A Donation for Every Inaccuracy in a Creation Museum

How do you take something excruciating and turn it into something worthwhile?

The Long Beach General Geekery Meetup members are going to visit the Creation & Earth “History” “Museum” in San Diego (yep, they have one) in late October.

But they have a plan to offset their inevitable WTF reactions: For every “violation of objective fact” they find at the museum, they’ll donate $1 (or more) to Camp Quest. They say the max is $20/member, depending on one’s ability to give, but I think they’ll have that covered within a few feet of the front door :)

Even if you can’t attend the Meetup, you’re still welcome to support them (and Camp Quest) as they do this. Just make a donation to Camp Quest and add “Long Beach General Geekery Creation Science Museum HARD MODE Challenge” as a note.

Do it for science! Real science!

(Thanks to Sophie for the link!)

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