Kansas City Atheist Billboards Argue for ‘Godless Government Now!’

In anticipation of the upcoming Kansas City Regional Atheist Meeting, the Kansas City Atheist Coalition has put up two identical billboards in the city reading “Godless Government Now!”:

“Our convention is intended to unite people who are concerned that religious fundamentalism in government will seriously harm public education, science policy, women’s rights, gay rights and America’s standing in the world,” said Sarah Hargreaves, president of the Kansas City Atheist Coalition. “We believe that separation of church and state is fundamental, and we want to promote rational values in government and at home.”

To be clear, KCAC isn’t suggesting that we should have a government run by atheists, for atheists, and Christians-be-damned or anything like that. They’re advocating for a government that doesn’t promote one religion over another or religion over non-religion.

But I’m sure that won’t stop people from complaining…

The two billboards cost $5550 in total and will be up through the first week of October. Credit for the graphic design goes to KCAC board member Veronica Brown.

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  • Gordon Duffy

    I think it looks classy in a WW2 sort of way. 

  • Mike

    I see a positive side to this. If this is a reaction to 60% of college enrolments being by women, it will not be long (best efforts of the misogynist muppets in power in Iran notwithstanding) before there is a well-educated female population…who will not put up with their nonsense for ever.

  • Mike

    Oops – wrong thread…

  • ortcutt

    Given there are no gods, aren’t all governments godless?  I just don’t understand what the phrase is supposed to mean. 

  • Ian Reide

    “should have a government run by atheists, for atheists, and Christians-be-damned”—sounds good to me.

  • Joe Zamecki

    A government that isn’t run by, for, or about religion. Religious people can do that, if they want to, and many try to. But as it is now, our government has plenty of  built in religion, in physical and legal form.

  • Joe Zamecki

    That’s a nice design. I like the word “GODLESS” being so big and in your face. As it should be. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sandy-Kokch/100000074576649 Sandy Kokch

     I can see another potential flash point that will have Repubtards and Krystyhuns heads exploding:- the two women at the far end appear to be holding hands. I know they arent but it does look like it.

    Expect some dingbat to scream about how the sign is promoting degenerate gay femnazi women ….. watch that (comments below the news article) space

    Great poster….. love it.

  • Martin

    Of course the Christians will argue about a billboard for atheists, while every website I go to (not even the ones concerning religious discussion) is littered with adds for some type of Christian product..

  • GodlessNotWelcomed

    Just wait till you get a godless government! I hope you will not be refugees to my part of the world!

  • popeyoni

    While I agree with the sentiment, this was a very poor choice of words. 
    This was made to create controversy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Baerg/100000827478206 Jim Baerg

    I would just suggest that instead of the term godless, the term godfree should be used.

  • http://squeakysoapbox.com/ Rich Wilson

    From a technical standpoint, I prefer ‘secular’, but I think that’s too poorly understood.   I think ‘Godless’ will bring up “Godless Commies”.

  • http://wordsideasandthings.blogspot.com/ Garren

    I’d go as far as to say American atheists would be better off without American Atheists and their local versions. They’re constantly sabotaging our public relations.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Buchy/542338898 James Buchy

     Sounds like YOU’RE the refugee, or you will be. Pick up a history book and take a look at what god in government does. Just what IS your part of the world?

  • TheExpatriate700

    What do you expect from an organization founded by Madelyn Murray O’Hare?

  • http://wordsideasandthings.blogspot.com/ Garren

    Eh, I’m not in favor of judging current organizations based on their founders years ago. They take on a life of their own for better or worse.

  • Darwin

    “This would be the best of all possible worlds if there were no religion in it.”
    -John Adams

  • XMalina2

    By-fsm, The first well-designed atheist billboard I’ve ever seen!

  • Sindigo

    Not sure if it’s the first but it’s a definite improvement over what we’re used to seeing.

  • DannyPersing

     I wish it was a bumper sticker.

  • NoDoubtAboutIt

    I hope you’re in heaven really soon.  Enjoy!

  • aAA

    Please refer to Bill of Rights, Amendment I. Stop posting ignorant sound bytes and wasting money on nonsense. Thanks!

  • aAA

    Lessons from history: God-less government. Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russian. Does that sound good to you? If so, I wish I had a great big time machine for you and your buddies. It would certainly be eye-opening…….

  • aAA

    @darwin……again, have you been in that world?

  • aAA

    @Sandy…..wow…ad hominem attacks. You make such good points….Are you a professional wordsmith? You are so smart!

  • AAa

    So many problems with Godless Goverment Now it is difficult to know where to start.

  • AAa

    Have you lived in that world?

  • Robert Freid

    WOW. Total propaganda.