Phyllis Schlafly: Obama Wants to Make This a Godless Nation

You know how President Obama has given millions of dollars to religious groups?

You know how he invited Pastor Rick Warren to give the invocation address at his inauguration?

You know how he urged the Democrats to put the word “God” back into the party’s platform?

You know how he speaks at the National Prayer Breakfast?

Phyllis Schlafly, the conservative anti-feminist activist, must have missed every single one of those memos because she went on Mike Huckabee‘s show a couple of weeks ago to explain to the world how Obama wants to make America Godless:

One example? Obama’s 2011 Thanksgiving address where he didn’t mention God. (Because not mentioning God, to her, is the same thing as pushing atheism. Schlafly is the sort of person who will claim you hate cats because you don’t have any in your home.)

Oh, he mentioned the words “faith,” “brother’s keeper,” “sister’s keeper,” and “blessings”… but NO GOD!

Mind you, Obama mentioned God (by name) in both his 2009 and 2010 Thanksgiving addresses… and keep in mind that neither Mitt Romney nor Rick Santorum mentioned God in their 2011 Thanksgiving addresses, either. But why let facts like those get in the way?!

What other “evidence” does Schlafly have?

She says Obama told military families they were not allowed to bring Bibles to Walter Reed Hospital when visiting their loved ones. Even though Obama didn’t issue that order and the person who did quickly rescinded it because that wasn’t the true intention of the policy.

But, if you’re Schlafly, why would you mention that? You have a book to sell!

NewsHounds points out the problems with Schlafly’s additional lies:

Schlafly continues her demonization (pun intended) of Obama by predicting that he will continue to work with those evil and the evil ACLU to “get rid of all the 10 Commandments pictures and monuments” (she didn’t reference any specifics) and crosses that honor veterans (popular Fox motif). She alluded to a case involving how Obama tried to stop a valedictorian from thanking God. (If that’s the Texas case, covered by Fox, the suit was filed by private citizens.) She then accused Obama of trying to stop children from singing Christmas carols. (WTF!!!???) The chyron presented, as Fox fact, “War on Religious Freedom.” She lied about how Obama demanded that Jesus’ initials be covered, during his speech at Georgetown, because “he didn’t want to see it.” The truth is that his staff requested that the religious sign because they wanted to have only a background of flags for the purposes of the TV production. Meanwhile the “IHS” were in 26 places in the rest of the hall.”

This is what Christian conservatives do to maintain their power. They know the people who actually take them seriously are too gullible to factcheck anything they say, so they keep spewing the same lies, hoping they’ll eventually sink in. Hell, they repeat the lies so many times that they start believing their own bullshit. It becomes a feedback loop — your theory’s in place and you’ll grasp for straws looking for anything to support it, even things that are demonstrably untrue.

Schlafly isn’t interested in the truth. She’s interested only in her conspiracy theories. And people have praised her so often that she figures she must be onto something. It’s not just self-delusion, it’s the delusion she passes along to anyone who listens to her, nodding and getting angry, not realizing there are alternative explanations to the one she provides.

About Hemant Mehta

Hemant Mehta is the editor of Friendly Atheist, appears on the Atheist Voice channel on YouTube, and co-hosts the uniquely-named Friendly Atheist Podcast. You can read much more about him here.

  • Stev84

    If only

  • Stormcat3

    Shouldn’t she be getting back to the home soon? She’s gonna miss bingo and Tapioca pudding!

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    I swear that the only thing keeping Schlafy alive is her hatred of anything not conservative christian. That and the huge persecution complex she likes to bring out. 

  • Live from Hee Haw Hell

    Blehhh . . . Is she still around?  I was raised listening to her nonsense.  I knew her son was trying to pick up and carry on her guidon of idiocy when he created Conservapedia a while back but I didn’t know she was still round.  

  • Neil Rickert

    … to explain to the world how Obama wants to make America Godless

    Shlafly must have missed that tea party meme about Obama wanting to make America muslim and impose sharia law.

  • facebook-1607022278

     Her nephew-in-law created Saint Louis Brewery (Schlafly beer) and he’s a dem
    So, not all of the family are right wing nutters. BTW, his beer is really good :)

  • Renshia

    Oh come on, it’s just a christian doing what christians do best. When all you have is bullshit to begin with, why would anyone expect truth and honesty now.

  • 3lemenope

    Hey now. I like Tapioca pudding.

  • PJB863

    Hasn’t that tired old scold croaked yet? And what’s up with her hair?? (if it is actually her hair)

  • smrnda

     Wow, glad to know that. I had Schlafly APA and Oatmeal Stout and thought they were good, but I didn’t want it to be supporting *the Schlaflys* given their politics, but good to know that it’s a different Schlafly with different politics.

  • C Peterson

    To her, Muslim = Godless.

  • MG

    Oh, Phyl, you crazy old whackaloon…if only I could believe that.

  • littlejohn

    But her son gave us Conservapedia.

  • Heepsprow

    That was my first thought as well. I remember rolling my eyes at her blatherings when I was in high school over thirty years ago. She’s a dinosaur, and her kind should be extinct.

