Richard Dawkins Receives ‘Services to Humanism’ Award from British Humanist Association

Recently,Richard Dawkins received the 2012 “Services to Humanism” award from the British Humanist Association. In his acceptance speech, he talked about the importance of science education and proposed a new college degree…

… with evolution at the centre, branching out into philosophy, economics, engineering, medicine, agriculture, social science, linguistics, physics, cosmology, computer science, and more…

You can watch the speech below:

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  • Quine

    This was a terrific speech. We are just starting to understand how much the way our brains evolved impacts the way we think. Everything about us links back to our process of origin, and Professor Dawkins is on to something to centralize that.

  • Pen

    I rather enjoyed the poem at the end.  I also agree with Quine – visionary and education oriented as ever, Richard has presented a novel approach to learning. 

    I read “Why We Get Sick” by Nesse and Williams a few years ago.  It’s an excellent book, and has provided me with a framework for how I view disease entities and clinical cases.  — Certainly worth the $5-10 from Amazon.