A Donation for Every Inaccuracy in a Creation Museum

How do you take something excruciating and turn it into something worthwhile?

The Long Beach General Geekery Meetup members are going to visit the Creation & Earth “History” “Museum” in San Diego (yep, they have one) in late October.

But they have a plan to offset their inevitable WTF reactions: For every “violation of objective fact” they find at the museum, they’ll donate $1 (or more) to Camp Quest. They say the max is $20/member, depending on one’s ability to give, but I think they’ll have that covered within a few feet of the front door :)

Even if you can’t attend the Meetup, you’re still welcome to support them (and Camp Quest) as they do this. Just make a donation to Camp Quest and add “Long Beach General Geekery Creation Science Museum HARD MODE Challenge” as a note.

Do it for science! Real science!

(Thanks to Sophie for the link!)

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  • Moira

    Not sure why they are waiting until late October when a bunch of groups and individuals are already planning to go there this Saturday, Sept 29.
    Some will protesting outside and some will be inside listening to what this place tells people.
    Ray Comfort will be there for 3 separate lectures, including one entitled “How to prove God exists and make an Atheist backslide”.http://creationsd.org/museum_events.html 

  • fett101

    At least it’s a free museum so they’re not giving the museum money but still they’re giving them attendance numbers. 

  • NotThatGreg

    Excellent name for a drink there: Atheist Backslide.

  • Cincinatheist

    Ken Ham’s abomination is about thirty minutes from where I live. I will be donating 20.00 to this cause to help cover the nonsense spouted at the creation “museum” here as well.

  • Sindigo

    Maybe he’s found a way to prove it, you never know. I don’t know why he’s not holding a press conference to announce his discovery rather than speaking to an audience of a couple of dozen people who already agree with him but there you go.

  • Sindigo

    You can do a virtual tour of the museum here: 

    Looks like it may be an expensive day.

  • http://twitter.com/Outcast_Kyle Edgar

    Man. $1 for every violation of objective fact in a creation museum means that camp quest is going to receive the GDP of a small third world country in donations.

  • C Peterson

    Now if we could just tax churches  a dollar for every error in the Bible, we’d eliminate the national debt.

  • Sonorus

    As I was reading, I couldn’t help thinking “I hope they have a max on that because $1 per “violation of objective fact” in a creation museum could get quite expensive!  But then I was relieved to see they had put a cap on it.  Perhaps a group of people can pool their donations to add up to the total of violations?

  • http://squeakysoapbox.com/ Rich Wilson

    Wouldn’t it be more fun to make it, say, a nickel a violation?  Otherwise, as you said, a few from from the door and you’re done.

  • Peter

    For every “violation of objective fact” they find at the museum, they’ll donate $1 (or more) to Camp Quest. They say the max is $20/member. . .

    This seems like any overly complicated way of saying that each member will donate $20 to Camp Quest.

    Seems like a good compromise. Every year I give some money to hate groups, but then I give some money to the Southern Poverty Law Center to cancel it out.

  • Troels Jakobsen

    More likely he’s found a way to redefine the word “proof”.

  • Michael Brice

    ‘Backslide’ from fact…….This Ray fellow must be an amazing orator.

  • http://www.holytape.etsy.com Holytape

    I’ve been there.  It used to be the ICR museum and graduate school (yup, a freaking graduate school.)    Unless your first name is Warren and your last name is Buffet, you don’t have enough money to donate a dollar for every mistake.  

    I’m sure it has changed.  But my favorite four favorite things were.  1) a wall painting of a velociraptor eating a palm tree.  (not the frons, but actually bitting the trunk.) 2. There was a display with a whole bunch of toy plastic animals, with descriptions of why evolution couldn’t have worked.  Next to the sign that had a long explanation of why there are no short necked giraffes was a plastic okapi (a short necked giraffe).  3)  Proof of the second law of thermodynamics was a rust pot and a partially melted “Beatles” record.  4) a poster claiming that “new-agism” and “bestiality” were the products of the tree of evolution, while “true Americanism” was a product of the creation tree.   

  • John

     Admission to the museum is free, so all they’re giving them is slightly higher numbers for that day.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/FDGYHBEWVNGUG763L5X4TON3JQ Nazani14

    I hope they don’t get kicked out for laughing too hard.  A small herd of snorting atheists is bound to alarm the other tourists.

  • Peter

     Ah then, never mind. Please excuse me as I shut my pie hole. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1351473675 Matthew Baker

    I always get a kick out of Creation Museums use of dinosaurs in their ads –which must have a million more times the power to draw people in than a crucifix or assorted buddy Jesus pictures.

  • http://friendlyatheist.com Richard Wade

    “I”m going to prove God exists!” — Ray Comfort

    “Here, Charlie Brown, I’ll hold the football, and you run up and kick it!” — Lucy

  • allein

    Had to look up okapi; he looks like a deer in zebra pants. Also, my new favorite word for the day is “giraffid.” :)

  • Drew M.

     1 part each of vodka, Kahlua, and Bailey’s.

  • Don Gwinn

    It’s true, one never knows.

    However, one would be a fool if one did not *suspect.* ;-)

    I figure if he ever actually proves God’s existence, I’ll probably hear about it soon enough.

  • NotThatGreg

    What, no Southern Comfort?

  • Lalalalalalala

    I hope we get to watch this transpire via the www!!