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Every year at the University of Minnesota, student groups are invited to “Paint the Bridge,” a tradition in which the groups paint panels on the side of a bridge with their logo, meeting info, etc.

This year, the Campus Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists (CASH) went with something potentially controversial:

They argue there’s nothing wrong with this (and I agree):

We created this artwork to raise questions about the legitimacy of religious viewpoints. We wanted to do it in a fun, lighthearted way that would cause people to take a second look at the number of religions out there and the extremely low chance of any particular religion being the correct one. We expect our mural will attract like-minded people who recognise the advantages of rising above religious superstition in order to achieve humanistic goals.

The mural comes on the heels of the group’s celebration of Everybody Draw Muhammad Day, which they’re participating in later tonight.

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