  • Corey

    Its almost sad that people that believe these nit wits dont even realize these nit wits are laughing at them, knowing they are dumb arses and hoping they remain that way but destroying the commons, safety net, schools, jobs, etc…so they have to keep so busy trying to make ends meet, they only have time foe FOX….its sad yes, but almost comical when someone like Palin opens her mouth….she smiles while spreading lies, while in her mind knowing how easy it would be to get her followers to burn a “witch” or anyone in place of a “witch”; black, gay, Muslim, Atheist, Obama, etc…. Actually, very scary…which is why  I always say these fools that listen to and believe these lies are the biggest threat to America and the world.

  • wmdkitty

    Huh. That old hag* is still alive. Any bets on how long it’ll be before she keels over from a massive anger-induced coronary (or aneurysm)?

    *No disrespect to crones and wise women intended, “hag” was the least offensive thing I could think of.

  • Mandocommando23

    What a dumb broad! He’s not trying to make this a secular nation–THIS IS A SECULAR NATION!

  • Michael Koch

    Believing in a ghod or not believing is pretty much a personal choice….  Thankfully, at this time in History, more and more people are realizing the emptiness of & the damaging effects of religion and are abandoning it……

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Blasphemy! Everyone knows the only truly good pudding is butterscotch. 

  • Michael Koch

    One of my favorite Christopher Hitchens quotes applies here…  ”What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.”  Thank you Christopher for the light you shed upon the World during your too short amount of time here…..

  • 3lemenope

    I do like butterscotch. Hm.

  • dcl3500

    Umm they both are pretty damned good!

  • Matthew Baker

    I am always amazed she works really hard outside the home to take away the rights of women to work outside the home (or control what happens to their bodies).  She is might be the  true anti-feminist on the planet who takes full advantage of what earlier feminists/suffragettes/etc have laid down. Given that she has the right to own property, speak her mind, write books, give lectures, work outside her home. 

  • grindstone

    My thoughts exactly…….Isn’t she and Anita Bryant off somewhere brushing each others’ hair and giggling over dreamy Ronnie Reagan?

  • Marco Conti

    so do I

  • Marco Conti

    There was a time when I thought that Mike Huckabee was one of the “Good conservatives”. In other words, I had the impression he was a reasonable guy, misguided to be sure, but a man with integrity and not a fool.

    Then he got his own show at fox and we all got to know him much better. He is a despicable, bigoted nutcase. The people he brings on are even worse than he is. He makes me puke.As does Mrs. Tutankhamen and her self serving lies. 

  • spook

    No, Phyllis, this isn’t happening; stop trying to get my hopes up.

  • cipher

    The other brother is a liberal – or at laest not involved in all of the wingnuttery – as well. I understand he doesn’t even like to talk about hem.

  • cipher

    It isn’t just about selling a book (although that may well be part of it). She’s clinically insane.  She was an embarrassment to the Repubs years ago, and I could never understand why they allowed her to represent them publicly. Now, of course, they all talk that way.

  • nakedanthropologist

    This is the kind of shit that really pisses me off.  My parents watch fox news (“fair and balanced” my ass) and when this crap is presented as fact and then paraded as such, all I can do is shake my head.  Ridiculous.  And don’t get me started on Schlafly….

  • nakedanthropologist

    You guys are both mad – chocolate all the way!

  • Sonorus

     It’s her hypocrisy that keeps her going.  She worked her whole life but condemns other women who do the same.  She accepts her own gay son but condemns others who are for gay rights.  I could go on, but I have to get to class!  She’s nothing but a self-righteous hypocrite.  a/k/a fundamentalist Christian.  I’ve yet to meet one who wasn’t and since I live in Texas, I meet a slew of them every day.

  • Thegoodman

    “1 Timothy 2:
    11.Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.
    12.But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.”

    I would wish this only upon the women who tout it as fact.

  • Live from Hee Haw Hell

    Yeah, that is good beer!  I don’t know where you live, but there’s a start up in Springfield, MO that started bottling about a year ago and it’s good stuff, too.  You can check them out at .  

  • Live from Hee Haw Hell

    LOL!! That’s a deliciously creepy mental image.  Thanks!

  • pagansister

     Definitely  chocolate !   :o)

  • pagansister

    This country allows freedom OF religion as well as FREEDOM     FROM    Religion.     IOW, you can worship all you want,  but the nation is not obligated to do so.    It is NOT a Christian nation or Jewish nation or a Pagan nation or an Atheist nation etc.  —-sorry Phyllis—guess that still is not sinking into your pea brain.  

  • Renshia


  • Richard Wigton

     At one time I too thought that Huckabee might actually be “good conservative.”  He seemed compassionate and moderate in his views. But then the real Huckabee came out and what a disgusting douchebag he turned out to be!  Bigoted, self-righteous, heartless and a total establishment tool. I can’t stand to look at him anymore.
       And I almost laughed when he said it was tough being a conservative in southern Arkansas in the 1960′s.  Tough being a conservative in SOUTHERN ARKANSAS in the 60′s??????? In what world was that true?  That’s like saying it is tough being a liberal in San Francisco!  Who does he think he is kidding?  What a moron!

  • B_R_Deadite99


  • B_R_Deadite99

    This creature is still alive? I thought she died years ago. Oh wait, look at her, she’s clearly a zombie now. Maybe if she’s lucky, she’ll win a part on the next season of the Walking Dead or the next Mummy movie.

  • Annabarrow2012

    We are losing America by the thousands or even millions a day. It is because the faith this country was based on is being forced out. Whoever sees this just know that the holy trinity saved us and that piece of bull crap Obama is taking away what America truly is. “A house divided against itself, cannot stand”- Abraham Lincoln