Which Candidate Would You Choose?

Vjack asks a simple yet very interesting question:

If I had to vote for one of two hypothetical candidates, would I be more likely to vote for a liberal Christian or a conservative atheist?

The liberal Christian would almost certainly be a better fit with my stance on many political issues than the conservative atheist. But of course, the conservative atheist would not be a victim of the sort of superstition afflicting the liberal Christian. So who would I choose if I had to pick one?

Who would you choose?

You can see vjack’s response at his site and I would urge you to chime in there.

Personally, I’m leaning liberal Christian all the way. I have a hard time believing someone who’s with me on the social issues would be using the highest office in the country to promote his/her religious beliefs.

Then again, Obama pretty much fits this description and he’s promoted his faith more often than I’d like to see.

Then again, I’m still voting for him.

You make sense of that.


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