Ben Stein Is In a New Documentary…

The American Family Association is putting out a documentary called Fed Up: The Uncertainty of America’s Future, presumably about the Federal Reserve and the financial markets and greed and money. There’s no IMDB information on it. It’s practically unsearchable online (at least that’s what my Google searches told me). It’s not even on the AFA’s own website or online store. It may very well exist as a figment of the AFA’s collective imagination, something you would pretty much expect a Christian right group to be pretty damn good at.

And it features Ben Stein, the King of Misleading Documentaries:

Did you catch Stein’s line?

Once you throw God out the window — say there’s no place for God in the Republic — then anything goes.

That’s why we’re in a recession, apparently. We defenestrated Jesus and God is angry. Or maybe we said no to the Ten Commandments at public schools and that led to the housing markets crashing. Who knows. It’s Ben Stein. It’s not supposed to make sense.

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