never speaks agianst any religion. Quran is the message of God and not the word of our Prophet. Let me remind you one thing that our faith is not completed if we dont believe in all prophets that came before our Prophet and Hazrat Essa (Jesus Christ for Christians) is one of them. If we as Muslims dont believe on Hazrat Essa(Jesus Christ for Christians) we will never be considered Muslim, no true muslim dared to say anythind bad to even Hazrat Essa (Jesus Christ for Christians) so if we dont say anything bad to prophets of other religion we dont expect other religion to say any thoing about our re;igion and our Prophet. if a magzine can be held responsible for publishing nude photos of kate if holocaust denial is banned in number of europeon countries then why Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H). i as amuslim condemned any muslim who says anything bad to other relifgion as it is strictly prohibited in Islam but it doesnt mean that if some bunch of idiots are doing these kind of things gives a right to any non muslim to say anything bad for Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Recently Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) has continuosuly been targeted by some western people and it will not going to improve relation in Muslims and other Religion.

  • brianmacker

    I read the Qur’an and the history of Mohammad’s behavior as written by Muslims, and that is why I know that Islam is an evil intolerant religion. The Qur’an was dictated by Mohammad and its contents are very centric to his lied and his desires. He dictated all sorts of exceptions to the rules that only apply to him, like getting more than four wives and a disproportionate cut of the spoils his violent gang robber from others. Why would a book by Allah refer to himself in the third person? Mohammad’s claims are childish and transparent.

    There are many polytheistic religions and to a one Mohammad condemns them in the Qur’an over and over ad nauseum. So it is quite clear he shows zero respect for those many religions. With Christianity he claimed that Jesus was not the son of God which is a blaspheme of what Jesus claimed of himself. Islam was invented long after Christianity and it is clear that Jesus claimed divinity, which Mohammad contradicted. The Quran has numerous anti-Jewish twists on Jewish stories, calls them greedy, pigs and apes and the like. Not exactly respectful of the Jewish religion. It even says that Christians and Jews are going to hell.

    Mohammad himself got in trouble with his own tribe for blaspheming the religious beliefs of their and other polytheist God’s right in their own temples. Mecca was dependent on being religiously neutral and after a decade or more of tolerance for his troublemaking they finally kicked him out. He turned around and started stealing from his former tribesmen in caravan raids, and even turned on the tribes that took him in at medina when the objected to his barbaric thriving ways. In the end he had ethnically cleansed all of the Saudi Peninsula of all Jews. Even hacking the heads of every male in one tribe because he suspected a few of warning some of his victims of a pending attack.

    His mercy consisted of assassinating pregnant poets, lighting fires on people’s chests, enslaving women and children, rape, forced marriage, etc. He violated every ethical lesson that was ever taught by prior religions.

  • Mohammed

    If anyone criticize my religion than i’ll do the same thing aswell and if u realy want to say something than go to iran and use these words there and i’ll promise u’ll get ur answers in seconds.

  • Alihussain

    My religion is not weak its my love towards my religion that i can do anything for my religion people like u wont know how it feels if someone criticize ur religion .

  • brianmacker

    Of course it is weak. It can’t handle a cartoon, and it must ban criticism lest its believers learn the truth. Worse it cannot retain it’s followers without the treat of a death penalty for apostates. These are all signs of weakness. Another sign is that in the Quran it says in three separate places not to befriend Jews and Christians, and also whines not to be around them lest they try to convert you. Plus all the threats made in the Quran for not believing.

    You can reject my beliefs and there is no punishment on this life or any afterlife. Threats are a sign of weakness.

  • brianmacker

    Other evidence your religion is weak are:
    The destruction of the ancient artwork and temples of other religions.
    Your bans on other religions spreading their beliefs, often as double standards. You feel you can move to non-Muslim areas and try to get converts, build mosques, etc. Yet, you ban the building of churches and synagogues, handing out of bibles, and other activities. You even ban immigration by non-Muslims.
    Shunning family, honor killings, etc for not obeying the arbitrary rule of Islam. If your religion were strong it could stand up to differnence of opinion in the family. Your religion acts like a cult in this regard.

    There is no need for this behavior on my part. No need to beat my kids if they don’t happen to believe what I tell them. Reality will take care of things if they don’t heed my advise.

  • Afridi

    if u had  ur HOLY BOOKS (BIBLE etc) in original status as IT/THESE was revealed over HOLY PROPHET JESUS PEACE B UPON HIM then it will b necessary over u to speak or protest against HIS cartoon in boxing,as its a disgrace of such HOLY PROPHET’s but with excuse that ur religious leaders hv changed it again and again with some addition and subtraction,but dear it is requested to record my protest ovr this boxing match of JESUS PBUH.thanks to understand

  • Lchiktalah

    Killing is not a good thing. The reactions witnessed are not just due to the film. This is a reaction to what the US and friends have always done to Muslims. The US has mighty arsenal  that it has and still does kill Muslims (and even non Muslims) all over the world in the name of  ‘democratizing the world’. Millions of orphans, millions of widows, millions of people have lost their loved ones… then one of them mocks the last Prophet of Islam!!! Despite all that?!!!!!