Who Deserves the Blame…?

(In response to this story)

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  • http://friendlyatheist.com Richard Wade

    Anti-blasphemy laws essentially say that the religion being protected cannot stand on its own merits, that it cannot protect itself by its own arguments. Such laws enable weak, decrepit ideas to live on and on, and they suppress strong, robust ideas.  They enable weak, decrepit thinkers to remain in power, and they suppress strong, robust thinkers.

    Suppressing free speech in order to suppress upsetting speech is an example of a solution that is nightmarishly worse than the problem. A world where there is a class of ideas that are protected by international law from any form of challenge or criticism is a world that will eventually be encased in cement by similar laws protecting all sorts of classes of ideas, especially the social-political ideas of those who are in power and who fully intend to remain in power by any means necessary. That would be a world where any new idea could be and would be declared illegal. Culture would stop growing, stop developing, stop evolving. It would wither and die.

    Christians and Muslims getting together to find peaceful solutions might be a good idea, but let them discuss educating their own people about civilized ways to respond to disagreement, rather than agree to suppress all disagreement because they have failed to help their people become mature.

  • The Other Weirdo

     LOL! Dude, I might as well just quit responding to anything from now on(but I won’t) because  what you just said is more thought-out and better articulated than I could have written. Congratulations, you have won +1Interwebz. :)

  • Vend Tana

    Brilliantly stated!
    I wish the media would lessen the coverage of the riots that always seem to occur in response to any anti-Muslim statement. Why is it news that closed-minded people are behaving like toddlers over free speech?